120 Square Feet Bedroom Interior Decoration Ideas

Small interiors are quite a challenge for organizing space. A small bedroom, which will be suitably designed, must meet all the requirements of a full room with a limited area. However, you can always choose the right bedroom design 120 square feet (appx 11 sq. m) for small interiors! Consider the proven solutions on the photos of the most trendy and magnetic 120 square feet bedroom interior decoration ideas.


120 Square Feet Bedroom Interior Decoration Ideas. Minimalistic bedroom setting 120 Square Feet Bedroom Interior Decoration Ideas. Simple modern design and bed with the storage boxes 120 Square Feet Bedroom Interior Decoration Ideas. Brown designed room with white painted walls 120 Square Feet Bedroom Interior Decoration Ideas. Calm interior with pictures decoration 120 Square Feet Bedroom Interior Decoration Ideas. Contemporary styled room with structure wallpaper 120 Square Feet Bedroom Interior Decoration Ideas. Finnish flag at the wall of Scandi designed room

Bedroom Design 120 Square Feet

Small interiors usually represent a complex space that requires a thoughtful and functional arrangement. In the case of the bedroom of 120 square feet, you need a bed for normal accommodation, as well as an additional closet or chest of drawers. However, in order to make the interior not just a space for sleep, you should add a little stylistic taste to its location.

120 Square Feet Bedroom Interior Decoration Ideas. Neat arrangement of in Classic style 120 Square Feet Bedroom Interior Decoration Ideas. Absolutely white designed walls in minimalistic design 120 Square Feet Bedroom Interior Decoration Ideas. Overloaded bed headboard with lamps, storage and quilted yellow upholstery 120 Square Feet Bedroom Interior Decoration Ideas. Minimalistic and functional design

Bedroom 120 Square Feet: Photos of High-Grade Rooms in a Small Size

The bedroom on the 11 sq. m can be aesthetic and functional. You need only have an idea about it and skillfully apply the basic requirements in practice. In a small interior, you do not need to allocate the entire set of bedroom furniture. All you need to choose is a small bedside table, a minimalist chest of drawers, a night lamp, and a bed. Here, you should not try to place a hinged sleeping bed with a canopy as well, but it is better to install it on a flat platform. In a bedroom for two people, choose a mattress of at least 140 cm width. One homeowner needs only a model with a width of 90 cm.

120 Square Feet Bedroom Interior Decoration Ideas. Gray wallpaper with the patters 120 Square Feet Bedroom Interior Decoration Ideas. Unusual wallpapered ceiling and wainscoting walls 120 Square Feet Bedroom Interior Decoration Ideas. Casual mid-century interior with light blue walls and minimum decoration

Modern Bedroom: Shape and Content in Perfect Balance

An excellent solution for a bedroom of 120 square feet is to choose a bed model with additional storage compartments, in which you can hide a set of bedding. Choosing furniture for a small bedroom, you abandon the characteristic adorning and overly expressive accessories. It is better to focus on minimalism, streamlined forms, light, and mobile designs, and, above all, light colors. But this does not mean that the small interior should be white. In monochromatic space, you can successfully introduce a small color accent. It will give the room an additional character.

120 Square Feet Bedroom Interior Decoration Ideas. Unusual ethnic decoration of blue accent wall and gray curtains Small bedroom decoration and design in gray tones 120 Square Feet Bedroom Interior Decoration Ideas. Relaxing atmosphere of the gray room with lace shade of the chandelier 120 Square Feet Bedroom Interior Decoration Ideas. White colored room with three pictures over the headboard

Small Bedroom of 120 Square Feet: Proven Solutions for a Small Interior

Small interiors require specific solutions. In the case of a small space, light and mobile furniture are valued. The furniture can be freely folded and unfolded. If in a small bedroom you decide to put a chest of drawers or an additional cabinet, then it can also look harmonious. A fashionable solution will emphasize the wall behind the bed. For example, another diluting color or attractive wall painting will make the room comfortable for sleeping and resting. And it is in this place that we should abandon the decision that a small interior should be full of bright colors.

Nice decoration fo the small bedroom with pattern of the wallpaper and installation at the headboard Classic design of the small bedroom with TV and dark curtains

Bold Colors for a Small Bedroom in a Block of Flats

How about bold colors in the interior? Will the bright colors be successful in the bedroom 120 square feet? A bedroom is a place that should reflect your personality and make you feel best. If you decide to choose a saturated color in the interior, select add-ons, and elements that will slightly soften their effect. In the layout of the bedroom, for example, one wall, painted with bright paint, will work perfectly. Then the wall behind the bed can be decorated in saturated tones. The rest of the surface should be painted in pastel colors. This approach to interior design will be not only fashionable and modern but also reflect the character of the residents of the apartment.

Modern alternative style of decoration with colorful bedding Earth map stylization at the wall of modern designed bedroom Dark headboard wall and two pictures Amazing classic decoration with bright wall painting and texture Wavy striped wallpaper and king sized bedroom for small bedroom

Bedroom: Bed in the Main Role

In the arrangement of the bedroom, the most important role is played by the bed. Choosing this furniture, it is worth considering its size. The most popular double beds include models with parameters of 160 × 200 cm (queen-size). However, smaller dimensions, mostly 140 × 200 cm, are chosen more often. This allows you to save a few centimeters, so you can afford to buy nightstands or at least one cabinet. It all depends on the size of the room. The most popular bed models dominating in modern bedrooms are wooden or upholstered soft. They are ideal for both classical and modern interiors and, serving for many years. Another important element of the bedroom is the closet, which is especially necessary if we do not have a separate wardrobe. In the case of really small bedrooms of 11 sq. m, it is best to decide to buy a wardrobe by size. This will maximize the use of space and determine the depth of furniture for storing clothes, perfectly fitting into the room.

Classic design of the bedroom with checkered wallpaper and green color White Classic designed bedroom with fireplace and closed storage Open ceiling beams and open doors to other rooms in gray designed bedroom Turquoise bright design and radiator screen for 120 square feet bedroom Two-level bunk bed in different alternative design Contemporary designed bedroom with gray walls and storage at the bedside

Decoration for Bedroom of 120 Square Feet: What Decorative Elements to Choose?

Decorate the bedroom with secondary interior objects. It is safer to choose simple shapes that will not be in the foreground in the layout of the room, and will only become the backdrop for the hero of the interior – a comfortable bed. The location of the room should place decorative elements that will suit your personality. Arrange the space of the night zone to your liking and enjoy the additions to feel most comfortable in this interior. Small bedroom of 120 sq. feet, despite the small area, offers excellent accommodation options. You can use the same decorative trim elements that are used in large bedrooms: concrete, brick, or wood on the wall. You just need to do it skillfully, for example, cover the material only on one surface so that you do not spoil the overall interior.

Nice genuine brickwork wall decoration of the bedroom Industrial touc of the modern apartment with brickwork in the bedroom zone Gray concrete of the ceiling and neutral wallpapered walls Glass screen zoning bed from the bedroom entrance 120 Square Feet Bedroom Interior Decoration Ideas. Classic styled room with plenty of shades Dark base of the bed and white mattress Glossy laminate for the classic bedroom

The easiest way to make a bedroom of 11 sq. m more comfortable is using soft materials on the floor and walls. It is also worth choosing a door for a restroom, which is additionally muted. If you do not like it when the morning sun wakes you up, add blackout curtains or blinds. This will also help a little improve the acoustics in the room. In addition, a healthy sleep likes low temperatures. If possible, place the radiator away from the bed and do not set it to full.

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