One Bedroom Apartment Design Trends with Photos

One bedroom apartments occupy a wide layer of the proposals on the market of secondary and primary real estate market. Between the small-sized studio apartments and quite expensive (especially in large cities), three-room or two bedroom flats – one bedroom is a more or less affordable and adequate housing in quadrature, where you can arrange all the necessary vital segments for a comfortable stay without too much trouble. But this does not mean that the planning of renovation and possible redevelopment of one-bedroom apartment would be simple and fast case. The architectural features of buildings, nuances of communication passes, lifestyle specifics of the owners, their number and personal view of a comfortable and beautiful abode – is not an exhaustive list of criteria that influence the designing of the plan for the reconstruction or repair of a two-room living quarters. Let’s see some of the most stunning and effective one bedroom apartment design trends with photos of the modern world.

One Bedroom Apartment Design Trends with Photos: gorgeous layout of the multifunctional living room One Bedroom Apartment Design Trends with Photos. White colors and the trendy classical furniture Artificial fireplace and mantelshelf - an essencial attribute of English interior

Planning a layout of the one-bedroom apartment. Photos

Before you start planning of renovation in your apartment, you should clearly define what you want to see in the end, what kind of accommodation you would like to have eventually? Would it be a cozy nest for couple, comfortable housing for family with a child or a stylish and fashionable accommodation for a bachelor? The first thing is to determine – whether the alterations to the apartment’s layout necessary. The following facts will influence the aspect of preparation for the master plan:

  • house area, distribution of rooms, number and location of windows and doorways, the presence of balconies and loggias, the presence and location of load-bearing walls;
  • the number of households and the need for personal space for everyone;
  • the lifestyle (if someone in the household is working at home, then the selection of the working area will be a prerequisite for drawing up redevelopment plan or the distribution of available space without interfering with the architecture of the home);
  • chosen style of the interior style (style always lies in the basis of the draft).

Exemplary interior with leather sofa in the middle of Scandinavian living room One Bedroom Apartment Design Trends with Photos. Wall color zoning example Nice floor lamp and patch interior design Scandinavian or English interior with gray walls

The apartments of different layouts have their own advantages and disadvantages. If we talk about the new housing market, the disadvantages of apartments located in the new buildings are very few. We can barely find an apartment with a small quadrature or low ceilings, a small kitchen area and a bathroom in the primary real estate market. Only the personal ideas of comfort and features of the distribution of functional zones for specific families or young couples can push to redevelop a new home.

One Bedroom Apartment Design Trends with Photos. Brown and creamy color palette for spacious living One Bedroom Apartment Design Trends with Photos. Nice glass coffee table on the wooden base One Bedroom Apartment Design Trends with Photos. Cclassic layout and the modern plastic materials with glossy surface Classic bedroom decoration with quilted creamy soft headboard

But on the secondary housing market offers with the “original” location of rooms, small area of as the entire home so as individual facilities, non-standard distribution of usable space and the presence of so-called “dead” zones are enough. Among the major shortcomings of one-bedroom apartments on the secondary housing market are the following:

  • small area of ​​apartments in some black of flats with condos;
  • small area of hallways or the presence of a long and narrow corridor, the parameters of which can’t be changed structurally; only using design techniques;
  • Combined WC – a flaw that many owners can be easily transform into a virtue;
  • low ceilings;
  • the small size of the kitchen (if in studio apartments experts recommend reference to design techniques to increase the visual volume of the room, then one-bedroom apartment can bear full-fledged redesign);
  • in some buildings of the last century construction it is almost impossible to get official permission to combine the kitchen and adjacent rooms due to the nature of the gas pipeline passing pipes (increased fire risk).

Nice Scandinavian design chairs and table in the dining zoneOne Bedroom Apartment Design Trends with Photos. Zoning is the Forte of modern interiorsBrown and black mix of design ideas at thespectacular living roomZebra carpeting in the center of modern living room

Repair in one-bedroom apartment with photos

After all the necessary work on the redevelopment carried out, you can start planning the repair itself. At the first stage you have decided on the kind of stylistic directions, which will decorate housing with. Experts recommend hold all the rooms in the same style. In order to harmoniously decorate rooms in different styles and do not compromise the integrity and harmonious picture of all dwellings, it requires experience of design craft. And in the framework of one-bedroom apartment, whose area does not exceed 40-45 square meters (up to 150 sq. feet), it is difficult to create a balanced design in different stylistic techniques

Dark coffee table and deep blue minimalistic sofa in front of it at the bedroom White sofas at the living room Light living room modern interior with classic touch at the American apartment

Features of contemporary style

Modern style is an original interpretation of “luxurious minimalism”. On the one hand, you remove all the excess out of the interior, leaving the necessary items only. But on the other, you don`t deny yourself in decorating by using quite functional design elements (lighting, mirrors, textiles and even live plants) as a decoration. We can surely affirm that all variations of the modern style are held on two pillars – personal comfort and functionality. The interior should be comfortable, practical but, at the same time, attractive.

Light setting of the cozy studio apartment with balcony Living room with gray cushions at the sofa and two white upholstered coffe tables Modern widespread interior design and layout of the living room Unusual hi-tech minalistic setting of the urban apartment in gray and steel tones

The formation of the modern style had considerable influenced by loft style motives. Spacious rooms with large windows, apparent lines of communication, extensive use of concrete and masonry surfaces, the combination of several functional segments in the same room – all of these design techniques can be found in contemporary design projects, mixed with other stylistic manifestations.

Brickwork, loft and fusion mix of styles in the modern interior Gorgeous design solution of the studio apartment to store books Nice gray colored space of the minimalistic living roomAngular waved rug at the center of the living room

Nuances of finishing

It does not make sense to use a complex, multi-level finishes on one-bedroom apartment of standard size. This applies to both the ceiling and the walls. Perfectly smooth ceiling without levels is great decision for rooms with a small height. Will it be painting, wallpapering or use of tension structures – the main thing is to reach the surface uniformity with minimal loss in ceiling height. For this reason, experts do not recommend to experiment with color schemes for the decoration of the ceiling in the standard sized housing – light colors, white surface will be the key to creating a successful design.

Unusual wooden coffee table looks like a diamond Black legged steel coffe table for the modern hi-tech interior Gray steel sofa at the center of the zoned multifunctional living

But this does not mean that you can’t use spectacular design techniques, e.g. allocation of accent wall, in small area premises. But nevertheless some caution is necessary to make out such planes. You can use textured emphasis (the same color finish, but the presence of the relief) or paste textile or metallic fabrics over a wall or part of it against plain wallpaper background.

Plexiglass spectacular chairs at the modern white theme of the dining Abstract highlighted wall decoration in the modern catchy bedroom Gray quilted headboard at the modern dark dome of the accent wall Modern wooden trimmed dining Nice striped green accent wall in the living

A popular way brick-wall finishing of the last season, comprising in a light tone coloring the surface while maintaining its unique texture, does not cease to be the mainstream in the current year. This design method can be used on the premises of any functional purpose – from the living room to the hallway and from the bedroom to the modest size of the corridor.

Living room in classic style room Modular setting of the kitchen accessories in the framework of white design theme

If your “two-room” has high ceilings, this circumstance should be used for the sake of drawing up the original interior. You can bring eco-design motifs in the formation and decorate the ceiling with wooden beams. If you want to arrange the room in one of the varieties of modern style – Contemporary, the splendid stucco ceiling is effectively contrasted with modern design furnishings.

Nice classic design of the apartment with bright interior and French blacony Turquoise furniture set with storage for modern interior Creamy interior for Classic setting of modern urban living room Modern classic atmosphere with lattice windows and wooden loft inlays Brickwork, wooden Air duct of the loft dining zone Open layout and wooden ceiling beams in pronounced loft styled room

The selection and allocation of furniture

Planning furniture in one-bedroom apartment depends on the following factors:

  • functionality of space. Often we have to equip the mini-office, dining room or bedroom for a family member, an extra bed for guests to stay at night (furniture is often the subject and way of zoning in a combined room) in the living room;
  • the size of rooms, location, and number of windows and doors (the worst of the options – a passage room);
  • the selected design style.

Colorful interior design of the living room Calm and relazing atmosphere at the Scndinavian styled kitchen Matted white surfaces of white kitchen facades of minimalistic kitchen Light blue interior with fireplace

Within the small rooms (especially those that combine several functional areas) simplicity and conciseness in the performance of the furniture are the key for creating not only a functional and practical design, but also corresponding to the modern style. Storage systems often consist of simple modules with smooth facades, executed in neutral colors. Upholstered furniture is not less practical and at the same time comfortable. The possibility of transformation is a prerequisite for families with children or homeowners, who often have guests.

Scandinavian styled for the tight multifunctional studio Kitchen, living, dining and relazing zones all combined Relaxing breathe of water and wind from the panoramic window Window sills transorm to the part of working place

For open shelves were at the peak of popularity as alternative storage spaces in the kitchen last season, so now we see these interior items only within the living room in the current period. Open shelves are built into a niche, framing windows and doors; combined in book shelves, they act as room dividers. Perhaps this trend is related to the total popularization of paper books and refusing from audio versions in most cases.

Real library at the sunlit living room at the private house Book cabinets at the classic decorated home office Nice floor-to-ceiling book shelves Cozy small living room with sofa and shelving for books Spectacular rack for books at the improvised library at home

One-bedroom apartments’ design under 50 and 60 sq.m (up to 200 sq. feet)

If your apartment has an area of around 50-60 square meters, the arrangement of all the necessary functional areas without loss of comfort is more than real. The situation is complicated only if a family has a child (or two), who should have a separate room. In this case, the living room should be combined with the parents’ bedroom. Not an easy task, but it is doable. Of course, in this case it is necessary to compromise – either owners should sacrifice their own privacy in zones for sleep and rest, or general living segment will be exclusively for family – not for the reception.

White matte setting at the room finished accoeding to canons of Scandinavian style nice country style touch in the modern private house common room Prolonged form of the living room decorated in Modern style with gray quilted coffee tableBlack quilted upholstered coffee table for modern living room Bay window gray color wall finished living room with cozy white furniture

How to locate sleeping area in the living room? One of the options is the use of a large (usually a corner) sofa with pull-out mechanism. During the day your room is a living room with a spacious and comfortable sofa, which can accommodate not only households, but also the guests of the apartment. And at night the sofa transforms into a place to sleep and the room is no longer a living room turned into a bedroom.

marine style in the canvas paints on the wall Neat modern and shabbu chic mix in the successful interior Hare at the paint in the vintage set room Modern realization of Art Nouveau style in the gray finished living room Modern mix of country and minimalism within multifunctional space of studio

But not everybody can stand the permanent sleeping on folding sofa. Even if owners are willing to sacrifice their privacy zones for sleep and rest, but only for the sake of comfort – sleeping in the big bed with orthopedic mattress. One of the bed layout options in the living room is the construction of a berth on the podium – virtually moving to the top tier. This way of planning is suitable for rooms with high ceilings. In the empty space of the podium is possible to equip the storage system, which is never enough, regardless of the apartments’ size.

Multilevel studio apartment with living room and open layout of bedroom finished in restrained Modern and Scandi styles

If it is necessary to isolate the sleeping area in the family room, you wouldn’t do without interior partitions. It is convenient to use bookshelves as the screen. They will not spoil the look of premises, but will add storage for books, documents and any other chancellery.

English style touch in the modern common space zoned with book stand Syspended book shelf in the bedroom looks accentual

The combining of the kitchen space with the living room (often with a corridor) allows creating a truly spacious multifunctional space in which the owners (either alone or with the help of experts) can realize their vision of a beautiful and practical design. Combined space often has a single variation of the performance of surface finishing in all functional segments (exception may appear only a kitchen splashback in the working area). Zoning of the space is hold by mean of furniture and lighting system (in some cases – with the help of carpet).

Dark wooden cabinet in the light room atmosphere Galley space of the studio apartment with striped walls Zebra colored rug for the modern minimalistic room Oval wooden coffee table in the common space of dining and living zones of studio Peculiarly vaulted ceiling in the modern set common space of studio apartment

Making space in the two-room apartment

Living room

A good is considered maybe the small size of the room, but its correct form, close to the square. But in the long and narrow sitting room it is possible to accommodate all required functional segments and realize this with a high level of ergonomics and aesthetics. Symmetrical layout of the furniture will help to emphasize the correct geometry in the room with an almost square shape. Centre can be a fireplace, video-zone or two installed in parallel to each other sofas (or sofa alliance with two identical chairs). In the narrow living room is better to use a sofa of corner modification – spacious, practical and “blindspot” zone in angles can be used with maximum efficiency.

Artificial fireplace with accentual mantelshelf and TV-set Dotted brown sofa for Modern cozy living room Lusious olive color theme for living room Modern wooden theme for spacious living room Fireplace and picture at the mantelshelf in white creamy color theme


Usually, the smallest room is set for bedroom in apartment of ​​50-60 sq. m (up to 200 sq. feet) area. But it is large enough to distribute all the necessary furniture and create a comfortable and ergonomic place to sleep and rest. You can place not only a large bed with bedsides tables or pedestal in a room of ​​15-20 square meters, but also to build a spacious closet to accommodate clothes. This can be both linear and angular model of embedded storage systems – all depends on the layout of the sleeping room.

Pastel colors theme for modern setted bedroom Wall painting at the headboard Pictures, crimson dotted tulle curtains for maximum comfort in the bedroom

Bedroom in modern style is a simple and functional room is not devoid of visual appeal. Light (mostly monochrome) wall decoration is the perfect backdrop for any furniture and decor. The main element of the interior, of course, is the bed and its textile design. It is the sleeper drapery can be color accent in a light and rather neutral design room.

regal pattern for the coverlet of the modern finished bedroom Typical classic designed interior of the creamy finished bedroom Totally black frosted accent wall in the peculiarly designed small bedroom with mix of styles and ideas looks juicy and accentual Modern interpretation of the Marine style in the tight modern bedroom


In case the kitchen space becomes a part of the adjoining room after redevelopment, it is subject to selected decorative, stylistic and color options. If the room is not spacious even after the coalescence, it is better to perform the kitchen set in neutral colors that could overlap with the color scheme of storage systems in the recreation area of living room. If the kitchen segment plays the role of color accent, the design of the living area must be done in neutral colors.

Kitchen and dining zone for small parties Accent orange kitchen furniture set in the white finished interior Spectacular glossy designed minimalistic kitchen with steel hood of the private house Absolutely white glossy spectacular modular wall in the ascetic atmosphere of Scandinavian styled apartment

If the kitchen is a separate room, there is no taboo on the choice of color palette for it (its style we consider to be common for the whole apartment). But it is important to take into account the dimensions of the space and layout of the room with respect to the cardinal. If the kitchen overlooking the south side, – you can use so popular this season cool palette, sophisticated shades of blue, for example. Either room is located in the northern part of the building, it is better to prefer warm palette – different shades of beige, brown. You can also actively use the natural wood pattern for raising the color degree of the interior. Even with the plain alternation of light and dark surfaces, you can create an original design in a small kitchen.

White modular kitchen set with white facades in the small apartment Steel, wood and marble in the noble modern design


The bathroom in the standard one-bedroom is usually small. The only exceptions are apartments with improved layout. But even in such dwelling you’ll find combined WC. Putting all the necessary areas for water and sanitation procedures in the same room helps to create a multi-functional interior, where nobody will feel shortage of usable space. Although it can’t be omitted that for large families living in two-room apartment, combined toilet and bathroom is not the best option of the distribution of utilitarian space.

Ultramodern bathroom full of steel and glass details

If it is impossible to change the shape and size of the bathroom constructively, you must use all the available arsenal of design techniques to increase the visual volume of the room. The bright color palette, mirrors and glass, glossy surface and console plumbing – all of these methods can help to create the illusion of spaciousness even in a tiny area.

Fine layed mosaic tile in the spectacular modern toilet 2017 Minimalistic ascetic white bathroom with glass shower and yellow suspended vanity Artificial marble for the walls and wooden trim of the floor in the chic toilet

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