Small design ideas is a web resource which will help you to be easily inspired with different ideas of interior decoration and home design. What is so special about our site? We have gathered photos representing plenty of ideas about different design trends in all details. We don`t give any recommendations or manuals about factual repair works in your apartment, do not calculate precise expenses, but we can inspire a person for creative and good-looking design of your home. Small design ideas have a lot of material about both external trim and interior decoration of any apartment and even cottages and big houses. If you want to know what tile should be used to finish your bathroom, which material would be better to cover up the floor in the bedroom: parquet or linoleum and how to choose the right one; what landscape design ideas would fit your backyard better and many other little but urgent question could be easily discovered at this site. A lot of attention is paid to stylistic and aesthetic content of the interior. That`s why we dedicate whole category to review different interior styles and their applicability in terms of modern requirements and trends. You will agree that there are special laws of styling, trimming, furniture allocation, interacting of every detail, which gives integrity to the ultimate design. And these are not just a complicated words: if you`ll catch the basic principles of interior styling, you`ll know where to start and what will be the end of the creating of your dream design right at your home. And the one can ask: why is this site named "Small design ideas" if it has almost everything related to interior design on the topic? Shouldn`t it tell about small premises only? We don`t like bounds and making this resource to help people with the choice of remodeling, repair or decoration in their own apartment. And yes, most of our information is about small rooms and apartments, as most of people around the world doesn`t have surplus of living space and we do want to help people with practical advises. But we don`t limit the subject only with small spaces. In other words we can say, this site is proposing small and effective ideas to arrange your home space as you want. This site will help you to pick up the latest design ideas for your interior or just be inspired to make stunning furnishings in the house of your dream. Small design ideas for any room, whether it is a living room, bedroom, bathroom or the kitchen are also here. As real pictures of decoration, design ideas and modern home interior included. You can find design ideas for not only small apartments, but also for any country house, cottage and townhouse.