Top 10 most Popular Mistakes when Designing a Kitchen

When planning and arranging a kitchen, people often make mistakes that negatively affect the comfort and functionality of the interior. Although it may seem that kitchen design is a simple task, it is worth remembering about a few important steps taken in its arrangement. What omissions occur most often and how to avoid them? What should I look for before creating a completely new kitchen? Let’s now review top 10 most popular mistakes when designing a kitchen and see some tips to avoid the simplest ones.

Top 10 most Popular Mistakes when Designing a Kitchen. White ceiling and dark furniture for the modern styled space with dining zone

The Lack of a Clear Budget and Kitchen Planning Can be a Major Mistake in Renovation

The first and most important step in carrying out renovation is the precise definition of the budget for repair and its project. Knowing the limits of your capabilities, you can easily choose the right materials and equipment that you will use.

Top 10 most Popular Mistakes when Designing a Kitchen. Wooden trimmed ceiling and the stone imitation for walls of the country styled area

Another important point is to adhere to the principles of kitchen ergonomics. The person designing the kitchen should not forget about the details that can cause discontent and nervousness during everyday kitchen activities. First of all, functionality is important, as well as a properly chosen aesthetics, adapted to your lifestyle.

Top 10 most Popular Mistakes when Designing a Kitchen. Nice metal splashback in the contemporary space

It is worth paying attention to things that seem obvious at first glance:

  • the correct height of the surface of the tabletop;
  • correctly selected distance between kitchen utensils;
  • aesthetics of general design;
  • lighting;
  • colors of furniture facades and walls.

Top 10 most Popular Mistakes when Designing a Kitchen. Red splashback and white smooth kitchen facades for the hi-tech styled interior

No Division into Zones

Each kitchen space should contain 5 main areas:

  • stocks;
  • storage;
  • the washing up;
  • food preparation;
  • cooking food.

Top 10 most Popular Mistakes when Designing a Kitchen. Dark matted facades of the ultramodern furniture

The Principle of the Working Triangle is not Abided

Zones must follow each other – in the case of right-handed person we go clockwise, and for left-handed person – in the reverse alignment. In addition, distances and the so-called work triangle are important, that is, the corresponding distance from:

  • fridge;
  • sink;
  • oven.

Top 10 most Popular Mistakes when Designing a Kitchen. Pastel colored interior in modern design with all necessary elements

In order for a kitchen to be fully functional, the distance between devices in the so-called kitchen triangle should not exceed:

  • from refrigerator to kitchen sink 120-210 cm;
  • from the kitchen sink to the oven 120-210 cm;
  • from the oven to the refrigerator 120-270 cm.

Top 10 most Popular Mistakes when Designing a Kitchen. Concrete kitchen island in the Classic interior

Remember! Too small distances between the stove and sink, as well as between the sink and refrigerator, are very inconvenient. On the other hand, the problem may be in too large distances. It can be tiring to cover “kilometers” between the refrigerator, oven and sink.

Top 10 most Popular Mistakes when Designing a Kitchen. White facades and wooden imitating splashback

Wrong Height of Kitchen Furniture

Kitchen island is an effective solution for large rooms. On either side of the sink, work surfaces should be provided on which products or ready meals will be stored. The height of the tabletops, their respective area and equipment placement are also very important.

Top 10 most Popular Mistakes when Designing a Kitchen. Large space and contrasting furniture facades

Tip! The height of kitchen furniture (up to the tabletop) should be adapted to your height, that is, 10-15 cm below the elbow height, with a tolerance of a couple of centimeters, when several people use the kitchen.

The diagram of the height of the human and height of wall cabinets dependency in the kitchen

The Use of Single Row Layout

Many designers consider a single-row layout a mistake, because the client needs to overcome long distances. This layout can’t follow kitchen triangle rule, which primarily impairs the functionality of the space. Although, maintaining suitable distances between equipment makes work much easier in some cases.

Nice wooden trimmed kitchen with the dining group at the round wooden table

Tip! The most convenient kitchen layout is one that takes the form of a letter U, L or G.

White designed kitchen with red brick imitating splashback and the picture to revive monotonous arrangement

Incorrectly Configured Appliances

Installing an oven or even a microwave above the dishwasher is a terrible idea. Water vapor rising from a dishwasher will damage the equipment mentioned above and will void your warranty.

Milky white shade of the kitchen facades in Classic styled kitchen with bent taps

Poor Storage Arrangement

Each element, whether it is equipment, food or dishes, should take place in the kitchen which has convenient access. This will help maintain order and improve use of the kitchen. The special care should be taken of the practicality of cabinets. First of all, you should remove objects from the surface, which take away valuable useful centimeters and violate harmony.

Green facaded simple styled kitchen with the additional light spots and exposed steel extractor hood

Tip! “Horizontal planning” is very important in the proper design of the kitchen. Things that are used less frequently are worth putting to the wall cabinets at the height. The same applies to the lowest cabinets. Appropriate equipment configuration saves you from unnecessary movements and searching for items that are at hand.

Colorful floor and the wooden colored furniture for the private house's kitchen

Cabinets, located in the corners, due to the problem layout, should have a well-chosen internal system, due to which it is easy to remove objects from the visibility. Shelves can be placed in narrow areas of the cabinet, thanks to which you can hide bottles and jars.

Cozy and functional folding out shelf

Insufficient Lighting

This applies to both natural and artificial lighting. The work of the kitchen requires a proper light to facilitate the implementation of daily duties. Think of the correct arrangement of the lighting: it will not do without an upper lamp illuminating the entire room, and a point device for certain areas.

Wooden kitchen facades and the sandy colored floor

Good lighting is very important in the kitchen. The main light should not be too intense. You should choose lamps of sufficiently warm color. Work surfaces should be illuminated by an additional source. It is worth using various types of fluorescent lamps or LED lamps, which are ideal for installation directly above the worktops.

Dark oak wooden kitchen furniture set and the tiled floor

Few Sockets or Sockets Located in Uncomfortable Places.

When planning the placement of sockets, you must remember what number of household appliances in the kitchen must be connected to electricity. Be aware that sockets are designed for large appliances, such as a refrigerator, oven, or dishwasher, but also for small household appliances at the tabletop —coffee machine, kettle or toaster.

Top 10 most Popular Mistakes when Designing a Kitchen. The allocation of sockets at the modern kitchen

Use of Impractical Material in the Finish

When planning a new home or furnishing an apartment, you cannot think about the kitchen at the very end. Any distribution of electronics or plumbing, as well as the appropriate design of the walls, floor and ceiling can affect the functionality and practicality of your kitchen. For example, wooden floors are not very suitable for this room. It is better to use tile or linoleum here.

The kitchen is, first of all, a utility room, so the choice of materials and furniture should be determined mainly by practical values ​​and functionality. This, of course, does not mean that you should abandon the seemingly impractical elements. For example, a wooden work surface (butcher block) can be an excellent solution. It is simply enough to maintain and protect it from fast wear. You also need to remember that a kitchen is a complicated room, and some materials or equipment just won’t just fit it.

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