Attic Room Drapes: Loft Space Decoration Ideas

Mansard today is increasingly used to organize a residential space in the house (so-called attic rooms). People want to make the room as comfortable and cozy as possible under the roof. When arranging such attic space, special attention should be paid to decorating window openings. If you need visual inspiration, take a look at the gallery below containing a large number of magnificent attic room drapes: loft space decoration ideas for each room type in the mansard!


Light wooden planked attic bedroom with royal sized bed Yet another example of complex geaometry at the attic room with modern design Attic home office with glass ceiling design Modular furniture and light color theme for the loft bedroom with wooden inlays Pronounced comtemporary style in the room with alder laminated floor Light wooden ceiling trimming and large wall window with white frame Complex hexagonal form of the room Contemporary studio aprtment trimmed with wood and decorated with steel shining surfaces Complex geometry in the room softened with wooden planking and homey tulle drapes Royal guest bedroom at the mansard floor of the large house Slanted ceiling design with pattern wallpaper for the loft bedroom

Skylights with Curtains: Photos of Beautiful Ideas

Curtains play a very important role in interior decoration, as they can change the atmosphere of the room for the better. The attic room is no exception, as the modern space under the roof of the house must be beautiful and functional. When choosing curtains, decide for yourself what is the final version of the interior you want to see.

Casual styled room of two colors - natural wooden and pastel Large window system with hanging curtains turn the casual living room into sunroom Children's playground at the attic with horizontal bars Great design for the guest attic bedroom with complex ceiling construction and two soft ottomans at the legboard Matble island at the bathroom of the loft level

Color of the Curtains

Darker window curtains add an intimate note to any living space, while light curtains make the room brighter and more spacious. The choice of color is also significant. Soft, warm shades create a sunny atmosphere, cooler hues help us relax, and a bright palette can really refresh the room, giving it a unique character. These rules should apply to all interiors in your home, including the attic.

Unusual bathroom at the loft floor with neat color theme and wooden chair Guest bedroom in golden color theme with all necessary things

Large Selection of Options for Decoration

If you have a slanted ceiling, most likely, your attic windows are asymmetrical. Finding the right curtains for them may seem like an impossible task, but do not be afraid. In this article, you will get amazing ideas for curtains on the attic, which are harmoniously combined with each kind of window, and can turn your attic space into a cozy oasis.

Gorgeous modern sunroom at the attic with gray soft furniture White bedroom with large window and dark wooden ceiling beams Contemporary styled children's room in pastel tones

Roller Blinds on Skylights

Many designers argue that conventional curtains are not suitable for dormer windows. Fortunately, you can choose roller shutters. Attaching them directly to the glass of your window will ensure a smooth opening and closing. Once you decide on the type of roller blinds, you can choose a color. If the attic room faces east, it is advisable to opt for a denser fabric that will protect you from dazzling sunlight in the morning. If windows pointing to the north or there is a large building nearby that limits access to natural light, then you should consider brighter curtains. You can also opt for pleated curtains as well.

Dotted wallpaper bedroom decoration Classic homey design of the bedroom with dotted curtains

Roller Blinds is Perfect Light Blocking

Windows in the attic are an invaluable way to let the daylight permeate inside. But sometimes it can be too much light, which is why you should consider installing an effective solution for your space. Roller shutters are ideal for your windows. They perfectly block the light in those early summer hours of the morning or help people with night shifts fall asleep. This densely woven fabric is a common fabric that has a monochromatic PVC substrate that prevents light from passing through.

Pinky girls' bedroom idea with also pink pleated roller curtains

Curtains on Beveled Attic Windows

Currently, the market is full of all the most diverse window solutions. You can find almost every color, pattern, and length. This allows you to choose the right curtains. An inclined ceiling adds character to the room but can make decorating more difficult. If the window is between two slanted walls, you may think about how to close the opening from excessive sunlight. Below are some ideas on how to cope with these problems.

Purple colore recess of the wall at the slant of the ceiling Triangle form of the window with cotton thick drapes on it

Tip # 1

First, you need to understand what the purpose of the window curtains is. Do you need privacy or an exclusively decorative element? Is this something you want to emphasize or hide?

Large windows at the cottage hall

Tip #2

If the curtain is decorative, and the window is between two slopes, you can emphasize the gradients by placing a fabric. It can be assembled using a binding tape, so as not to block the opening.

Classic styled bedroom with Roller blinds on the windows

Tip #3

If you need to close the window for privacy and easy locking the room, then a simple Roman curtain hanging inside is enough. It will be enough to not interfere with sloping walls. However, the falling fabric curtains also fit, giving a romantic note to the room.

Attic bedroom with matress-based bed and large semi-translucent sheets of the curtains

Curtains on Skylights with Bevelled Ceiling: Emphasize the Advantages

Emphasize the multiple advantages of sloping ceilings, adding extra windows in the attic, which allow you to create a sufficient amount of natural ventilation. This is the simplest and best way to remove the claustrophobic sensation, which may appear from the presence of an inclined ceiling. Modern light hatches at the attic come in an amazing array of shapes and sizes. They add beautiful notes to the room even after sunset, bringing the night sky in the room. Combine these skylights with the right curtain in order to easily filling the room with brightness and airiness at any time.

Blue colored drapes at the large complex formed window in the kids' bedroomGreen designed accent wall of the comfortable casual attic room

Curtains in the Attic on the Wall for Decoration

If there is a desire to hide the space on the wall between the windows, consider the hanging cloth along the surface. Decorating the wall with curtains can make the room more traditional. Place the curtains as additional or basic decor.

Crystal chandelier and red accent wall for the attic bedroom with wooden trimmed walls

Curtains on the dormer windows are an excellent opportunity to refresh the attic space of the house. Curtains will serve not only as a decorative, but also a practical element of the interior, allowing you to adjust the flow of light and consequently mood and well-being during the day.

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