Berlin Apartment Retro Style Modern Interior Design

If you like to bestow a second life to long-forgotten things, if walk in the antique shops and flea markets is the best way to find the interior elements to your own home, a small tour through the Berlin apartment retro style modern interior design can be interesting and inspiring for upcoming repair or little alteration. Integration of retro things into the modern style interior is not an easy task, especially if there are recycled details. To save the spirit of antiquity, to bring warmth of furniture pieces storing energy of human hands and not to cross the line of modern home design – designers and homeowners of this Berlin apartment have succeeded.

Yet in the hallway the basis of the concept design of the German Space apartments becomes clear. It`s a snow-white finish to create a light, bright and clean atmosphere, the use of natural materials (wood) in order to create a warm and cozy image. Used furniture and décor made of a second-hand material can be found in some areas of Berlin apartment. For example, they managed to arrange storage for shoes and accessories of the old wooden boxes in the hallway. It is convenient, inexpensive, and most importantly – original. Such an assertion can be called the slogan for modern interior design of apartment in Berlin.

Berlin Apartment Retro Style Modern Interior Design. Corridor in white finish

Let`s overview the interior of the spacious and bright living room. Its design can be found as retro items and household items, which got a second life, as modern motifs. Once again, the snow-white finish combined with wooden parquet creates a light and airy atmosphere, not devoid of warmth and comfort. Even dull interior elements have contrasting look on the white walls. Blue tone upholstery of the comfortable corner modification couch looks colorful in a white environment. Original coffee table made from old boards made the company to the couch in a recreation area.

Berlin Apartment Retro Style Modern Interior Design. Blue angle couch and wooden table in the living

Video area is organized opposite to the sofa. The storage space in the form of a rack of the end of the last century has place not only for the equipment.

Berlin Apartment Retro Style Modern Interior Design. Rest zone full of shelves

Vintage furniture with light rubs, cracks and chipping brings warmth and memory of the past, wafting the glorious days of the past. For someone such furniture is the result of a successful raid on the flea markets and antique shops, for others – it is the memory of relatives who left an old piece of furniture in the inheritance.

Berlin Apartment Retro Style Modern Interior Design. Reading zone full of books at the old cabinet

Retro furniture and vintage decoration look surprisingly organically in modern German housing. Warm, natural colors, light attrition – everything plays into the hands of the interior, creating a plaque of comfort.

Retro decoration elements in Berlin interior

No one would be surprised with open bookshelves along the wall, but the shelf of the original modification is capable to bring uniqueness into the design of the room. Proper environment is necessary for the rare interior items. Special cabinet and unusual floor lamp in the form of a tripod without a lampshade were required for antique sewing machine.

Sewing machine and vintage pendant book shelves in the Retro interior

Small elements of the interior decor and lovely trifles, filling our lives, are no less important in shaping of the image of the room, rather than a major furniture and even finish. The overall picture of the kaleidoscope, the amazing design of the space, is made from small pieces of.

Photos sticked to the wall in the retro interior design

The spacious living room have a place not only for recreation areas and a video segment, but also for the location of a full-fledged dining room. There was no possibility to establish a dining table with chairs in the kitchen area located next to the living.

Living room in Retro style with dining zone

Dining table with drawers, stools and chairs that are a combination of metal frame and wooden backs, seats and tabletops, create an original dining group. This composition has a country, and retro, and modern chic altogether. But the main feature of the table segment design, as well as other areas of Berlin apartments is that in the pursuit of uniqueness designers did not forget about comfort, convenience and functionality.

Another look at the dining zone of the living room in the Berlin Retro interior design

There is a kitchen next to the living room, which is a dining room either. Long but narrow kitchen space allowed to place a appliances set of parallel layout. But no space left for a dining area. Unusual wall decoration, carried out by a manipulation of the raw plaster, creates original image of the kitchen space.

Narrow but cozy galley kitchen design ideas in Retro style

The use of ceramic tiles for cladding of the kitchen backsplash is the most practical option of surface finish, which is undergoing not only the constant exposure to moisture but frequent temperature fluctuations. Wooden countertop of working area of ​​the kitchen set has became an excellent addition to the snow-white facades and storage appliances.

Wooden countertop and tiled backsplash in Retro style kitchen

Original elements of the interior are varying the image of all the area, as, for example, integration of a small piece of ceramic tiles in a wooden countertop of the kitchen cabinet. Or the presence of vintage scales not only to perform its basic function, but rather to decorate the space. After all, not every kitchen can boast with bright colorful fruit or greens, placed in scales with little counterweights.

Table decoration in Retro style of European apartment with vintage elements

In order to not burden the interior of the kitchen of elongated shape too much it was decided to use the open shelves instead of the upper tier of the kitchen cabinets. This design method allows not only to create enough storage locations for spices, appliances and other kitchen utensils, but also to create an ensemble in which all content will be located in sight.

Functional rack for spices at the kitchen

In the space of the home office there are lots of modern elements of the interior and electronic technics. To keep design within the general concept, there are integrated elements from the last century, and even country-items in the space of the room.

Home office with retro and modern style book shelves and ladder

Open shelving of light wood with white decor of internal cavities, became the storage system for a large number of books, magazines, papers and documents.

Book shelves in retro apartment

The space of the bathroom does not change the basic design concept of the Berlin apartments. It is a snow-white finish as a symbol of purity and freshness. After all, these are the qualities we expect from a utilitarian space for water treatment. Only a small interior elements made of wood and bright textiles violate idyllic snow-white bathroom.

Original vintage bathroom design with closed shower

Open balcony of the German apartments also deserves attention. It’s amazing how functional can be such a small space. Not only a relaxation area, but also live plants in pots and tubs found refuge on the balcony – even a mini-garden of mobile variation was placed comfortably.

Cozy loggia of Berlin Retro apartment

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