Two-level Ceiling: the Way to Diversify Design and Make Your Interior Volume

One of the most interesting and inexpensive ways to change the space of a room is to create two-level structures on the ceiling. It is something relative to coffered or dropped ceilings, but not the same. The distinctions will be reviewed in this article. Thanks to a special profile and installation technology, the ceiling can be installed in two or more planes. With this you can zone space in the room and experiment with lighting, using examples in the photo.

Scandinavian minimalism for white decorated room with LED lighting and gas fireplace Steel gray accents in the modern designed kitchen Round theme for modern apartment full of smooth round forms Simple casual interior design for light lit seaside apartment Black triangle at the ceiling of modern styled apartment Two-level private house with unusual hi-tech transition between floors and plasterboard construction Yellow stripe at the suspended ceiling of casually designed apartment Textured ceiling in the hallway with flowers and dark wooden furniture Large spectacular designed dining room with black table and black chairs

Two-level ceilings: photos of original design solutions

Suspended ceilings from gypsum boards are more difficult to make than traditional plasterboard or stretch ceilings. They are mainly attached to a steel or wooden frame using special connectors and hooks. The entire structure should be stable, ideally leveled and finished in such a way that cracks do not appear on the surface of the ceiling and walls. Why choose a suspended ceiling? There are several reasons:

  • You can hide the defects of the fixed ceiling under the mounted plates, and also perform the work on the most acceptable lighting.

LED lighting in the wooden trimmed modern apartment

  • a two-level suspended ceiling lowers the room too high, making it more comfortable for stay;

Large open layout apartment with panoramic windows and complex light

  • it is possible to connect a dot light inside it;

Gorgeous and unexpected orange ceiling inlay of the stretched construction


Pastel colored kitchen with low-level ceiling zone above the cooking area

  • the ceiling of gypsum board increases fire safety;


Pay attention: two-level ceiling made of panels, although lightweight, makes the stationary surface heavier, so it should be installed after consultation with the designer, which will determine if the top cover of the room can carry such additional load. You should also strictly follow the recommendations of the system manufacturers. The minimum and maximum distance between elements is value ​​that can not be ignored. If the two-level ceiling is mounted according to all the rules and regulations, then the interior design will please you for many years.

Nice wooden trimmed zone on the double-level ceiling Round ceiling LED-lit zone at the living room

Two-level ceiling from plasterboard

A false ceiling is a great way to decorate a large room. You can not only reduce the height of the space, but also hide the settings, wires, attaching the original lighting. Suspended ceiling from gypsum board is a solution that allows you to effectively complete the repair in any room. At present, ceiling assembly is very popular on a single-level structure. However, for clients who are looking for a more interesting visual effect, it is advisable to choose two-level designs that can be viewed at the photos below.

Nice neat modern design of the gray living room with complex ceiling and wooden coffee table Absolutely phenomenal bathroom design with smooth ceiling tiers

Two-level ceiling in the kitchen

Ceilings on two levels of plasterboard are a fashionable solution for a modern kitchen interior. But the ceiling on the two-level transverse frame reduces the room, so it is recommended for large spaces or large-scale rooms where the area divides into zones. Before mounting the plates, it is necessary to attach the frame to the supporting profiles by means of a crosspiece. When the frame is attached, you can install plasterboard plates.

Two-level Ceiling: the Way to Diversify Design and Make Your Interior Volume. White idyll in the kitchen with panoramic window to the ocean and apparent working zone Hi-tech kitchen with an island, dining zone and working zone emphasized with ceilng zone Green splashback in the modern styled kitchen with complex lighting and green stool set

Two-level stretch ceilings for the hall

Two-tier stretch ceilings are a good way to make your home more attractive. High-quality and reliable surfaces consist of PVC and a special profile attached to the periphery of the stationary wall of the room. Traditional suspended ceilings “take” the height of the room, dropping by 8-10 centimeters! The two-level ceiling has no visible seams and will never break. It not only hides the curvature, cracks, but will also become a unique decoration of the house in the chosen design, including:

  • a diverse color combination;

Open space apartment with orange stretched film decorated living zone

  • any geometric shapes;

Crystal chandelier with small decorative spheres in the cutting edge designed living room with built-in kitchen Spectacular design of the modern round formed living room with circle ceiling and open beams

  • a harmonious combination of materials and lighting fixtures.

Neat successful living room interio design with stretched ceiling

Installation of two-level ceilings

The structure of the two-level ceiling consists of PVC and carrying profile. The installation process takes no more than 2 days. Correctly mounted ceiling will serve for many years, without the need for repair, which means puttying and painting. An additional advantage is the low cost of manufacturing of such ceilings.

Brown design of the large living room with complex ceiling and background lighting of accent zones

Two-level ceiling with lighting

Suspended ceiling is an ideal solution for houses and apartments where there is a desire to hide defects or diversify interior a little by adding fashionable lighting to it. In spite of the seeming complication, it is not difficult to build using LED stripes or spotlights. Do you want to make a lighted ceiling with LED lighting that will be modern and safe? This is easy enough. The main thing is to choose the most attractive design.

Neat successful living room interio design with stretched ceiling Blue glaze of the shining ceiling in the contemporary styled living room Interior design of the kitchen with artificial wood trimming Purple stretched ceiling for the modern designed open layout apartment Complex paneled ceiling with LED backlight for modern white colored living room

LED Strips

LED tapes and strips are very popular. Depending on your preferences and the desire to achieve a certain effect it can be more than simple. This solution will be ideal for both apartments and auxiliary rooms. They are very easy to assemble, durable and energy-saving. Undoubted advantage, which is difficult to find with traditional lighting, is the possibility of installing remote control. You can change the intensity of light on a two-level ceiling.

Nice modern bedroom design for one-bedroom apartment

Halogen lamps

Another popular type of dropped ceiling lighting is halogen lamps. Their assembly is not the easiest, as in the case of LED elements. Such lighting is connected to the electrical grid using a transformer with sufficient power. This is a very effective way to decorate the ceiling, but the installation is rather complicated.

Casual interior design with white upholstered furniture and accent wall

Suspended two-level ceiling can become a very important decorative element, as well as usefulness in your apartment. With its help, you can actually and optically lower the room. This design is relatively easy to assemble, but be careful with self-installation. If you are not sure about installing such a ceiling, it is better to entrust it to a person or company with experience and knowledge in this field. Choose the interior of rooms in the photo and start ennobling your home!