Victorian Interior Design Style. Description, History, Examples and Photos

The modern world is full of a variety of interior styles and sometimes it is difficult to decide which style is more suitable for your particular apartment. One style attracts a person with a classic color palette, the other one – with exotic elements, while the third – with the objects “of bygone days.” And in this situation, the Victorian interior design style will help an owner to connect together all his whims. However, there is one thing but: the person who wants to arrange the interior of his apartment according to Victorian style must have a sufficiently large budget because an apartment in Victorian style is an expensive pleasure. So, what is this original Victorian style about?


Living and dining rooms in one studio space styled according to Victorian traditions

The History of the Victorian Style in the Interior

The second half of the XIX century is considered the origin of the formation of the Victorian style. The name “Victorian” style was named after the reign of Queen Victoria, who reigned during this period. Its appearance is due to the fact that during this period the British bourgeoisie, by the rapid development of industry in the country, became rapidly richer. Wealth gave rise to a natural demand for luxury apartments, expensive interiors. Introduced at this time opportunity to travel, gave the British a chance to get acquainted with different cultures, life, and art of other peoples. Favorite foreign interior decoration styles, the British people gladly implemented at home, which was a sign of good taste of the owner, his solidity, and prosperity. As a result, the Victorian interior style appeared.

The Interior of a Victorian Style and Its Characteristic Features

  • high quality, reliability, and high cost of interior items;
  • presence of the old classical subjects in the interior;
  • the combination of interior elements of several styles – classic, exotic (Chinese, Indian), Gothic, and Rococo;
  • respectability, sense of proportion in all the interior details;
  • the interior of each room is made in a single style, but most often it is the execution of interior items in several styles;
  • furniture of red-brown color and light brown tones is made of precious wood.
  • presence of flowers, plants, not necessarily fresh;
  • the presence of a rich library;
  • heavy drapes, made of the best curtain fabrics, always in harmony with tulle lace curtains.

The Rules of Interior Design in the Victorian Style

To properly arrange an apartment in a Victorian style, its owner must have at least an idea of ​​the elements of those interior styles that he would like to see in his apartment. Using elements of exotic styles, it is necessary not to make them prevail, otherwise, it will be not Victorian style.

How to Decorate Walls in the Victorian style?

The Victorian-style is different from the rest of the interior styles in part of the decoration of the walls. It provides only fabrics or wallpaper for the finishing of walls. At the same time, they must have a certain pattern: stripes, realistic images of flowers, birds, animals. Volumetric ornaments in the form of bas-relief are much less commonly used.

Dining room with the rounded form

Wood panels made of fine, decorated with all sorts of ornaments, are in use here. These panels should be no more than one-third of the wall height. Such an element of the Gothic style as the multi-colored stained-glass windows in the form of arches are often guests of the interior. Stained-glass windows are the most striking and easily recognizable Gothic element in the Victorian style.

Staircase and the hall in noble red wood

Classic style implies respect for family relics and values. This is evident in the paintings, portraits. All the portraits, paintings, and frescoes are hung on special rails.

Light brown colors hints us Victorian style

The color palette of the walls is not rich. Mostly preferred tones are dark red-brown and light-brown. Dark gray walls are used rarely and partially.

Victorian interior with distinct traits of Pop-art

Often, you can find multiple styles in the interior of a room. Thus, large mirrors are welcomed in the Rococo style. Preference is given to full-length mirrors, but this appears rare. Gothic style can be presented as a stained-glass window, a fireplace with a carved frame.

Hall with the upholstered white sofa

Victorian Interior Design Style. The Decor of the Floor

Victorian style does not provide a great variety in the design of the floor. The most common option is a parquet floor made of natural wood. Linoleum with parquet pattern is currently used as a cheap option. The color of the floor should be combined with the color of the walls and furniture.

Unbelievably luxurious master bathroom in Victorian style for private house

Artistic ceramic tiles can be also a variant as a floor covering.

Victorian Interior Design Style. Description, History, Examples and Photos: Gothic solidity in the private house

However, recently it became popular to laminate the floor. Herewith, the floor can be covered with inserts of another picture and color naturally blends with the surrounding background coloring.

Victorian Interior Design Style. Description, History, Examples and Photos: English typical living room royal decoration

Great interest for fans of Victorian style is a carpeted floor. The red color of carpeting is well-matched with the classic color of this style – light brown.

Victorian Interior Design Style. Description, History, Examples and Photos: Nice red carpeting is the intrinsic feature of the style

Interior Elements of the Rooms in the Victorian Style

Victorian style in the early stages of its development was in the form of quite a bulky interior with a mass of bizarre patterns and ornaments. Furniture had a pretty massive look and lots of carved ornaments also. But over time, this style has become different with a sense of proportion. Though the echoes of the old motifs can still be found.

Victorian Interior Design Style. Description, History, Examples and Photos: Heavy long drapes on the panoramic planked windows look airy

The obligatory attribute of the interior is the fireplace. Its presence is mandatory in the living room. Rococo-style elements fit excellently. They are presented in the form of furniture made of mahogany. The feet of furniture are necessarily curved, the furniture itself has carved ornaments.

Victorian Interior Design Style. Description, History, Examples and Photos: nice attractive creamy color scheme for the living

Furniture is made of natural precious wood: walnut, mahogany, stained oak. Most furniture has carved ornaments, sometimes inlaid with precious stones and metals.

Victorian Interior Design Style. Description, History, Examples and Photos: gorgeous gold and pastel color theme

Victorian style is unthinkable without the library, and its contents should not leave any person who likes literature indifferent.

Victorian Interior Design Style. Description, History, Examples and Photos: Library first of all

Since the interior of a Victorian style incorporates elements of several styles, so there is a certain dependence of these styles on the purpose of the room. The elements of the Gothic style can be found in the figural stucco, huge windows, high ceilings. A mandatory attribute for the Gothic is the fireplace. The presence of the carpet with intricate patterns indicates the presence of the Indian style.

Reading hall in the large private house

Victorian style is perfectly combined with elements of the Rococo, which is characterized by pastel colors, furniture with curved, carved headboards. Here you can find the Gothic in the form of massive metal chandeliers, metal cabinet knobs.

Victorian pomposity in the fluffy arches of curtains

The pastel colors, the presence of flowers, and plants in the room, a massive chandelier above the table give out the elements of Indian style.

The design of Victorian style is, among others, built on a combination of walls, the ceiling in pastel colors (cream, pale yellow, light green, etc.) with the warm tones of the parquet and furniture typical for the classic style.

Spacious first floor living room with bay window and dinner group of upholstered armchairs

The Interior of the kitchen in a Victorian-style determines, first of all, the presence of a massive table in the center of the room. Kitchen lighting provides a massive chandelier and several additional lamps. And of course, the walls and the furniture should be of soft, quiet tones. Fewer textiles on the windows.

Victorian and modern mix of styles in the kitchen with smooth glance surfaces of the marble counterop and island

Since the living room in England basically intended only for meetings with family members for a modest dinner (the British do not like the presence of strangers in their apartment), this room once looked respectively. A table of circular shape, chairs, or sofas is arranged around it. And, of course, a massive candelabrum in the center of the table. English flat is not conceivable without candelabra. After all, you can’t create comfort and warmth in the room, feel the breath of the past centuries without it.

Rounded form of the reception hall in the Victorian style

Victorian style is an exemplary style for lovers of comfort. For all those people who like g evening gatherings by the fireplace in the living room on the family tradition. If you’re one of such people, if you are a fairly wealthy person, so this style is certainly for you.

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