DIY Bathroom Remodel Ideas. Detailed Step by Step Instruction

Repair in the bathroom is considered, perhaps, the most difficult and expensive in an apartment. And very often when planning it, homeowners prefer to seek help from professionals. But in fact, this task can be mastered independently. And you will get a result that you can be proud of many years later for a reason. Just invest some of your free time and finances in it, as well as all your intimate plans for the arrangement of the bathroom. This article is especially for those homeowners who want to know how to implement DIY bathroom remodel ideas. Detailed step-by-step instruction will help you to systematize this not simple process and to find out what to do on every step.


Marble cladded bathroom in Scandinavian style with eggshell bathtub, large classic wooden vanity and glass shower

Bathroom Repair by Yourself: Step by Step Instruction

  1. Drawing up a Design Project for a Bathroom

This is a very important stage of the bathroom remodel, and the essence of it is that you have to think carefully and decide what works you will need to do in the bathroom, and what you want to see after they are finished. It will be nice if you become acquainted with the ideas of decorating the bathroom on the Internet in advance and also walk through the building shops to figure out what materials you will use when repairing it. The design project assumes drawing up of the sketch of a premise, and the schematic indication of an arrangement of all basic elements in it: sanitary ware, furniture, fixtures, mirrors, and various accessories. It is necessary to know at the design stage which sinks, bathtub, shower, and toilet you will buy, or buy all the plumbing in advance – this is important for the competent orientation of points of water supply, sewage, and electricity.

The choice of materials for repairing the bathroom should also be taken with all responsibility, because a bathroom is a place with high humidity and a difficult temperature regime, and therefore the quality requirements for finishing are higher here.

Light pastel color palette in modern designed bathroom with glass shower cabin

  1. Workplace Preparation and Dismantling of the Old Coating

It all begins with the dismantling of plumbing and doors (if, of course, it is decided to replace all these elements of the bathroom). Bath, sink, toilet bowl, faucets – everything is easy to dismantle without particular difficulties. It becomes much more difficult to remove old tiles, paint, wallpaper, or whitewash from walls and floor. The next stage is the analysis of water supply and sewage systems.

  1. Replacement of Water Supply and Sewerage

The plumbing of water and sewage pipes is carried out in accordance with the earlier sketch of the bathroom. Installation of water and sewerage is quite a difficult business. Today there are several possible options for water supply:

  • metal plastic;
  • polypropylene;
  • copper water supply.

Metal-plastic can be interconnected by means of crimping or press fittings. The second method is more reliable in terms of durability, but it requires certain financial investments and the availability of special equipment for installation. The advantage of metal-plastic water pipes is that they are not susceptible to corrosion. Disadvantage – such a pipe is afraid of frost, and freezing of water in it will lead to unpredictable consequences (tearing of the pipe from the inside).

Polypropylene is the most affordable option. It is also not subject to corrosion, has a low thermal conductivity, and does not require a large number of components during installation. Its installation is performed using a welding machine.

The copper pipeline has the best index of longevity. It can withstand very high-temperature changes and is not susceptible to deformation. True, the price of such a water pipe can hit hard on your pocket.

DIY Bathroom Remodel Ideas. Detailed Step by Step Instruction. Ultramodern dark blue interior in the small space with large sink and full-fledged bathtub

  1. Electrical Work

Properly made electric wiring is also an important indicator of comfort in the bathroom. It is necessary to provide all the details – from the location of lamps, sockets, and switches and to the installation of ventilation. All wiring must be waterproof.

  1. Leveling of Walls and Floor

Alignment of walls in the bathroom can be carried out in two ways – plastering or installing plasterboard:

  • pros of plastering: even walls, saving the useful space in the bathroom, no gaps between the wall and the finish. Cons: high labor intensity and cost of the process.
  • the advantage of drywall is its quick installation, affordable price, the ability to hide various communications or large surface biases under it. The disadvantage can be a significant reduction in the area for such a small room.

Floors are leveled using a special screed. Much attention at this stage is paid to the waterproofing of surfaces. It can be rolling or liquid materials. We suggest using rolling dry materials for small rooms as the easiest and simple way. You can apply the material even without additional substrate.

The mix for floor screed can be the following: ½ cement-sand mix (СSM), ½ tile adhesive. The mix is stirred with water to achieve the desired plasticity for pouring. It should be better liquid than thick. You should previously mark out the floor with leveling aluminum profiles by the laser or building level to be able to make the floor smooth and without a tilt.

  1. Installation of the Door

Most professionals advise the door box to be installed before the finishing works. We consider this method as wrong. The most correct variant is installing the door after all works are being done. You should apply the finishing from both sides of the walls of the doorway because the finishing works are moist enough and the door can swell. Also, it is much easier to install a door when you see all the finished work and the doorway is as is, it will not be modified.

Usually, in order to save space, the door is opened to the outside.

Wall Decoration in the Bathroom

Bathroom repair by one’s own hands is impossible without high-quality finishing of the walls in the room. What materials are very popular?

Ceramic tile. It is a traditional way of finishing the walls in the bathroom. The advantages of this coating are really a lot – hygienic, ecological, waterproof, durable, easy to clean. In addition, the building materials market offers a large variety of ceramic tiles. There are also disadvantages: the laboriousness of the process of finishing the walls, as well as the considerable price of the coating because it requires the purchase of a large number of additional materials for styling. Ceramic granite can’t be cut without an angle grinder. To choose the right angle grinder you can check the presented resources.

DIY Bathroom Remodel Ideas. Detailed Step by Step Instruction. Two colored Casual styled utility room

Plastic panels. They got their popularity thanks to the following advantages: democratic price, ease, and simplicity of installation, high moisture resistance, wide color palette, undemanding maintenance. Do not need a preliminary leveling of the walls. The disadvantage of the coating is the mechanical instability of the panels.

DIY Bathroom Remodel Ideas. Detailed Step by Step Instruction. Classic interior of the large private house's room with natural light and white color theme

Wall painting – this is a very economical and simple way to change the bathroom interior. The choice of colors here is simply limitless. In addition, the paint will make it possible to translate into reality any artistic imagination of the owner of the apartment. True, the coating is very short-lived and requires almost ideally a smooth surface of the wall (unless you prefer decorative paint).

DIY Bathroom Remodel Ideas. Detailed Step by Step Instruction. Classic form of the cast-iron bath plays a new color in the dark olive painted walls

Wood. This is an exclusive way to decorate the walls in the bathroom. It is very ecological, exquisite, and cozy. But this method of finishing requires great knowledge and takes a lot of time. In addition, the timber material needs special care.

DIY Bathroom Remodel Ideas. Detailed Step by Step Instruction. Shades of gray and natural touch of the Modern styled bath

Mosaic is a unique finishing material and it is very expensive. The mosaic can be glass, stone, ceramic. It creates patterns or whole panels on the wall. The complexity of the process is very high.

DIY Bathroom Remodel Ideas. Detailed Step by Step Instruction. Oval mirror framed with ancient Greek fresco in the large bath

Flooring in the Bathroom

The modern market offers a wide variety of floor coverings for the bathroom:

Tile. This is the undisputed leader among bathroom materials. Its advantages and drawbacks are mentioned above. For the floor, some of the disadvantages of this coating may also be its cold surface.

DIY Bathroom Remodel Ideas. Detailed Step by Step Instruction. Grandeur size of the bath with dark wooden bottom tier

Parquet is the safest and exclusive solution for the floor in the bathroom. It is a warm, eco-friendly, durable material. Use special types of wood for rooms with high humidity (consult with the seller). But, like any tree, parquet requires careful and regular care.

DIY Bathroom Remodel Ideas. Detailed Step by Step Instruction. Planked with plastic bottom level and the Classic styled bath and plumbing

Laminate is a cheaper alternative to a parquet floor with all its pluses and minuses. But we wouldn’t recommend it for the bathroom.

DIY Bathroom Remodel Ideas. Detailed Step by Step Instruction. Dark wooden parquet at the spacious bath

The cork flooring. The waterproof version of this flooring will be an excellent solution for any bathroom. The material is very soft, warm, pleasant to touch, it is environmentally friendly, and easy to care for. The only thing is not to tolerate chemical and aggressive means for cleaning the surface.

DIY Bathroom Remodel Ideas. Detailed Step by Step Instruction. Unique and bold decision to use cork floor

The self-leveling floor is great for a bathroom. In fact, it is just the absence of any finishing. As we carried out the floor leveling with the cement mix, we can stop at this point.

In addition, the material can be applied to an interesting and unusual 3D drawing. But will be much more difficult to implement DIY without skills and instruments.

Creamy colored Classic bathroom with shelving and angular bathtub

Finishing the Ceiling in the Bathroom

The increased humidity, as well as the risk of leakage from the neighbors above, imposes special demands on the ceiling in the bathroom. There is a huge variety of decoration materials and each has its advantages and disadvantages:

Painting – the cheapest and most short-lived way of finishing the ceiling in the bathroom. The advantage of paint is a huge variety of colors and the possibility of a unique ceiling design. High-quality acrylic paints are waterproof, easy to apply, and quickly dry. They also protect the surface from mold and fungus.

PVC panels. They are popular for their high resistance to moisture, easy installation, and care. They are very diverse in color and can be adapted to any design. The downside of such a ceiling is a decrease in its level by 2-3 cm.

Absolutely gorgeous Modern styled natural finished bathroom with dark trimmed bathtub

The stretch ceiling is very practical with its resistance to leaks from the top floor, as well as a variety of textures, colors, and designs for everyone’s taste. The lack of coverage is that it is a non-environmentally friendly material and its price is high.

Private cottage at the forest with loft ceiling white decorated Casual styled bathroom

Tiled ceiling (cassette). This category of suspended ceilings implies the use of moisture-resistant materials of metal, mineral fiber, or drywall. In case of leakage, such coatings absorb moisture, swelling. The damaged plate is very easy to change. Tiled ceilings can not boast a variety of designs – they are usually presented in white or pastel shades. Another disadvantage is a decrease in the ceiling by 5-10 cm.

Typical office styled cassette ceiling with aluminum plates

Pinion ceiling. It is made of stainless steel or aluminum. It does not rust, does not absorb moisture, and is represented by a wide range of colors. Allows you to arrange the ceilings of any shape and configuration. The price of such structures is higher than tile.

Plank pinion gold multileveled ceiling for bathroom

And in the End – Installation of Sanitary Ware and Accessories

Installation of sanitary equipment, furniture, and accessories completes the DIY bathroom remodel. The toilet, bath, and washbasin are connected to the water supply and sewerage. The same is done with a shower and a washing machine. Hang out and install cabinets, connect lamps, place mirrors, holders, and various hooks.

A competent, responsible approach to repairing the bathroom with your own hands will delight the owner for a long time and will become the subject of his pride for many years to come.

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