Main Kitchen Interior Trends and Design Ideas 2022

Kitchen interior design in 2022 presents natural high-quality finishing and decorative materials, safe and technological equipment, original and refined style for this practical and comfortable place in the house. Let’s dwell in more detail on the main components of a fashionable and stylish kitchen interior in 2022.


Nice chalet kitchen interior with dark facades

Trends in Kitchen Interior 2022

interior ergonomics becomes very relevant in terms of the competent use of kitchen space. This sphere comprises the knowledge about the exact transformation of the room with the most useful and compact use of every inch of space.

Totally white kitchen interior with slight natural wood inclusion

There are many original ideas among the decorative and finishing kitchen trends. For example, partial design of kitchen walls with mirror tiles: a spectacular and visually expanding space option. Among tile coverings, the design using glossy tiles with geometric motifs is also relevant.

Main Kitchen Interior Trends and Design Ideas 2022. dark green color scheme and marble imitation for the central island

Real marble, onyx, and granite are also among the leaders this year, used for finishing floors, walls, making countertops and sinks.

Main Kitchen Interior Trends and Design Ideas 2022. Classic white room with large island in English country style with metal framed pendand lamps

The counterpart of porcelain stoneware is quite appropriate.

Main Kitchen Interior Trends and Design Ideas 2022. Brutal industrial style for spacious room with noir atmosphere

Actual Colors in the Interior of the Kitchen 2022

This year, successful and harmonious color combinations are in demand, and not individual colors and monochrome interiors. One of the most popular combinations is a delicate beige and a deep dark brown.

Main Kitchen Interior Trends and Design Ideas 2022. Classic and casual mix with natural materials of the furniture and finishing

An incredibly beautiful tandem of pure white and blue will decorate any kitchen.

Main Kitchen Interior Trends and Design Ideas 2022. The set of tables at the blue sided island

The white and pink combination will create a special airy and romantic atmosphere with the light furniture.

Main Kitchen Interior Trends and Design Ideas 2022. Contemporary kitchen in pastel beige hues and with polished wooden table

White and gray in its subtle shades will resonate in many interior styles. The purest color harmonizes with furniture made of wood with its natural color.

Main Kitchen Interior Trends and Design Ideas 2022. Nice ethnic design with natural wooden board floor and log slabs at the ceiling

Black and white kitchen interior design look trendy and chic in 2022.

Dark blue kitchen cabinets and transforming island for simple and functional interior

The kitchen design, made in pastel colors and shades, smoothly transitioning into each other, has a special beauty.

Main Kitchen Interior Trends and Design Ideas 2022. Blue uniform kitchen cabinets and brass pendant lamp set

Finishing and Decorative Materials for Kitchens 2022

One of the main requirements for materials to create a fashionable kitchen interior this year is naturalness. Among the most popular natural materials are different types of wood, marble, granite, onyx, basalt, and sandstone. But it is possible to use high-quality technological analogs, such as quartz agglomerate.

Snow-white Classic design of the kitchen with bright green island

For decoration, it is best to choose leather, metal, and glass. For wall decoration, designers recommend practical and wear-resistant ceramic tiles, real brickwork or imitation in the form of wallpaper or panels, artificial stone, mosaic of different shapes of plastic, glass, stone, metal or wood, decorative plaster.

Pendant lights and brown splashback mosaic along with gray chairs in Classic kitchen interior

The Most Popular Interior Styles for the Kitchen in 2022

If you adhere to fashion trends and like to be in the trend, including interior, then you should learn about the most relevant and popular kitchen interior styles this year. For connoisseurs of simple but functional kitchen design, decorated in Scandinavian style, will be perfect. Characteristic features of this interior are minimalist approach, elegance, white main color, dispersed spotlighting, furniture made of natural wood with leather, linen, and metal finishes.

Main Kitchen Interior Trends and Design Ideas 2022. White designed Classic room with strict geometrical symmetry and steel appliances

For fans of antiques and cozy kitchen interiors, we recommend the vintage style. Obligatory elements of this style are a neutral calm color palette, abundance and variety of indoor plants and flowers, artificially aged furniture in harmony with real antiques.

Main Kitchen Interior Trends and Design Ideas 2022. Galley kitchen with emerald facades and gray picture decorated walls

Country style is on-trend in 2022: a unique rustic atmosphere created by using natural wood in decoration and furniture, artificial stone and ceramics, bright lighting, and floral motifs.

Main Kitchen Interior Trends and Design Ideas 2022. White interior with cow pelts in the floor and wooden vintage furniture

The kitchen in the style of retro is another fashionable option characterized by bright-colored accents and combinations, floral wallpaper, checkered curtains, a special atmosphere.

Main Kitchen Interior Trends and Design Ideas 2022. Black and white checkered floor tile and blue walls for definitely unusual casual interior

Lighting in the Interior of the Kitchen 2022

The presence of high-quality and sufficient natural and artificial lighting is very important for the interior, especially in such a multifunctional room as the kitchen. Here you need bright light during cooking and moderate one during a romantic or family dinner. Therefore, for the kitchen, choose a multi-level lighting system or different lighting fixtures located above the individual functional areas and zones of the kitchen space.

Classic interior with wooden sided island and extractor hood and white walls

Choose the design of lighting fixtures according to the style of the interior, in which the kitchen is decorated. The modern range of lighting devices is impressive. These are stylish track models, spotlights, pendant, overhead and recessed options, with cold and warm light, LED lighting, and many others.

Typical Classic interior in white with slight ethnic touch

Fashionable Decorations and Accessories for the Kitchen Interior 2022

Some original decorations, objects, details, and accessories will effectively and stylishly complement or complete the fashionable interior of the kitchen. For example, these can be lamps from around the world with the original ethnic design. The absolute trend of this year is lamps in the form of a ball of transparent glass, arranged by one or more together.

Gray colored design of the furniture facades and gold set of chairs

Practical and laconic Roman curtains have not lost their relevance this year: they are a convenient, stylish, and ergonomic option for the decoration of kitchen windows.

Main Kitchen Interior Trends and Design Ideas 2022. Great ultramodern design with the touch of naturalness and minimalism

Marble is very popular not only in finishing and decorating surfaces, quality imitations of this stone can be seen in a set of dishes, cutting boards, trivets.

Main Kitchen Interior Trends and Design Ideas 2022. Skylight at the private house's dedicated space with pastel white colored walls

Having made a confident decision to change the kitchen interior, carefully think through and calculate the options you like, and accordingly, materials, interior style, furnishings, and equipment with the necessary appliances. Perhaps, for full support of the kitchen interior design project or individual consultations, it will be better to contact the specialists-finishers and experienced designers.

Smoky black and other dark tints to constitute stunning unbeatable masculine klitchen interior

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