Making Small Condo Interior Design Maximally Effective Ideas

Small living space is not a disaster when we mean a lot of ideas of effective, multifunctional and cozy its distribution. A lot of people live in small condos of modern mega-cities in order to get along with its mad pace of life. And such type of living space is very convenient for single businessman or childfree couple. Low taxes, possible closeness to the place of work, small time on renovation and space organization make condos constantly in demand. Today we are going to review some of most prominent making small condo interior design maximally effective ideas. We will try to answer the cornerstone question: is small condo worth of investments in order to make it decent place to be?

Dining group for modern interior with red kitchen island and dark ceiling

1. Lighting

Try to utilize all the natural light that penetrates your dwelling. This is the most important and expedient method to make your apartment visually bigger, lightweight and fresh. If the windows are few or just one, try your best to declutter it and don’t shut it with tulle or curtains. We recommend to use roller blinds for shutting the window at night. You can also place mirrors or pictures near the window to dispense and reflect light through the rooms.

Scandinavian austere white colored small condo with panoramic window High level apartment in pastel colors with outstanding view outside

Of course, you should pay special attention to artificial lighting. There is no doubt, that you’ll have a couple of different functional zones. Be sure to provide each of them with proper lighting.

Light lit Classic interior in pastel colors seems biggerBright pictures for modern white tones condo decoration

2.  Zoning

Masterful zoning is able to transform your condo beyond recognition. Effective space distribution starts with living zone. It should be the central part of the condo. If it is so small that can’t accommodate living, it should be “bedroom”. But this will significantly reduce your possibilities in taking guests and hold parties. However, the bedroom zone is the only one that you can’t refuse of.

Laminated wooden accent wall and original form of coffee table for large living zone Small condo bedroom with soft quilted creamy white headboard

Working space or improvised “boudoir” for woman does not take much space. And it should be organized in the most light lit place.

Bed at the window of the Casual styled modern snow-white condo interiorCasual with loft touch interior in white with all necessary zones

Another esential part of any apartment is the kitchen. At least the cooking zone should be present in your dwelling. And it must contain hob, pantry (cupboards), fridge sink and countertop. The butcher block, island, dining zone are the things that can be sacrificed when there is absolutely no space.

Glass table at the kitchen island in Casual styled apartment  Steel gray theme for the hi-tech style kitchen with led lighting

3. Bathroom

The last essential part of any apartment is bathroom. Probably, you won’t boast with large bathroom within small condo. That’s why we should try to place all necessary things into confined area. As we don’t have enough of space, bathroom should store all our bath accessories: towels, detergents, cleaning products and accessories, personal hygiene items. It would be great to organize drying zone for wet things (even if we don’t have washing machine) here by providing proper ventilation.

Making Small Condo Interior Design Maximally Effective Ideas. Space optimized bathroom in dark blue metro tiles

Hovering vanity is the great option to visually increase space as well as good lighting system and mirrors. Small bathroom can also be functional and take many duties.

So, taking this small trip around different zones of small condo, we become convinced that it is quite cozy and worth time and money spending place to live in. Wise design approach and following simple common rules will give the possibility to turn your small dwelling into multifunctional apartment.

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