Oriental Style Bathroom Design Ideas

Special importance was attached to hygienic procedures in the East since ancient times. This led to a specific approach to the design of the premises where such activity is held. Cleansing of the body has become a kind of ritual which has generated a lot of tradition.


Bamboo partition in the Oriental bath

Countries whose national tradition underlie modern oriental design are:

Egyptian spectacular design of the spacious modern bathroom Indian dark bath design style with contrasting bathtub and sinks

Main Trends and Manifestations of Oriental Style Bathroom Design Ideas

Mystery and unusualness of the place, resulting after the application of design solutions, making oriental style design attractive to many. The beauty of each individual bathroom element catches the eye and makes anyone admire itself. Small parts of the design may become the artwork and a central element of the room.

Chinese Oriental Style Bathroom Design Ideas

To organize the space is Important in this regard. You can add exoticism using oriental ornaments that can decorate not only the walls but the ceiling, floor and plumbing items also.

Oriental Style Bathroom Design Ideas with mosaic tiles

To create the desired atmosphere in the Asian bathroom it is sufficient to use only some of the stylistic elements. Most often this is enough to give the interior a desired mood.

Oriental Style Bathroom Design Ideas with grandeur natural materials notes

Warm shades match to Oriental style. It is better to choose natural colors that best emphasize natural design. Their intensity will depend on the wishes of the customer. But a few bright spots in the bathroom will add freshness and vigor. It could be juicy shades of red or green.

Oriental Style Bathroom Design Ideas with typical Chinese forms of the chair and mirrors

Chinese Style Bathroom

The main feature of the Chinese bathroom is the combination of minimalist interior design solutions. The simplest one is to use the image of the Chinese dragon in the design. The principles of Feng Shui would be also relevant here. Shades of red create a concise and rigorous image of the room. It is better to combine them with shades of gold, green, blue, or yellow. Besides, the classic combination of black and white will also look harmoniously in a bathroom.

Oriental Style Bathroom Design Ideas with light Chinese interior

Large windows will be the advantage of the bathroom in the Chinese style. In their absence we need to take care of the brightness of the artificial lighting. The best materials for this style are considered to be all kinds of ceramics, glass and wood.

Oriental Style Bathroom Design Ideas with statue of Buddha

Plumbing for such interior is characterized by simplicity of forms. It is necessary to choose larger products. If the size of the premises permit, the bath must be installed on a elevation in the middle of the room. Decorative and functional elements such as screen printing, storage, laundry baskets and more are usually placed in the corners of this room.

Spacious dark azure bathroom in the oriental style

Egyptian Style in the Bathroom

Egyptian style in the interior is characterized by luxury and grandeur. The bathroom in this style will look somewhat exotic. The main colors of this design:

In the color palette can be noted similarities with the desert, which is intrinsic to the country of origin of such interiors.

Oriental Style Bathroom Design Ideas from Egypt

Among the architectural elements that will help to keep the overall orientation we can distinguish:

Oriental Style Bathroom Design Ideas. Mosaic tile makes the atmosphere

The shape of these structures often presented by papyrus scrolls. Popular are also the images of cats, which can be applied to bathroom fixtures, furniture, and any other surfaces. For total immersion into the culture of ancient Egypt, furniture legs are made in the shape of paws, and statues of mythological figures are used as décor elements. Cane stem as a stand for the floor lamps will be very important.

Oriental Style Bathroom Design Ideas for small one

Japanese Style in the Bathroom

The combination of simplicity and originality of the interior decorated in Japanese style is just striking. The elegance of the room which has nothing superfluous creates in a simple form. Moreover, all furnishings are extremely functional.

Oriental Style Bathroom Design Ideas. Apparent Japanese atmosphere

If the bathroom space is sufficient, the traditional wooden furo can take its rightful place in the interior. This bath made of wood hinoki (Japanese cypress) would be the main attraction is not only the bathroom but the whole apartment.

Oriental Style Bathroom Design Ideas. Hinoki bathroom is very popular in Japan

Big rooms in Japanese style bathrooms can be divided into zones. According to their functional purpose can be identified:

  • shower;
  • bath zone;
  • dressing area.

Oriental Style Bathroom Design Ideas. Japanese bathroom with Indian influence

If you want to sustain the style to the last detail, the use of shoji (Japanese partitions with the function of moving apart) will be necessary.

Modern copper bathtub bathroom design ideas with mosaic tile

Tranquil shades used in the design of the bathroom can help to create a relaxing atmosphere. Warm water and peaceful surroundings will help bring yourself into balance after a hard day.

Japanese interior in the bathroom with light atmosphere

Using tile is the easiest way to achieve the desired effect. Modern production allows you to create with the help of the decorative surface textures the imitation of using natural bamboo, straw or wood for wall cladding.

Dark and light contrast with mixed styles of the Japanese bathroom

Panels on the walls with different kinds of showplaces or simply national ornaments are also able to support the general mood of the interior. For example, it may be Japanese hieroglyphs.

Bamboo interior in the Japanese bathroom contrasting with mosaic ile in the toilet

Entrance to the bathroom in the Japanese style can also be arranged with a sliding shoji. It is sufficient to observe a general shape while achieving maximum isolation.

Pink Japanese bathroom interior design

Lighting should be soft and diffused. It is better to use simple shapes: spheres, cubes as lampshades. wood and bamboo are the most suitable materials For the decoration of fixtures.

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Elaborate wall decorated oriental style bathroom with wo visual wall zones

The identity of the Eastern style is able to bring new colors to the interior of the bathroom. At the same time, the functionality of the premises and its usability will not be affected. The main components in the selection of decor should be the desires and tastes of all the apartment inhabitants.

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