Lilac Colored Living Room: Fresh Design Ideas

The color scheme in the design of the living room plays almost the main role. After all, the visual perception depends on it, as well as the feeling of comfort while staying in this room. Therefore, a lot of attention is paid to the choice of a suitable shade. Lilac is not often used in living room design. But at the same time, it is able to create an amazing, unique atmosphere. Moreover, it can be used in the interior in completely different ways.


  1. Features of lilac color in the interior of the living room
  2. Living room in different styles
  3. Lilac wallpaper in the living room
  4. Furniture in the living room interior
  5. Accessory selection rules

Lilac Colored Living Room: Fresh Design Ideas. Spacious modern interior with large TV

Features of Lilac Color in the Interior of the Living Room

Before decorating the living room, it is worth examining the features of the selected shade. For example, lilac represents conservatism and poise. It is mainly chosen by people with a philosophical mindset, as well as those who are in search of their inner harmony.

As for its use in the interior, a lot depends on the shade. Sufficiently saturated colors add pomp to the living room design and sometimes create a gloomy atmosphere. Especially this effect can be obtained in small rooms. In turn, the light lilac color gives the interior airiness and romanticism. Despite this, the designers note that the lilac color itself greatly affects the mood and well-being of a person. Therefore, it is rarely used for the complete decoration of the living room. It’s worth experimenting here and combining it with other shades. Thanks to this approach, the interior will look more original and harmonious.

Lilac Colored Living Room: Fresh Design Ideas. Classic styled room with floral motiff on the curtains

Lilac Colored Living Room in Different Styles

As mentioned above, many details affect the visual perception of the living room including the style of decoration chosen by the homeowners. Therefore, before proceeding with the design, carefully consider all the details and nuances.

Delicate lilac shade is most often used with a classic interior style. It allows you to convey all the sophistication of the design. In turn, minimalism suggests colder tones combined with a white base. This solution looks very fresh and neutral. A living room in the Art Nouveau style is most often supplemented with black, due to which the room looks restrained.

In the case of the development of a design in the Provence style, it is worth taking a closer look at the delicate purple scale, which reflects the tenderness of the design. Of course, not everyone will like this option, but nevertheless, it is worthy of your attention. Country style often involves a combination of lilac and brown, for example, natural materials such as wood, stone, or ceramics.

Lilac Colored Living Room: Fresh Design Ideas. All-lilac painted walls for classic interior

Lilac Wallpaper in the Living Room

Perhaps the most popular wall decoration solution is wallpaper. There are many options in lilac color for every taste. But if it is necessary to highlight a certain area, then it is worth covering it with deeper or contrasting tones.

Note: it is important to dilute the lilac living room with other colors. An excellent solution would be beige and cream tones. This combination is considered one of the most harmonious.

If the walls are decorated in soft lilac color, then the rest of the details and furniture can be purchased in white or beige. Thanks to this solution, the living room will be especially cozy and at the same time will retain a very festive, luxurious look. As for the ceiling, in this case, the most optimal solution would be a white glossy canvas. With its help, the room will look a little more voluminous, spacious.

Lilac Colored Living Room: Fresh Design Ideas. Modern designed room with carpet and low coffee table

Lilac Furniture in the Living Room Interior

Since the lilac color in the interior is considered rather difficult, choosing the right furniture is often a lot of hassle. Basically, designers are guided by the principle of contrast. This means that if wallpaper of dark shades is used in the room, then light cabinet furniture would be the best solution. This will visually make the space broader. In turn, if the walls are light, then the furniture should be purchased in dark colors. The play of contrasts gives the same effect of originality and variety to the room.

Lilac Colored Living Room: Fresh Design Ideas. Casual modern styled room with angular sofa

Stylish Lilac Living Room: Rules for Choosing Accessories

Many factors influence the overall impression of the living room design. It’s not just wall coverings, furniture style, and design, but much more. First of all, we note that the quality of lighting plays an important role. That is, pay attention to the location of the window and, based on this, choose the right lighting. Remember that bright light will make the living room look more elegant, while dim light will create a light romantic atmosphere. For extra lightness, it is worth purchasing lightweight tulle, even if the curtains are thick enough. All this will greatly enhance the perception of lilac color in the interior.

Lilac Colored Living Room: Fresh Design Ideas. Simple designed room with personal working zone

Regardless of the chosen interior style, small accents always add special comfort and warmth. We are talking about various paintings, photographs, posters on the walls. Luxurious or laconic vases with fresh flowers not only decorate the room but also fill it with an amazing aroma. As for the figurines, the attitude towards them is still ambiguous. Some think such details are outdated and meaningless. But still, there are modern variations that look completely different.

Lilac Colored Living Room: Fresh Design Ideas. A small touch of loft style (whitewashed wall)

The textile decoration is also noteworthy. First of all, we are talking about curtains that can emphasize the overall style of the interior. The sofa is often decorated with original pillows. They support the holistic situation and only emphasize the good taste of the owners. It is noteworthy that the pillows do not have to be lilac at all. In this case, lighter, neutral shades will also look great. However, it is very important that the textile items are of high quality and pleasant. The most suitable options are linen or cotton. They will organically fit into the overall style of the living room.

Pictures at the wall with sofa

Thinking over the interior of the living room in lilac color, it is very important to listen to your own preferences. And only then pay attention to fashion trends. In this case, the design will delight you for a long time.

Purple tulle and lilac walls Complex LED-lighting fro modern designed lilac living room combined with dining Deep purple colored wall with built-in TV-screen Modern styled living room with artistic wall paint

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