Modern Style Kitchen Design Ideas and Arrangement Advice with Photos

Contemporary in interiors is fashionable for many people and associated with a cold, rude and devoid of detail style. However, this is not a fallacy as the direction is full of possible décor options. They are very simplified, usually geometric, rather subtle but effective. For lovers of palace splendor, modern style will certainly be too poor, but the style is certainly appreciated by minimalists, sensitive to exquisite details, as well as fans of the classics. Modernity is timeless, as it is elegant. The style was born in the early twentieth century. So, what does a modern style kitchen look like?


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  3. How to equip?
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Black designed kitchen facades with steel inlays

History of the Modern Style

The modernist style in interiors and architecture was born at the beginning of the 20th century, around 1918 and lasted until the 1970s. It suggested full separation from the historical Classic basis. Initially, Modern put functionality in the first place. This revolution in architecture and art was associated with all the necessary ideas that changed the world and life today, not only in the field of interior design.

Light wooden kitchen facades and round wooden dining table

A lot of furniture which is readily used in modern interior design was developed during the modernism period. Interior designs still look very modern, and some of them even innovative, which proves their timelessness. Modernity in the interior of the kitchen, of course, will not go out of fashion quickly, and the correct location will highlight the most interesting accents.

Modernism was born in the first half of the last century but still strikes with a combination of minimalism and elegance. The modernist interiors are dominated by neutral colors, as well as steel, glass, and wood. The kitchen should have furniture with interesting geometric shapes and fabrics with monochrome patterns. However, it is enough to look at the presented photo gallery in order to perfectly organize the interior in this stylistic direction.

Gray designed steel surfaces of the kitchen furniture and wooden trimmed opposite wall Modern Style Kitchen Design Ideas and Arrangement Advice with Photos. Black furniture and island in the white spacious room

Modern Styled kitchen: Photos of Modern Interiors

To introduce Modernism to your home, you ought to stick to simple forms and focus on space. The interior should be based on neutral colors and materials, such as:

  • wood;
  • steel;
  • glass.

Colors are best preserved in mixed or pure shades of white and delicate gray, as well as in all-natural colors of the hardwood. It’s easy to organize modernity in the interior if you use furniture made according to projects of past times. If you have the opportunity, be sure to use the original elements of modernism. Of course, in every house, there is a chair or a table of the last century. After a small restoration, they will bring to the kitchen a unique atmosphere of modernity. Such furniture can also be easily bought at auctions and in online stores.

Modern Style Kitchen Design Ideas and Arrangement Advice with Photos. Brown and chocolate color combination of decoration and furniture set for the kitchen with whitwashed brickwork splashback

It is worth remembering not to overdo it with the amount of equipment. Modernism in the interiors is based on a large amount of free space. To complement the arrangement, it is worth choosing simple accessories made of metal, wood or glass in geometric forms based on straight lines and angles. Modernism in the interior, of course, will be an excellent choice for those who love timeless and always fashionable solutions.

Modern Style Kitchen Design Ideas and Arrangement Advice with Photos. Colorful interior and glossy surafces with stremline forms Modern Style Kitchen Design Ideas and Arrangement Advice with Photos. Nice decoration theme with brown horizontal stripes

Modern Kitchen Interior: How to Equip?

Features of a modern kitchen are, first of all, simplicity and functionality. The minimum number of additions and decorations makes the whole interior aesthetic and elegant. Moreover, harmonious space facilitates the preparation of dishes.

Modern Style Kitchen Design Ideas and Arrangement Advice with Photos. Yellow and black color theme

Modern style kitchens are often dominated by a single color. Brilliant white and graphite coatings reign. This does not mean, however, that you should be limited to monotonous fronts with a mirror-like sheen. For lovers of rich colors, interesting accessories in the form of yellow chairs, a turquoise lamp or other patterned elements will become irreplaceable. Remember that only imagination limits you. Modern additions and accessories in vibrant colors are always a responsible decision because you need to carefully consider the use of fronts in bold color combinations, for example, orange, light green or intense red.

Modern Style Kitchen Design Ideas and Arrangement Advice with Photos. Strict lines and sparkling surfaces for white designed kitchenModern Style Kitchen Design Ideas and Arrangement Advice with Photos. Dark surfaces of the furniture set with white central island

People usually spend a lot of time in the kitchen, so this should be a convenient place for housework. A modern kitchen must be in order, so the interiors of drawers and cabinets should be equipped with dedicated storage systems. This facilitates cooking and maintaining order. In the Modernism styled kitchen, playing with light is important. Properly selected lighting will make smooth surfaces more emphasized, and the interior will become more comfortable. Kitchen windows are devoid of decorations, all kinds of curtains and drapes are in the past, but elegant and modern blinds dominate instead.

Modern Style Kitchen Design Ideas and Arrangement Advice with Photos. Dark brown large island in the center oа spacious modern designed space

Furniture: Streamlined and Interesting Shape

Modern interior designers in the kitchen use straight lines, natural materials, including wood and metal, as well as open spaces – this is all that is needed to create an attractive space. They believe that the furniture should be very functional, so that the arranged space will be elegant, spacious and simple, without any interference and unnecessary items. Currently, many iconic modernist furniture designs have undergone up-to-date metamorphosis. If you want to create a Modernism interior, rely on furniture with intriguing and unusual shapes.

Modern Style Kitchen Design Ideas and Arrangement Advice with Photos. Ultramodern glossy designed room with curring edge appliancesModern Style Kitchen Design Ideas and Arrangement Advice with Photos. Chocolate tint for the splashback and large multilevel island

Textiles: Delicate Colors and Artistic Design

If, in the case of furniture design and its form, you should adhere to clear rules, then from the point of view of fabrics you can afford a little skill. The colors of the curtains, pillow covers or Roman blinds selected inside should be in harmony with each other. However, from the point of view of bright colors, you can afford a lot more imagination.

Modern Style Kitchen Design Ideas and Arrangement Advice with Photos. Gray worktop and white designed space with wooden inlays

Lamps: the Light is hooded in an Intriguing Form

In a modernist interior, lighting aesthetics play a key role in creating the right mood. In this case, the interesting shape of the lamps is more important than their ability to highlight a given space. Lamps for the kitchen have the characteristics of modern design, that is, clear geometric shapes. Most often, large pendant chandeliers are located above the dining table.

Modern Style Kitchen Design Ideas and Arrangement Advice with Photos. Red sparkling furniture set Modern Style Kitchen Design Ideas and Arrangement Advice with Photos. Moderate and elaborated design for large space with huge functional island

Small Modern Kitchen with Designer Appliances

Mandatory elements of the modernist kitchen are modern appliances equipped with the latest technology. Modern household appliances are not only advanced but also appear as the real decoration of a small kitchen. An original solution can be an interesting coffee machine or food processor. Do not forget about the built-in ovens, dishwashers. Glossy surfaces blend well with matte finishes in the form of countertops and kitchen utensils. A small, elegant iron sink is perfect. The designer kitchen faucet blends harmoniously with modern design. It is worth remembering that in the modern kitchen, as in any other room, quality and functionality are important. Furniture and appliances are especially vulnerable to dirt and damage. Therefore, when choosing individual elements, it is best to focus on the highest possible quality.

Gray designed interior with black bottom of the L-shaped kitchen Modern styled kitchen with lime green colored facades and splashback Coffee-with-milk colored top of the kitchen with brown bottom

Many of the Modernity styled interior elements are readily used in modern kitchens. Modernist furniture and accessories are still in high demand, making this style timeless. Therefore, properly planned kitchen interiors will delight and inspire both family members and guests for a long time.

Wood imitating panels of the kitchen and green chairs Brown colored top pantry boxes of the kitchen and large steel lampshades Wooden structure imitation of the kitchen facades and glossy flooring Wooden imitating floor at the large modern styled U-shaped kitchen White kitchen with dark floor and dining zone at the island Nice contrasting color play at the modern kitchen with all functional areas included Black designed kitchen furniture and white floor Brown and white color combination along with chairs at the modern styled island Typical modern designed kitchen with abundance of artificial light and functional zones Light gray and brown color scheme for modern kitchenSteel gray surfaces of the kitchen furniture set \ Black designed kitchen furniture and white tiled floor Kitchen at the entrance hall of the cottage in modern style with wooden finishing Yet another successful decoration of modern black kitchen Gray and white designed modern kitchen with dark floor and open shelves Large kitchen with dining group in modern Scandi style Dark glossy furniture at the modern kitchen with sash panoramic window Coffee colored facades of the furniture set and tube-looking extractor hood avor the island Light wooden and black color combination for modern designed kitchen Green intrusion of color into white and gray combination for modern kitchen Small kitchen with panoramic window and different colors in the interior decoration

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