Real Japanese Studio Apartment Loft Design

It’s no secret that you can create the room in the loft style not only in the former warehouse space or factory shop. For bringing industrial aesthetics into the design of home it would be sufficient a spacious room with large windows, open layout – the placement of almost all functional segments in the same space, white walls, concrete surfaces and open engineering systems. Such a conception of the residential apartment is very suitable for young couples, who do not have children. It is with such amenities we would like to acquaint you in this publication. The Japanese studio apartment loft style can act as an inspiration for those who prefer the convenience and comfort, the modern view of life without lace curtains and embroidery on the cushions, but progressive technology, a minimum of decoration and maximum functionality.

Hallway of the Japanese loft apartment

Spacious room with large windows contains all the functional areas of dwelling, only bathroom is a separate room, and the bedroom is separated by the screen in the form of storage.

Bathroom is united with WC in the loft style

The studio apartments, no matter what style they are built of, the kitchen, dining and living area are often exposed to unification – free layout allows you to put all the segments of life while keeping the feeling of space, provide free passage and light atmosphere of the room.

The overview prospective look to the modern loft Japanese design

The living room is situated on an relatively elevated space – a low wooden platform helps to zone the premise. In the daytime space sank in natural light thanks to large window opening. For the dark part of the day a system of small lamps fixed to the ceiling is provided. These and other engineering parts are not hidden behind the paneling, but deliberately flaunting as part of an industrial aesthetics.

Real Japanese Studio Apartment Loft Design with the lifted up living zone

it is important to strike a balance between the amount of furniture and decor in the studio apartment. To save enough space, but do not sacrifice personal comfort at the same time. The living area in this regard is close to minimalism – a low sofa without arms, a coffee table and a video zone is the entire segment of the leisure environment.

Hammock and sofa before the bed is a nice design idea for modern apartments

Hammock suspended between the seating area and a large black storage system has become an original feature. For someone, this may seem like a piece of design decoration, for others its main function is important, but one thing is clear – the hammock dilutes the Industrial area, introduces an element of home comfort, relaxation and rest.

Hammock in the loft apartment for the rest of wo

Storage of the cabinets with matted black facades and shutters are the boundaries of a small cubbyhole space where the bed is equipped. Even living together everyone needs some privacy in a placing of bed to sleep and rest.

Roman blinds - European element in the Oriental apartment

On the black matte surface of roomy storage you can leave notes to each other, lists the products and simply nice expressions. The plane can be easily cleaned with a damp sponge. The dining segment is adjacent to this area. Dining group consisted of two consoles that due to a location next to each other are constructing quite roomy table for long meals and entertaining. Plastic rocking chairs complete the unconventional image of the functional segment.

Black storage surfaces for the chalkwritingin the real Japanese home

The kitchen space is more or less traditional: single-row layout kitchen units and a large island. The peculiarity of this room is that almost all of the surfaces of the furniture made of stainless steel, without excluding appliances and kitchen accessories.

Loft kitchen premise as if it is in the restaurant

open shelves are used instead of top-tier cupboards. This greatly facilitated the kitchen area environment, gave it greater ease, light and space.

Light storage and minimum of appliance at the loft kitchen

Another ensemble of rather narrow set of open shelves is located in a space near the kitchen island. In such areas we should not neglect with any opportunity of storage arrangement, even if their role is largely decorative.

Functional appliances and kitchen parts can be met in all rooms of the loft apartment

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