Interior Zoning with Curtains. Simple and Easy Way to Divide Space

Zoning of the room is relevant for any premises – small and large, isolated and open, bedrooms and living rooms. The ways of dividing the space are simple and well-known: the allocation of zones using color solutions, the use of different wallpapers, floor coverings and so on. But if the renovation is completed and the global changes are now definitely not in your plans, you can always find an alternative solution. Today we will talk about how to properly implement interior zoning with curtains. Simple and easy way to divide space can find its application in almost any modern apartment.

Zoning with curtains can be not only functional, but also a purely decorative technique. They are often decorating arches or doorways.

Simple and Easy Way to Divide Space of the white classic interior with blue color touch Nice dark fake swivel wall for the modern hi-tech bedroom  Long coffee colored curtains to separate studio apartment Loft designed personal home office with white tulle The upper located sleeper at the window The contrasting colors for the decoration of Contemporary interior


If we compare this method of zoning with the others, then the advantages of the first are obvious:

  • economy in terms of budget spending;
  • simplicity of installation;
  • space saving;
  • reversibility of the process – the partition from the curtain can be removed at any time, and the room will look different. With the rest of the zoning options, things are not so simple: dismantling will take a lot of time and effort;
  • by using curtains for zoning, you can successfully hide the blemishes of old or unsuccessful repairs.

Accent green wall in the fusion styled atmosphere Yellow wall paint and striped flooring for the Classic designed open layout of the large living room Loft space and brickwork accent wall divided by lightweigth tulle

Popular curtain options for zoning

Let’s enumerate several varieties of curtains, which are best suited for a “game” with space:

Classic fabric curtains – fairly dense, with a two-sided pattern.

Two level decoration of wooden planks and white wall paint in the modern designed room with black furniture Classic styled open space room with turquoise curtains Loft style for the white painted students' bedroom

Silk or translucent tulle – similarly to the first type should have the same texture and pattern on both sides.

Classic styled spacious living room with central white upholstered sofa Contemporary styled room in gray tones with gray upholstered furniture

Japanese curtains – straight canvases with expressive ornamentation; resemble a partition in appearance.

Improvised colorful home office with plenty of cabinets

Blinds made of fabric – vertical wide strips, compactly located near the wall, almost invisible in assembled state.

Thread curtains – perfectly passable by light, creating a stunning optical effect. Do not make space “heavier” and easily maintained.

Quilted large leather angular sofa for the Modern designed room in beige shadesWhite and brown color theme for the modern styled dining room

Sheets of beads are a universal option, suitable for most interior styles. In addition, the color of the beads is selected for the desired palette.

Bead curtain zoned boudoir in Arabic style

Choosing the fabric

Designers recommend using the following types of fabrics to divide the room: flax, cotton, organza, tulle, bamboo, jacquard. When choosing the material, first of all, it is necessary to take into account the illumination of the room. Semi-transparent tulle is an option for rooms filled with natural light. Of course, thick curtains can also zone more darkened rooms, but then you need to worry in advance about sufficient artificial lighting.

Large living room with artificial fireplace in black color 3D panelled soft headboard and the creamy pastel colored bed linen in the modern light bedroom Chic colorful vintage design for the living room interior Arched latticed window in the light designed lounge living Royal leather upholstered sofa near the white tulle Forged iron bed in the Classic styled whiye painted bedroom Dak gray tulle all round the large living room space

Let us consider ways of dividing the space in the living room, bedroom, kitchen, nursery and studio.


Interior zoning with curtains. Simple and easy way to divide space in living room

Zoning the living room in the following ways:

  • Separate the reception area of ​​guests from the working area with a dense fabric;
  • hang a translucent large curtain across the room parallel to the window;
  • to make a bed like a canopy.

It is worth giving preference to more airy fabrics, letting in at least a little sunlight.

Modern hi-tech styled interior with built-in lighting and beige upholstered furniture Village house with open layout space and royal piano near the window Unusual LED lighting strips in the ultramodern pastel colored living room Dark Mediterranean styled space with light curtains


Zoning of this room depends on which place is planned to be segregated. Most often it is:

  • bed is usually separated by a canopy or transparent clothes. You can use dense curtains, but only if your interior is designed in the appropriate style. In the styles such as high-tech or modern, the bed is not framed;
  • The workplace is usually located closer to the window and can be separated by thread curtains, a continuous curtain without waves, sometimes Roman blinds;
  • This place will look beautiful surrounded with the curtains of beads, which are better to choose in tone to the wallpaper;
  • wardrobe should be separated with thick curtains, so that things do not shine through.

White neat classic set bedroom with large bay window Loft designed space in brown colors and brickwork with the large window Separated boudoir in the bedroom


In the design of the kitchen you can select a working area and a dining room. This is very convenient to do with the help of curtains. Dense color cotton fabrics, thread curtains and also products from beads will perfectly fit. The color palette should be in harmony with both zones.

Practical tips:

  • curtains for kitchen zoning should not be fluttering – it’s not safe, as it can lead to melting or fire;
  • choose non-soiling fabrics, because the working area in the kitchen is the place where present drops of oil during the frying or juice from berries.

Unusual Rustic styled white kitchen with curtain zoned laundry

Tip: A beautiful element of the decor in the kitchen and at the same time the separator will be a bamboo curtain-blind. It perfectly fits into any style and is very practical: in case of contamination it is easy to wash it with traditional means.



  • Typical zoning options for children:
  • Separation of the playing area and places for rest;

Dense fabrics of catchy colors are categorically restricted in the child’s room. Otherwise such decisions can negatively affect the psyche of the baby.

Marine style for the kids' room with British flag on the coverlet Kids' room full of drawings Zoned kids' room in light color theme with intensive artificial lighting



Studio apartment is a whole space for realization of interesting design solutions of creative people. It is in this space zoning issue is in the forefront. And if you do not have enough budgets to build a design partition, the curtains is the best option in this case. Its aesthetics is not inferior to the previous one.

Large studio apartment in Contemporary style with artificial fireplace in the living zone

Useful tips from designers

  1. Separating the workplace, take care of its location near the window, where the lighting is better.
  2. It is better to organize a place for rest, reception of guests closer to the exit, having arranged here armchairs / a sofa and other furniture.
  3. Observe the balance: against the background of bright wallpaper and expressive decor, monochrome curtains of neutral shades will look harmoniously. Conversely, the laconic design of the room in calm tones allows the use of catchy accents, the role of which can perform the canvases that divide space.

Pastel and peach colors for the classic decorated living Large private house in the Contemporary style full of natural light Modern Scandi style in the austere atmosphere of the small condo

  1. The main rule of design when zoning – the lighter the material, the wider the perceived space. A similar principle is observed in the use of warm and cold shades.
  2. Distinctions of tones in walls and curtains should vary within limits of 1-2 tone.
  3. In a compact room it is not recommended to hang heavy and dense drapes. Such a room will visually seem even smaller with them.

Perky pink curtains for the modern relaxing space Open ceiling beams in the modern styled private house's kitchen Unusual azure color filling of the studio

There is a large number of options for composite zoning curtains. This way of dividing the space is easy to implement. It is also economical and helps to fill the space with a homey atmosphere and a special charm.

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