Sitting room 2017: Modern Novelties, Design Trends, Real Photo Examples

With the advent of the new season, designers and other professionals in various areas of our lives offer fresh ideas that will be relevant in the near future. And though fashion of the living spaces design is not as fleeting as changes in manufacturing of clothes and accessories, for example, but industry of creating the interiors offers us last trends and innovations on a regular basis. Here, in this publication, we will deal with the latest raging ideas on the design of the main room in every home – the living room. The common room for all the family where everybody gathers in the evening; where receptions or modest gatherings with the closest people are organized at weekends and holidays, should not only be comfortable, functional and modern, but also beautiful and cozy. If you are planning a small repair or alteration in the living room, our impressive selection of design projects can be useful to you and will definitely help you to create the interior of your dreams. The main thing is to find a balance between modern design ideas and your own idea of ​​what should be comfortable, practical and aesthetic room for the whole family.

Sitting room 2017: Modern Novelties, Design Trends, Real Photo Examples. Spacious light Classic mediterranean styles mix

Before you embark on searching of finishing materials and furniture for the living room, you need to decide on the color scheme of the premises. Choose main tone and additional colors (better to limit ourselves with the pair) and their shades. Choosing a color palette depends on the following parameters:

Sitting room 2017: Modern Novelties, Design Trends, Real Photo Examples in the retro style Sitting room 2017: Modern Novelties, Design Trends, Real Photo Examples. Round ottoman coffee table in the center Sitting room 2017: Modern Novelties, Design Trends, Real Photo Examples. Chalkboards and leather furniture Sitting room 2017: Modern Novelties, Design Trends, Real Photo Examples of gray theme in Classic interior Sitting room 2017: Modern Novelties, Design Trends, Real Photo Examples gray and pastel color palette

  • size and shape of the room;
  • the number and size of window openings, and hence – the intensity of natural lighting;
  • layout of the room with respect to the cardinal points (it is necessary to choose colors from a warm palette for north side; you can give preference to the cold palette in south one);
  • your personal preferences, because it is for you to enjoy the atmosphere of the living room in the company of the whole family after a hard working day.
  • Scandinavian motifs in the interior.

leather quilted dark furniture White Classic interior if the sitting room with beige walls Light interior design with wooden frames Dark color theme for contemporary sitting with fireplace

After the primary colors for the living room to be determined, it is necessary to place accents. If the room is solely in light or dark tones, the image will merge into a single spot of color. It is necessary to emphasize the shape of the room, to identify the main elements (often upholstered furniture, rarely the storage systems). There is a traditional layout of coloring, which does not go out of fashion for several seasons and is likely to be the favorites for a long time. But there are innovations among the list of the most popular colors of the coming season.

Sitting room 2017: Modern Novelties, Design Trends, Real Photo Examples. All shades of blue are the new trend

If the undisputed favorite among the rich colors last season were shades of Marsala, in the future blue tones will be the absolute leader. There are many shades of blue – from sky-blue to dark indigo. But using any of its shades bring coolness to the interior of the room (all shades of blue and even their derivatives belong to the cold color group), and therefore it must be diluted with warm tones or use dosed as an accent.

White ocean side interior Round gold colored coffee table Glass door to the outside & blue carpet in the center of room Nice window sill decorated with pillows Royallly decorated classic interior tradition of the spacious place Bright blue sofa accent in the light room Marine style notes at the totally white gray diluted interior of the sitting 2017

If you pick a shade of blue for the finishing of accent wall (or all the room), the experts recommend to stop at soft colors – light blue with a dash of gray, whited shades of indigo, blue with hints of violet, blue with a dash of gray or white tones, threadbare denim color. If one of these colors is used to furnish the living room, it is best to choose light colors for the furniture – light beige or gray (silver) sofa or a couple of chairs would look the most advantageous.

Chest as the coffe table in the center of sitting room Blue design ideas for spacious multifunctional living room Dark blue wall paint and the fireplace in sitting room 2017

You can use brighter, more saturated shades of blue as an accent elements – the “electrician”, indigo, ultramarine. It is best to support such saturated tones with elements of yellow or orange for bringing notes of heat. The balance of warm and cold will bring harmony in the interior and at the same time create an original image, motley design of the room. Such a combination will be relevant in the next few years, so you can be confident in modernity of the renovation and not to think about alterations in the near future.

Angular gray sofa Nice hi-tech design of the modern sitting room interior 2017 Light and spacious sitting 2017 with large crystal matted chandelier Affable modern interior decoration of the sitting room Circles and lines originality of the wallpaper in the bright sitting room Triangular expression on the rug in modern sitting room

White color. “Classics of the genre”

The choice of white as the main color for the decoration of the premises is the trend at all times. And not only that a modest area of ​​our rooms are pushing us to the use of colors that can visually enlarge the volume of space (no other tone can handle this better than white), but primarily because that all shades of white combine perfectly with any color solutions of furniture and decor. Even dull home furnishings, pastel colors and shiny surfaces look advantageously against white background.

Pastel color designed successfully zoned modern sitting room Classic white interior of the modern sitting room in the private house Quilted neat creamy colored sofa in the center of spacious room Blue and pink Yin Yang pictures at the modern sitting Roome sitting for many people full of furniture and pillows

For most of us it is the white color is associated with freshness and purity, ease and freedom. In the frames of small rooms with poor natural light white color will become the only option for the walls and ceiling in the living room. It is easy to pick up the furnishings and decorative items to the white color. Even for those people who make up the design for the first time.

two-leveled roomy apartment with large sitting zone Gray idyll in the spacious Classic styled interiorSea landscape at the picture in modern living roomGray room with mantelshelf and Contemporary style of decorationCintemporary urban style for modern spacious living

The use of wooden surfaces (they bring the natural warmth of the interior) and implementation of one bright color (or its related shades) as an accent would be ideal dilution for white tone. For the brave hosts who love colorful bright color spots in the interior, it is possible to offer the use of bright colors for upholstery or cushions, curtains or carpet. For those who are not confident in their abilities in the choice of color combinations or simply prefer more calm and neutral images of space – a combination of white color with wooden surfaces and any shades of gray in the furnishing, textile design and decoration would be the ideal option.

Mixed fresh design in the light room gray furniture set and light room trimming with large window Rustic classic interio design with pillows on the sofa Modern gray Scandinavian interpretation Rustic and Scandinavian mix in the room with fireplace Marble and other noble decoration materials for nice room design

All shades of white are perfect for finishing the combined space where a kitchen area and dining room located in addition to the living room. Creating a single, harmonious image of the room in which all functional segments are subject to the overall concept is the key to successful design. And the light tone of premises’ finish will be a key component in this business. And you can use the color of furniture for zoning premises by highlighting (conditionally) each functional segment.

One bedroom apartment of galley prolonged form with all functional elements gathered in one place Nice lined carpet in the modern styled room in Contemporary style Light and appealing design of the apartment full of natural light Gray drapes in the nice looking modern dedigned apartment with neat upholstered furniture Ecological modern style to decorate spacious place

The white color of the walls is the hallmark of the Scandinavian style. If you are attracted to the concept of comfort laconicism, the Scandinavian motifs in the design of the living room can be an excellent design option. Moreover, the style of Northern Europe is now at the peak of popularity. Simple, but comfortable, concise, but “homey”, simple in terms of design and practical from an operational point of view. Scandinavian style is cozy and pleasant, but is therefore democratic.

Modern white colored room with pictures as a decoration Greenery in the modern Scandinavian style room in gray White room with black and white pop-art version of style Absolutely gray decorated room with elements to animate the gloomy interior Greenery to dolute the room's gray monochromatism gray pastel palette to set off the natural tint of vegetation in the room White wall colored room with TV-set on the wall as black tint

Contrasting combinations in the design of the living room

You can freely use the design method which will be relevant for years to come in decorating areas of medium and large size – contrasting combinations in the design of the living room. The alternation of light and dark surfaces allows you to create dynamic, clear, structured images of the premises in which it would be desirable not only to relax but also to act, to create. White tone perfectly combines with dark gray, graphite, color of dark chocolate, dark blue and deep dark purple tones. All shades of wenge color in furnishings, finishes and decor items will have contrasting look in alliance with bright tones.

Gray interior with parquet and built-in ceiling lighting Green impressionistic mosaic above the fireplace White accentual wall as the screen of the home theater Glass heart-formed coffe table at the living zone of the one bedroom Impressionistic pictures to dilute the interior Artificial fireplace built-in to the dark panel at the accent wallFireplace and the picture at the mantelshelf

Many shades of gray for the noble image

Between black and white colors there an incredible amount of gray shades. This neutral color will become one of the leaders in the use of the formation especially the living room interior for not the first season of. Calm, peace and neutrality, which are carried by that tone, attract both designers and their clients. Grey color and its shades can easily become the main item in the palette of modern living. Many variations from light gray to silver graphite color perfectly contrasts with each other and are able to create a relaxed and yet elegant look of the room with a slight addition of white tints (for example, for finishing the ceiling).

Gray interior decoration and the large window of the one bedroom apartment Gray intelligent design in the modern apartment with fireplace and different zoned wall trimming Nice original ceiling lights Classic interior in the modern house with fireplace Dark gray wall with pictures and black sofa with lamps and glass coffee table at the front

Beige and brown colors for modern interior

Another way to create a harmonious alliance with the white color is the use of beige and brown colors’ gamma. All natural shades of brown (from light beige to deep color of dark chocolate) look great on a white background of the decoration. Such combinations are almost always create a warm atmosphere of the space. And this aspect is one of the key in the formation of an intimate and comfortable at every angle common family room.

Nice arch latticed window in Classic interior Gray room with angular uphosltered sofaClassic interior full of shelves, books and with chest in the middleNice coffee-with-milk toned armchairs of donut formClassic interior of gray color full of picturesPanoramic windows all round the spacious living room

Effect of different styles on the formation of a living room modern interior

Initially, contemporary style is a mix of some ideas borrowed from other styles. Minimalism and a loft, pop art and country, eclectic and classic – a lot of different ideas were born by those stylistics to implement modern design projects. In the case of combining the elements which are inherent in the different styles the main thing is moderation and harmony. If you decide to implement, for example, objects of a classic look, in a modern living room, so do it metered and if the room can boast appropriate dimensions. You agree that luxurious chandelier with lots of hanging crystal elements is irrelevant in the room with a low ceiling. Or a huge mirror in a luxurious gilt frame does not fit into the living room with an area of ​​12 square meters.

Black furniture in the Classic interior Classic interior with Marine style notes Mdoern mix of style from hi-tech to shabby chic all-in-one Nice white and lit with light Scandinavian interior Black idyll in the classic interior of home office/living Gorgeous composition of fruniture, rug, wall decoration and accessories in the modern setting of the living

Modern style “inherited” the love of natural materials from country style. The use of stone and wooden finishes for interior and manufacturing brings to the interior not only notes of the proximity to nature and rural life, but also touch of luxury, because the use of natural raw materials is not a cheap pleasure. If your living room has a fireplace, the use of stone for facing the space around it will be a great touch to complete the formation of an image of cozy and modern interior at the same time. The wood can be used as a finishing material for floors. Partially paneling walls or ceiling beams with wood brings country mood to the living room design. Modern design space can look a little bit rustic by adding a layer of wood (as if not treated) to execute countertops of the coffee table.

Touch of eco style in minimalistic white interior Ceiling beams of the light sort Classic setting in the room with white decoration and fireplace Wooden wall and latticed windows at the warm homey living room with fireplace Touch of eco style in minimalistic white interior

Eclecticism of contemporary styled living room is most often used in the selection of upholstered furniture. A pair of sofas with completely different appearance (not only in form but and texture but in color) can become not only a simple part of the interior, but also its creative part. In order to maintain the originality of the pieces of furniture in a recreation area, one bright element of the wall décor design or lighting fixtures (chandeliers, table or floor lamp posts in armchairs or a sofa) will be enough.

Retro interior with pop-art pretentiousness and red sofa alongwith bunch of pictures Plenty of colors in the Classic interior Painted panel as the accentual touch in the modern room decoration Alternative play of color in the contemporary styled room Green and beige furniture for large living room in Classic style

We can often find the use of woven elements of the interior in modern design projects of sitting rooms. It can be both as piece of furniture (chairs and even sofas) so as baskets and boxes for magazines and books, parts of furniture (coffee tables, stands), decorative items (vases, lamp shades for floor lamps, frames for mirrors, photos and paintings), carpets, mats. These woven objects indicate the presence of a “beach” style and some country versions.

beige interior and plastic coffe table in the modern spacious and high private house's lobby Modern Greek Mediterranean notes in the private house Glossy hi-tech white surfaces White matte wall paint Black accentual wall in the living room with fireplace

Modern style owes minimalism the desire to maximize interior ordering and getting rid of all the excess. Of course, the modern living room has a decor (but functional only), there is not only the main pieces of furniture, but also additional, auxiliary elements. Yet, living in 2017 is first of all practical, functional and easy to maintain space. To achieve a sense of freedom and spaciousness in the context of small spaces is possible only with the elimination of all superfluous and install only the necessary objects of the interior.

Suspended lamp with open cord and yellow retro sofa in the loft interior Quilted classic sofa and restrained design of other furniture in contemporary styled apartment Gray and white classic combination for modern Scandinavian room Bay window in the spectacular design example with classic setting

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