Scandinavian Style One Room Apartment Decorating Ideas

Scandinavian style in the interior – it’s simplicity and comfort, ease and convenience, functionality and attractive appearance. Many designers and homeowners are captivated by Scandinavian minimalism, not devoid of decoration. Simple and concise interior elements on the background of bright trim  is in favor among million of people all around the world. And it is not necessary to live in Europe to own the dwelling space arrangement motives taken from Scandinavian nations. So, now we are transfering to the cold Denmark to learn more about Scandinavian style one room apartment decorating ideas.

Scandinavian Style Apartment Room Decorating Ideas of the spacious living

We offer you a brief photo tour by premises located in the Danish capital, Copenhagen. White finish and minimalist environment has become a godsend for apartment with a difficult layout and rooms that have asymmetrical shapes. Original unassuming decor has allowed to bring the uniqueness into the interior and to personalize it. We begin our tour with a photo of the spacious hall, which is not only the hallmark of the apartment, but also a connecting space for multiple rooms.

Danish apartment in the Scandinavian style. Living room in modest white finish

A distinctive feature of Scandinavian style – it has in almost 100% of cases snow-white walls and the ceiling, the floor covering in the form of a laminate, wooden planks or parquet, often light-wood or its high quality imitation. Bright and flashy decor items and furniture of smaller sizes on a background of white walls are also one of the main methods of stylistics of northern Europe.

Studio living room with wall zoning in the Danish apartment

the winter is cold and very long in the Scandinavian countries. It is not surprising that homes of northern Europeans reflects what they saw around – white expanses and light blotches of natural materials – wood of different species. But the bright interior elements, contrasting combinations, colorful furniture or textile design are simply necessary in such bright rooms. For example, wall decor does not take place, but it is able to radically change the image of the room. The bright artwork on the white background looks the most impressive.

Perspective through the Danish living room with wall picture as a decoration

Another example of the active use of Scandinavian style in the interior design – the skins of animals, pieces of natural, but most often synthetic (Yet Europe is actively fighting for refusing to murder animal) fur, as a reminder of a time when the use of animal skins was the only way to survive the winter.

Nice home decorating ideas with little elements of alphabet letters or numbers

Some of the rooms in the apartment have an irregular shape. Bay windows, chamfers in planes or just cubbyhole spaces. Snow-white finish for these rooms is just a godsend, allowing not only to visually expand the space, but also to hide the shortcomings of the architecture. Makes it possible not to focus on the asymmetries and uneven areas.

Rest zone in the Scandinavian style is mottled

From the spacious hall we go into the living room. This is a small room with the same snow-white walls and the same flooring. Scandinavian style is not for those who would like to demonstrate the luxury and wealth. This style is for practical people who believe that the functionality of the interior of any object is primary. This style is for homeowners who believe that cozy and comfortable living room is first of all a comfortable sofa, a couple of chairs and a low table. You can also add a couple of floor lamps to let the room be not just for talks and rest after a hard day, but also be comfortable for reading a book or just spend time with your family, creating a more intimate atmosphere with the help of local sources of illumination. And to diversify the atmosphere in the living room, to eliminate the association with a sterile operating room, it is easier to use bright or contrasting wall decor. Colorful picture of a large size or composition of the entire artwork, united by a common concept, will become not only striking addition to arrangement of the room, but will highlight of the interior living room.

Bright interior of the totally white and wooden decoration of the Copenhagen apartment kitchen

Snow-white color palette also prevails in the kitchen space. Such bright finish and performance of kitchen cabinets` fronts is diluted only with dark spots of household appliances and wall decor. For quite a long and narrow space, parallel layout of storage, work surfaces and appliances allocation, has become the best option of arrangement kitchen space.

Scandinavian Style Apartment Room Decorating Ideas in small children`s room

Next we can overview  private rooms and let`s look at the small bedroom, designed for one person. There is no wonder that this small and quite narrow room has a snow-white finish and is very modestly furnished. The easiest way is to use textiles as a contrasting accent. The windows, decorated in Scandinavian style, often are not draped or for their design is used white, translucent tulle. It means enough possibility for textile decoration of the bed and extra furniture for the brightness and contrast.

Bedroom decorating ideas in the Danish apartment in Scandinavian style

Bright decorative pillows, colorful print of small pouf upholstery, and the picture as a wall decor – that’s all that violates the idyll of a small snow-white bedrooms.

Modest white Scandinavian bedroom decorated with pictures on the wall

The second bedroom have enough place to install a double bed, but no more. Again, minimalism, simplicity and comfort take precedence over superfluous and embellishment. Only the wall decor is available to rooms with so modest quadrature.

Scandinavian style bathroom decorating ideas in Europe

There is a bathroom next to the bedroom. Of course, it has white interior too. Snow-white execution of the walls and ceiling punctuated with ceramic tiles in dark beige on the planes with the highest level of exposure to moisture – on the floor and in the space of the shower cabin.

Snow-white bathroom decorating ideas in Scandinavian style

White decoration of the premise and the design of furniture are not only visually expand the boundaries of the bathroom, but also help to create a really bright light and fresh image of the room. And these are the qualities we expect from a utilitarian space for water treatment.


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