Corner Bedroom Furniture: Arranging Cozy Interior

A bedroom is a place that should become an oasis of peace and quiet. It is here that the body and mind are recovered. Thanks to the right bedroom furniture, daily rest will bring comfort and relaxation. Today’s lounge sets are eye-catching designs with trendy colors that are great for your well-being. A wonderful idea is the corner bedroom, which includes a closet located at the junction of two perpendicular walls. This is one of the most functional ways to make practical use of room corners. However, a good corner closet is more than just a piece of L-shaped furniture. Its equipment, dimensions, and appearance should be well thought out and adapted to the function and the style of the interior in which it is located.



Corner Bedroom Furniture: Arranging Cozy Interior, Dark wooden wardrobe with mirror for casual styled room

Corner Wardrobe in the Bedroom

Most people planning to buy a corner wardrobe represent it as a heavy block located in the room. However, modern corner constructions, especially bespoke ones, are the quintessence of elegance, functionality, and style.

Classic corner cabinets are, as a rule, furniture with hinged doors, which require additional space when opening. The insides of such a wardrobe is not a very functional interior, designed to hang clothes but with very limited dimensions. In any case, the external parameters of the wardrobe have nothing to do with its functionality and spaciousness.

In custom-made corner cabinets, depending on the layout of the room and the functions that the piece of furniture should perform, you can plan its sides yourself. By observing individual proportions, you can save space in the room. In each part of the wardrobe, you have the opportunity to create a separate module that varies in size, internal configuration, as well as the choice of doors and how to open them.

Modern corner cabinets are not only a type of L-shaped furniture, that is, an internal wardrobe. There is also its other modified version, that is, an external corner cabinet. The design of such a wardrobe resembles the layout of a separate cabinet, but it is ideal as the original design of the corner of the room, which can be used in different ways.

Corner Bedroom Furniture: Arranging Cozy Interior in Dark colors and masculine casual style Corner Bedroom Furniture: Arranging Cozy Interior. Large king size bed on sturdy legs and Classic furniture set Corner Bedroom Furniture: Arranging Cozy Interior. Great looking white wardrobe for small space

Corner Dressing Room in the Bedroom: which Door to Choose for the Closet?

The use of sliding doors in corner cabinets is a very practical solution. They do not occupy space in front of furniture, so the cabinet can be installed even in small rooms where every item is important, or next to other accessories. In addition, doors often decorate rooms and mirrors optically enlarge space.

Classically open doors i.e. mounted ones, will work if the corner cabinet does not have too long side brackets, that is, below 800-900 mm. Often, in this case, the installation of at least two shutter doors on one side of the cabinet is simply impossible. Nevertheless, you can combine both ways of opening in one closet, without losing the functionality of the wardrobe and its appearance. The choice of door type, filling and color practically depends on the taste and preferences, as well as on the interior design.

However, it is worth remembering that the wardrobe door is a very noticeable element, therefore it is good if it decorates not only furniture but the whole room.

Modular corner bedroom furniture set in light tones Sash and mirror facades for classic white wardrobe Coffee with milk colored facades of the corner bedroom furniture

Photos of Corner Bedrooms: a Functional Interior is a Basis

A significant part of the corner cabinets on the market is the configuration of two modules connected perpendicular to each other. It also has a dividing wall in the center of the cabinet. Such an additional element can sometimes cause difficulties in arranging its inner part or insignificant functional development of the middle zone. The solution that completely solves this problem is a system of angles in the external and internal versions. Specially designed for corner cabinets, the design allows you to use the wardrobe without additional divisions. Thanks to this, a deep corner in the furniture can be freely applied in accordance with personal needs.

Creating an interior of the corner bedroom depends on what things are stored in the closet and where it will stand. Of course, as with any custom wardrobe, the design also requires a good layout and functional accessories. Not only classic shelves, drawers and clothes hangers are used. It is also a whole set of functional and very original accessories that organize every wing of the furniture, including practical lighting.

The special design of the wardrobe and the division into two wings are a great advantage of the corner cabinet. In one of the parts, you can arrange a zone for hanging clothes with the help of rods located on two levels. Second thing – decide on shelves and special retractable hangers, drawers, or baskets. In the case of the shallow sides of the cabinet, you can safely equip them with several shelves for folding things, because you have at your disposal a significant angle of the cabinet where you will definitely find a place for a bar with hangers.

Modern designed bedroom with nicely organized storage systems Typical bedroom design sketch Purple wallpaper and white furniture for the bedroom

Corner Bedroom Design: Where to put the Wardrobe?

A corner wardrobe in the bedroom is a practical way to equip the corner of the room, for example, near the window. Made in bright colors, it brightens and conquers the interior. You can fit both personal clothes and home textiles in such a closet. The spacious corner area in the wardrobe is the perfect place for seasonal blankets and similar items.

A corner closet is a piece of furniture that is perfect for small bedrooms. It’s very simple. Having correctly set your sashes you can separate clothes from shoes or select an economical area for an ironing board, iron, or vacuum cleaner. Placing a mirror in the wardrobe door will further increase its functionality.

Wherever you plan to place a corner wardrobe, remember that this piece of furniture, correctly selected for the interior, will solve many storage problems. Choosing a model in size to order, you will additionally receive the privilege to decide how the interior will look. It depends only on you whether the wardrobe will correspond to the things you want to hide, making maximum use of the capabilities and potential of the spacious corner.

Corner furniture and picture decoration for small bedroom

Corner Wardrobe in the Bedroom: Sizes, Types and other Features of Choice

When designing the bedroom of your dreams, you should be guided by the choice of bed. It should be soft enough, have the right size, of the most suitable style. The color of the walls is also important because the bedroom should be your refuge and a place where you can relax. However, many people often underestimate the problem of other elements and do not even think about which bedroom wardrobe will fit better in a particular case. Meanwhile, this is usually the largest piece of furniture in the interior, so it is important that it fits in with the style, meets personal tastes, and also allows you to maximize the use of available space. There is no single answer to the question of how to choose the right wardrobe for the bedroom? It all depends on the size of the room, your habits, and preferences, as well as the style of interior design.

The last step that affects functionality will be choosing the right wardrobe capacity. You need to think about what you would like to store in it – clothes only, or maybe accessories and bedding?

Choose the size, taking into account not only the number of objects you have at the moment, but also look into the future. It is assumed that the capacity of the wardrobe you purchase should be approximately 30% larger to guarantee sufficient space for all clothing and items in the future. Aesthetics is also important: choose the facades or decoration of the wardrobe, as well as its color, paying attention to the appearance of the entire room. The wardrobe is one of the largest items in the bedroom, so it will attract attention almost from the side of the entrance. It is important that it matches other elements of the decor.

Casual L-shaped furniture design in contemporary bedroom Noble alder furniture color for restricted casual bedroom design in gray Great emerald green and dark wood color combination for the bedroom

Types of Cabinets that You will Find in Stores: Freestanding, Built-in and L-shaped

A bedroom wardrobe is the first solution that probably comes to mind when you think about a modern interior. It allows you to maximize the use of space without reducing the room, in addition, combining perfectly even with a minimalist interior. If you have a corner with which you do not know what to do, a corner bedroom wardrobe will be a great solution.

Modern bleached oak colored furniture for bedroom

The advantages of a built-in wardrobe:

  • You can adapt it to any interior conditions;
  • works even in small rooms or in the attic;
  • it is made to order, therefore, fully utilizes the potential of the room;
  • You will receive a large amount of storage space;
  • You have the freedom to plan the placement of shelves, drawers, and the choice of facades.

Disadvantages of a built-in closet:

  • the manufacture of wardrobe upon request is associated with a higher price than the purchase of a separate piece of furniture;
  • it is a built-in wardrobe that makes it impossible for you to move it to another room;
  • the structure is less durable than freestanding cabinets, as furniture is usually made of MDF boards.

Semi-circle design of the corner cabinet with built-in LED-lighting

Benefits of a freestanding wardrobe:

  • these cabinets are often small in size, so they will work in almost any room;
  • you can easily move a piece of furniture from place to place. If you like frequent changes, then this solution will be ideal;
  • much cheaper than custom cabinets.

Disadvantages of freestanding cabinets:

  • when you choose a freestanding wardrobe, you have less freedom of choice;
  • these cabinets usually weigh a lot, which, combined with the need to transport them in one piece, can cause problems when moving.

Casual designed bedroom with zoned ceiling and combined color scheme

Advantages of the corner wardrobe:

  • if you have an undeveloped corner, this will be the perfect solution;
  • deep drawers and shelves allow you to get a lot of storage space;
  • corner cabinets are usually made to order, so they are suitable for any interior;
  • You can purchase a cabinet individually tailored to your needs, both from the point of view of the arrangement of shelves, and its appearance.

Disadvantages of a corner wardrobe:

  • these types of cabinets often have unusual sizes, meaning that you have to rely on a higher price for their creation;
  • the unusual shape will also make it difficult to keep the wardrobe clean, as dust will accumulate in all corners.

White matte wooden cabinet for small bedroom with laminated floor

Open Wardrobe with Sliding or Traditional Doors

If you have decided on a specific type of wardrobe, consider whether you prefer it as an open wardrobe for the bedroom or with doors. In most homes, you will come across the latter solution. This is not surprising, because for many people this choice is more practical. Moreover, the door can be in a freestanding wardrobe, or in the built-in one. Moreover, regardless of whether the requirements of a cabinet with sliding or lockable doors satisfy you, you will surely find many offers in the market in various styles and colors.

Some, however, prefer a more original solution – an open wardrobe for the bedroom. This choice is not suitable for everyone, but if you are a fashion lover, like interesting interiors or want to have a home library in your bedroom, an open closet is perfect for your occasion.

Large L-shaped furniture set for bedroom with platform bed and fluffy carpeting Nice sandy colored walls for minimalistic bedroom with dark topped bed

Advantages of an open wardrobe:

  • choosing such a wardrobe, you have the opportunity to show beautiful clothes or collectible accessories, so this is the perfect solution for fashion lovers;
  • thanks to the open cabinet you can easily separate the dedicated zones and create a multifunctional storage. For example, by combining a home library and a dressing room;
  • the solution will also work if you have a separate room for your wardrobe, and in the bedroom, you only store books, CDs or other items that look good on shelves.

Disadvantages of an open cabinet:

  • choosing an open wardrobe, you should be ready to constantly maintain order – even a perfectly cleaned bedroom with shelves on which things are placed carelessly will create the impression of chaos;
  • dust will quickly accumulate on exposed surfaces.

Open shelves fo the cabinet and purple coverlet revive the interior of the bedroom

Advantages of a wardrobe with doors:

  • if you cannot maintain order in the closet, then thanks to the doors the whole bedroom will look neat;
  • in a minimalist or modern interior, it emphasizes simplicity and displays fewer items. Therefore, in this case, a door to the wardrobe is a necessity;
  • wardrobe doors can be used as additional space – choose with mirrors that will decorate the room, and in the case of a traditionally open cabinet, install hangers on the inside of the door.

Cabinet with doors – disadvantages:

  • chassis system failures occur in many models;
  • if you decide to choose a cabinet with swing doors, you will need to leave a space in front of the furniture to freely open the structure;
  • when you constantly open the wardrobe, the doors quickly get dirty, especially those with mirrors, so you have to constantly wipe them.

Smooth lines of the wooden l-shaped furniture set with mirrors for bedroom

Corner Built-in Wardrobe in the Bedroom

Built-in wardrobes for bedrooms are an attractive alternative to a conventional wardrobe. For many, a wardrobe in the bedroom is a must-have item. The question remains: what should it be? Because of the convenience and maximum use of space, it is worth choosing an embedded model. Such a corner wardrobe in the bedroom easily accommodates a large number of seasonal clothes, dresses, suits, and underwear. This is a good alternative for a relaxation room.

The built-in corner wardrobe in the bedroom, like other custom-made furniture, must match the interior not only in size but also in style. A bedroom is an intimate place associated with relaxation and privacy, so the appearance of the wardrobe should not overload the room, but rather optically increase its space.

Total wooden trimming in the bedroom

Convenient Sized Wardrobe

A closet is used in the bedroom every day, sometimes several times. Its doors, hinges or guides must be made of durable and resistant materials. The wardrobe design of the lounges is also important.

When planning the interior of a bedroom wardrobe, remember that it is important:

  • uniform distribution of load on the suspension rods;
  • measure the correct height of the rods so that longer clothes (such as tunics, raincoats or dresses) do not bend. A pantograph is used for this more and more often. This is a device for hanging things that go down from the top of the wardrobe, which eliminates the need to reach for highly located things and saves space;
  • equip the model with practical drawers for underwear and accessories;
  • availability of storage space for jewelry, ties and belts;
  • dividing the room into a sitting area and a dressing room, so if there is enough space between the bed and the closet, you can choose a door that opens, because otherwise the bedroom cabinets equipped with sliding doors will become a more profitable solution.

Nice light wooden designed bedroom with comfortable sleeping zone and night lamps

Corner Built-in Wardrobe in the Bedroom: How to Choose?

Built-in wardrobes are gaining increasing recognition. Individual sizes allow you to adapt furniture to any room. Choosing a wardrobe is a very good idea. However, some important points should be considered in advance. A built-in cabinet that meets expectations should have specific parameters. These include the type of material the structure is made of. This can be wood, wood boards, tempered glass, mirrors, laminated boards, as well as hardwood. Not only will the appearance of the cabinet depend on this, but its durability and resistance to various factors. Scandinavian-style cabinets will look different than modern built-in designs.

Another thing that you should pay attention to is how to open this type of furniture. Designers are well aware that wardrobes with sliding doors are more practical. Their additional advantage is space-saving compared to swing doors. Thus, the location of a bedroom or other room will in no way be disturbed by the need to open the wardrobe door. The built-in corner cabinet may differ from each other using certain elements. Most often this is just a door. Remember that sidewalls, floor, and ceiling are limited by architectural elements.

Soft designed bedroom with light wooden furniture set having top level of drawers

Corner Bedroom Wardrobe

The corner built-in wardrobe in the bedroom is the best solution compared to freestanding designs that do not always fit into the selected room. However, one of the biggest advantages of built-in cabinets is space-saving. In addition, their interior is designed in such a way that they are ideal for maintaining order. In each apartment, the wardrobe plays a huge, sometimes even central role. It is in it that most of the clothes, toys, and household appliances are stored. Therefore, it is important that the wardrobe is built as practical as possible, conveniently positioning all of these elements.

Corner sliding wardrobes guarantee full functionality and comfort, which is extremely important for their daily use. Models are also extremely versatile, thanks to which they are suitable for any size bedroom. All shelves and drawers guarantee an efficient distribution of the necessary elements of the apartment equipment. Corner cabinets, thanks to their design, also provide huge space savings, which will be especially useful in small rooms. Modern wardrobes are made of very durable and extremely attractive materials, so they will undoubtedly be approved by family members, friends, and relatives.

Total mirror designed l-shaped cabinet for bedroom

Corner Wardrobe in the Bedroom – Versatile and Functional Furniture

Usually, they associate a classic wardrobe with a heavy, durable unit, which is very difficult to build into a modern apartment. That is why corner closets are so popular. Thanks to the appropriate design, this piece of furniture looks much simpler fitting the bedroom well. Moreover, at your disposal dozens if not hundreds of offers from which you can easily choose the perfect model. Corner wardrobes definitely deserve attention.

Are you looking for a piece of furniture that matches all your clothes? The advantage of corner cabinets is that when they are small in size, they offer a capacious amount of free space. With the right number of shelves and hangers, you can store both casual and seasonal clothes. In turn, the boxes are ideal for storing all kinds of accessories: belts, scarves, hats, etc.

Improvised wardrobe with ceiling fastened frame and aluminum guides

Corner Wardrobe in the Bedroom: Photos of Actual Models

Today’s design trends are definitely striving to combine practicality and aesthetics. Corner cabinets are no different. This furniture is a great example of how to combine beautiful and healthy things. Thanks to its compact size, closets fit perfectly into any space. Thus, you can be sure that your new wardrobe will be in harmony with the aesthetic vision of the apartment. Moreover, you can choose from corner offers of almost any design style. Interested in a classic white wardrobe? Or maybe you prefer to bet on slightly more extravagant colors? The choice is up to you.

Smooth lined cabinet with miror for modern designed bedroom Purple film printed facades for the bedroom cabinet Black and wooden angular cabinet with mirrors and low platform bed with black sides for casual bedroom

Small Corner Bedroom Sets

Corner cabinets are furniture that is ideal for a small room where every inch of space is very valuable. Corner models are ideal for wardrobe, as one piece of furniture is enough for everything. Such a cabinet can be easily adapted as functional storage.

An ideal solution for a bedroom, especially a small one in which you cannot afford to install a very large mirror, is a corner wardrobe with a reflective facade. For models of smaller and medium-size, it goes well with a chest of drawers.

Pale pink powder painted walls in the bedroom

White Corner Closet

You can choose the smallest IKEA corner cabinet. The white corner closet has enough storage space that can accommodate the necessary things. The drawer version is a very good alternative to the chest of drawers.

White glossy corner cabinet for modern bedroom

Corner Dresser in the Bedroom

A well-organized interior design of the room is based on the optimal use of space in which all the furniture and items necessary for a comfortable stay should be installed. People with small bedrooms, whose functional design is a big problem, know this very well. Each cabinet should be placed so that it does not take up too much space. One of such products is a corner chest of drawers in the bedroom, which has gained great popularit0079, so today it is used not only by owners of small apartments.

Large corner nightstand with drawers and central compartment

Convenient and Practical Corner Chest of Drawers

The advantage of corner chests in the first place is that they allow you to use every corner. Traditionally, they were used in office premises, but over time, furniture manufacturers realized the potential of this solution and introduced corner dressers on the market. Their style corresponds to home conditions and decorates the interior.

As for the shapes that an angled chest of drawers can take, there are a lot of them: from the standard one (standing in the corner of an ordinary cabinet) to the interesting and decorative one by the window. It all depends on the individual expectations of each client and the style of the interior.

Corner dresser design for bedroom with open side shelves

Corner Chest of Drawers as a Decorative Element

Corner dressers are often used as a TV-stand cabinet. Their special shape makes them ideal for this type of function. This option of a wardrobe will work well in the bedroom, because it is invisible, especially in the white version against the background of bright walls. Thanks to this, it can be supplemented with a characteristically equipped room, without worrying about the consistency of the visual effect. Of course, an angular chest of drawers painted in a certain color will also be an interesting solution, which will enliven a too calm room and give it an individual character. A good solution is a red or blue dresser against the background of light walls in the bedroom, decorated in an economical Scandinavian style. You can decoratively display jewelry or books in the glazed corner chest of drawers.

A couple of compartments for the corner bedroom stand

How to Choose a Corner Chest of Drawers?

Before you buy a chest of drawers, it is worth paying attention to two questions. First of all, consider the dimensions. The chest of drawers should be measured so that it fits perfectly into the space in which it will be located. The second important issue is the capacity of the model. If a chest of drawers is used for storage, it is recommended to choose a piece of furniture with spacious drawers in which you can place a large number of things. If, in turn, the piece of furniture should be a place where decorative objects are exhibited, then you should think about additional lighting, which will create a beautiful effect.

A corner chest of drawers is an ideal idea for arranging free space, as well as for decorating a bedroom. Due to its versatility, it can be a suitable element of a room in any style.

Wooden corner stand for lampa and storage in bedroom

The bedroom often acts as a wardrobe. The design of the closet in the room should primarily depend on the size of the room and, of course, your personal needs. Choose the corner model of the bedroom to best fit your personal relaxation area.

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