Cute Bedroom Interior Design Ideas 2018

Any owner of an apartment or a private house wants to see his home not only practical, comfortable, functional, but also beautiful, modern, unique. In the creation of such a design is not the last place occupied by the design of the bedroom. A high-quality, deep sleep in a comfortable environment is a guarantee of health, excellent well-being and a high level of activity. So what is needed to create the perfect bedroom interior? Everybody has his own answer. But it is possible to find interesting solutions and techniques for realizing the dream living space into reality with the help of our large-scale selection of cute bedroom interior design ideas 2018 made in different styles.

Typical Classic calming atmosphere for two

Topical design ideas for a modern bedroom

Planning a design in your bedroom, any of us would like to receive not only a functional and aesthetic room, but also a long-lasting repair which will be relevant for many years to come. In order to create a so-called “all time” interior, you will have to try – to consider the actual design decisions of the last season, to choose those that most correspond to your idea of ​​practicality, comfort and beauty and try to correlate these ideas with your financial capabilities. The mission is unattainable only at first glance – the creation of a modern and unique design for a room of any shape and size is doable our days for and beginners in the design of residential spaces.

Nice combination of brown and light pastel colors in the bright eco designed bedroom Unusual blue base of the sandwich bed

So, what design ideas lay in the base on the modern concept of dormitory design? One of the most important aspects that affect the design of any room (and the bedroom is no exception) is the multifunctionality of space. The modest area of ​​dwellings in general and of individual rooms in particular dictates the combination of different functional segments within a single space (often small). For example, in a typical bedroom, in addition to the bed itself, there can be a dressing room, library, workplace or workshop.

Neo-classic small bedroom with white tulle at the window and wooden finishing of the headboard Deep blue ottoman at the legbaord fo the bed in the large bedroom King-size bed in the wooden fram for neat bedroom in light coor scheme

The whole modern world of design of living spaces is literally torn between two directions in stylistics. On the one hand it is the desire for minimalism, to abandon everything superfluous, impractical, serving exclusively for decorating the interior. On the other hand, modern style advocates for creating the most comfortable environment for any room. But the concept of comfort is different for everyone. And for many, it is the minimalist motifs in the interior that become the antipodes of coziness and comfort, an atmosphere for relaxation that is so necessary for a bedroom accommodation.

Brown coverlet and light decoration for the modern minimalistic set of the room Canopy bed in the pronounced modern living room decorated in gray

Regardless of the design concept of the bedroom, all of designers agree that the main trend of modernity is the use of natural materials. Raw materials that are used for the production of finishing materials, furniture and decor should not be toxic, should not cause harm to man and the environment. And for the bedroom, where we spend a third of our lives (as scientists say – it’s the amount of time we spend for sleep), the use of environmentally friendly materials is becoming a top priority.

Ultramodern design for the dark decorated room with artificial stone wall Drawings at the carpet of th modern styled room with platform bed

Creating a unique bedroom design

Experts recommend that when planning the repair in any room to make a detailed list of all the elements of the interior. Choose not only the overall color scheme, but also set the accent right down to the textile design of the room. Thus, you not only can always rely on a detailed picture of the interior, but also minimize the cost of alterations, reduce the time of the whole project and get a truly harmonious image of the bedroom. After all, many owners of apartments or private houses believe that the main thing in repairing a bedroom is to choose a finish and purchase a bed, and the rest of the interior elements can be bought in the meantime. But it is more practical and reasonable to think about the design of all the “participants” of your future ideal bedroom at the initial stage.

Unusual turquoise touch at the headboard of the hi-tech styled room Gray color mix in the modern styled room

Bedroom decoration: choose color solutions

Modern stylistics focuses on simple and practical solutions – decoration was no exception. Even in a bedroom, in a room where the surfaces are subjected to the least mechanical impact, which are not influenced by temperature changes or high humidity, designers suggest using medium-priced but practical finishing materials in terms of operation. But, of course, they should not harm a person or the environment.

Gray wall finish and the blue coverlet for the Contemporary styled room Naturalistic drawing at the headboard and the furniture set for the large room Nice gray colored room with golden sunburst mirror

If we talk about the most universal color solutions for finishing the bedroom, and after all it is the color of the walls that largely determines the whole picture of the interior, you can safely put white color to the first place. This universal solution can be used in bedrooms of all shapes and sizes, almost all stylistic interior solutions. White color perfectly copes with visual expansion of space and serves as an ideal background for furnishing and decorating any color solutions.

Masterfully decorated Classic room full of strict lines Couple of gray cots at the legboard of king-size bed in white room

Another no less popular universal color with a wide palette of its shades is gray. Neutral, but noble shades are great for creating calm, relaxing atmosphere in the bedroom. Gray color in decoration is easy to combine with other color solutions of furniture and decor. Moving the gray surfaces in white and the interior made of wood (of any kind), you can achieve interesting results. This creates an image of the room, which will be comfortable for everyone. And to create a color accent in the bedroom of gray color will not be difficult – just any bright detail is enough.

Gray classic design of the large room with arched window Quilted royal headboard panel in the pompous designed Classic room

For those who are not attracted by the washed out pastel colors in the bedroom, who need some dynamism and even drama, one can suggest a variant of contrast design. The alternation of light and dark surfaces allows not only to highlight the geometry of the room, to emphasize certain details, but also to create truly unique design projects for bedrooms.

White hi-tech designed bedroom with black bed linen Classic dark atmosphere in the room

For many seasons in a row, the use of such a design technique as the creation of an accent wall in the room remains topical. In the living room and bedroom, this decoration is used, perhaps, most often. The emphasizing of one of the walls with the help of color and texture (sometimes by means of combining finishing materials) allows not only to create a color variety in the image of the room, but also to emphasize the geometry of the room, to focus attention on the central element of the interior. After all, the wall behind the head of the bed is exposed to emphasizing most often.

Blue accent wall at the headboard White ceiling and tulle in the neo-classic designed room Classic wallpaper and the gray ottoman for the Victorian styled bedroom

Furniture for the bedroom interior: functionality and beauty

Of course, the central piece of furniture of any bedroom is a bed. The largest element of the interior, the base of the sleeping room and just a beautiful component of the bedroom design cannot go unnoticed. Against the backdrop of a neutral finish, the bed most often becomes an accent element, the focal point of the whole image of the room. The modern bed is functional, ergonomic, safe and aesthetic.

Gray modular furniture set for the modest sized room Rigid canopy frame of steel in the modern designed bedroom

In recent years, beds on low legs or without them at all (so called Asian style) have increased their popularity. In some design projects, you can find the use of a high mattress as a full-fledged sleeper (without a bed). But this option, although it looks original, can not be called ergonomic. Such organization of a bed is especially unsuitable for the elderly. It is believed that the upper level of the mattress should reach the person to the knee. Purchase a bed, based on your growth (do not forget about the partner either).

Unusual styled modern bedroom with the matress at the raw wooden floor Quilted soft milky colored wall panels at the headboard Sand color for the decoration of the bedroom

Lighting and decor in a modern bedroom – creating an accent with practical elements

Given the minimalist motifs of modern stylistics, decorative elements from the interior of the bedroom disappear at all or are reduced to a minimum. Quite practical objects of the room design are used as decoration, for example, lighting devices. The central chandelier is able not only to perform the basic functions of lighting the bedroom space, but also to decorate it, to become a highlight of the interior. Considering the fact that no bedroom, even of the most modest size, can’t be sufficient with only a pendant lamp, – table lamps or floor lamp can act as decorative elements. It`s all depends on how the illumination of places for reading or sleeping is set in your room.

Snow white design for the sun lit bedroom Coffee with milk colored headboard soft panel in the futuristic styled bedroom

Stylistic Bedroom Design: Find Your Design

Not all modern design ideas are easy to implement. Many people can simply argue your ideas about how beautiful, functional and comfortable bedrooms should look. But any owner with any size of the room, budget and the number of requirements for design will be able to find his own motive in the design of this important space for life. Let’s consider more details of the beautiful bedrooms decorated in different interior design styles.

Pastel tones to decorate the bedroom in Casual style Wooden trimmed walls in the Mediterranean styled bedroom Bedroom with balcony in Classic style with black notes of color

Scandinavian style

Modern stylistics has a lot of borrowings from the Scandinavian style. The space and freedom of bright spaces decorated with an incredible share of coziness and warmth have become popular with designers and their customers all over the world. Owners of large households or modest in terms of apartment area are also close the concept of Nordic style.

Scandinavian style in the perceptive and clear room with picture over the bed

Scandinavian style is “terse”, but it has special warmth. It’s hard to believe at first glance that a room with monolithic snow-white decoration can be incredibly cozy. The advantage of Scandinavian stylistics is that you can use finishing materials and furniture of mass production, but you still get unique design projects in the end.

Black coverlet in the simple styled bedroom with olive painted walls Complex architecture of the white toned room with laminated floor

Neo-classic for the bedroom

If modern style seems to you too “cold”, minimalistic, stereotyped or not very presentable, if at heart you are a fan of classical trends in interior design, then pay attention to the neo-classical style. Modern interpretation of traditional motifs can be used to create elegant, refined, yet practical design projects. The neo-classic is ideal for the interior of the bedroom – many people would like to fall asleep and wake up in an atmosphere of refined luxury, presented in a laconic version without excessive pomposity.

Casual styled design of the bedroom with pastel colors Pompous design of the Classic styled bedroom in light colors

Making a bedroom in the neo-classic style will not be expensive, and yet you will spend less than using traditional style directions that involve the use of finishing materials and furnishings of the highest quality. In the bedroom, decorated in the neo-classic style, you can use quite concise options for finishing – qualitative, but not exclusive wallpaper, laminate, instead of a parquet board and stucco on the ceiling made of polyurethane. But in this case, the furniture must be made qualitatively and in a classical style – it may not have a rich decor, but it is simply obliged to look luxurious.

Quilted frame bed in the accent gray wall Classic decorated blue wall with pictures over the headboard

Industrial motives

Modern stylistics draws ideas from the motives of industrial design. Large spaces, brick walls, metal elements, open lines of communication, deliberately rough surface finish and even the use of certain details of manufacturing as decorative elements or parts of furnishings, lighting fixtures and accessories.

Industrial styled room with unusual devices in living interior

Not everyone will agree to use industrial elements in their own bedroom, but it is often enough of one accent wall with brickwork to bring a zest to the modern interior. If the brickwork in its natural appearance is too bold for you, you can reduce the level of industriality and cover the textured surface with light water-based paint. For a harmonious completion of the image it will be enough to use lamps made in an industrial direction (with metal shades or without them at all).

platform large bed with restrained furniture by sides

“Comfortable minimalism” of modern style

Modern stylistics implies the desire for maximum practicality of the interior. For small-sized and medium-sized rooms such an approach is an ideal concept for creating a design. The less decor and small details are present in the room, the more spacious it seems. At the same time, practicality and functionality are quite compatible with the aesthetics of execution, both finishing materials and furniture items.

Oak colored laminated floor for the pastel colored Casual bedroom with gray curtains Small bedroom in modern style with wooden bed frame

Modern style is space and light; it is multifunctionality and comfort, enclosed in an externally attractive shell. Even if your space does not have enough acreage to create a unique design, thanks to the use of unique pieces of furniture and decor, it can always be decorated in a modern style without losing in aesthetics.

Casual styled bedroom with gray mix decoration and wide window Small bedroom with red carpet

Eclectic Bedroom Design

Not everyone likes the minimalist mood of modern style. Its desire to use only practical interior items for many people means the loss of the individuality of the room’s character. After all, our home is a reflection not only of habits and preferences, our vision of beauty and comfort, but also the very style of life. For those who like collecting, who brings beautiful things from various trips or simply could not decide on their stylistic preferences and would like to see their various manifestations in their dwelling, it is worth paying attention to eclecticism. The combination of motives from different stylistic directions within the same premises allows creating of truly unique projects.

Close-up of the bedroom with blue painted walls and canopy bed Loft styled bedroom with the shelving over the bed

But a bedroom in the style of eclecticism is not an easy task even for an experienced designer, not to mention a beginner in the design of living spaces. In particular, this is especially true to small and medium-sized rooms, in which it is very easy to “slip” from the original design to simply littered with beautiful objects space that do not have a general concept in decoration.

Yellow walls for the Classic styled bedroom Colorful rug in Scandi styled bedroom with blue walls

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