Urban Style Interior Design: The Essence of Big City at Home

The urban style is preferred by dynamic people. It reflects the spirit of big cities with their rapid rhythm of life. The urban style interior design presents a harmonious combination of necessary furniture and multifunctional accessories. The design is very aesthetic. It combines practicality and functionality.

Urban Style Interior Design: The Essence of Big City at Home. Large open layout apartment with pastel and gray colors


Urban Style Interior Design: The Essence of Big City at Home. Colorful interior with Arabian rug and red quilted sofa

What is it?

The concept of urbanism comes from the Latin word urbanus. This trend appeared in the early twentieth century. The representatives of this style supported the idea of the huge role of megapolises for a large part of the population. Urbanism began to develop rapidly in the 1950s. Now, this style is actively used by modern designers. In many European countries, it is considered very popular. The urban style interior design is successfully used in the design of living rooms, kitchens, and bedrooms.

When making an interior design in the style, it is necessary to figure out its features:

  • An important nuance in the design is functionality. There are no additional accessories in the form of mats, curtains, inherent in other styles. The urban style is the opposite of rustic styles, such as country, or Provence, which are characterized by the presence of a large number of nice things.

Intensionally rough treated and artificially aged faux concrete wall for TV Urban Style Interior Design: The Essence of Big City at Home. High ceiling in the open plan living room with exposed vents

  • Glass is an essential material that can accentuate the style. And also wood, metal, plastic, leather are used in the design.

Gray walls, dark illuminated ceilnig, glass topped table and light colored floor for open layout urban apartment

  • As for the walls, it is better to leave them untouched. Brick or concrete walls, as well as their imitation, will only emphasize the atmosphere of the metropolis.

Urban Style Interior Design: The Essence of Big City at Home. A worn out pop art picture at the wall for masculine living room interior Unusual half-finished-half-brickwork cladded accent wall for creative open layout bedroom with light zoning

  • It is worth taking into account that a calm color scheme is suitable for this style, while the choice of colors here is quite narrow. The interior uses only basic colors in the form of white, black, gray, and beige. Multicolored surfaces are not welcome here, they often have one tone.

Urban Style Interior Design: The Essence of Big City at Home. Restrained styling and color palette for the living room with accent red leisure chair

  • The clarity of lines should be present in all urban designs. Ornate and flowing lines will stand out of the concept.

Urban Style Interior Design: The Essence of Big City at Home. Open layout kitchen with light wooden laminate and gray color palette

  • A large poster is the main accessory that serves as the main decoration of such an interior. The best option would be to place a poster with a view of city streets, high-rise buildings, bridges, or beautiful landscapes.

Dark lampshade and sofa in the brownish and white casual living room Unusual loft space in Urban and casual mix of styled with sash tilted window

Additional items to emphasize the urban style can be massive benches, lamps imitating street lamps, as well as mailboxes and bicycles.

Creative modern men's cave in Urban style

Finishing Options and Colors

The peculiarity of this design direction is the observance of the general principles of urbanism. This applies to the choice of furniture and accessories. Even one extra accessory or piece of furniture can completely spoil the overall impression of the room designed in the Urban style.

Nice wooden ceiling, white walls and laminate for large open space apartment

In finishing the walls and other surfaces, you will often meet monochrome shades. Laminate, parquet, ceramic tiles would be appropriate for the floors. The rooms that support this style have no place for luxury carpets or rustic handmade doormats. Vintage accessories and artificially “aged” furniture, as well as colorful textiles, will look out of place here.

Platform angle sofa of plump upholstered modules, minimalistic coffee table on black legs and rough treated brickwork intermingled with concrete in the living room

The main materials for rooms to fit this style are glass and aluminum. The main color, in this case, is black. Additional tones that will emphasize individuality can include shades of purple, green, orange, and brown. It is important that all colors are in harmony with each other. It is not recommended to choose contrasting shades. In this case, it is better to use neighboring colors. For example, you can choose one such shade for the walls or for the flooring. The second color will be the main color for the furniture.

Urban Style Interior Design: The Essence of Big City at Home. Crimson designer chairs around the long black wooden table


When choosing urban-style furniture for a modern apartment, you should consider that it should be comfortable, functional, simple, and concise.

Furniture should be present in the necessary amount for normal and comfortable living. It should not be in excess, so as not to clutter the room.

Non-ideal color scheme creates somehow messy look in the urban styled living room with emerald sofa and 3D picture on the zoning wall

Each zone in the apartment has its own characteristics that require an individual approach:

  • Brick or imitation brick walls or painted surfaces without leveling are more suitable for the kitchen. The color of the ceiling can be white, beige, or blue. The kitchen should not have a lot of furniture. Models in the style of minimalism or high-tech are appropriate here.

Black metal legs for the furniture Brown colored walls and glossy sides of the table for urbanistic dining room

  • Usually, the rooms in the urban style feature brick or concrete walls. In the bedroom is worth making an exception – to glue a solid wallpaper or plaster the surface. Furniture made of natural materials is appropriate in the bedroom. The color of the products should not be too bright, it should have calm tones. To save space in small rooms, it is advisable to use built-in designs. When choosing an upholstered set for the bedroom, it is preferable to stop at models on a black and white scale. At the same time, it is not recommended to use only black color, otherwise, the room will look gloomy. To visually increase the room use only models with a clear design. It is better to choose small furniture. A shapeless chair will look organically in the room of a teenager.

The black canopy frame for king-size bed, brown accent wall textured putty finish and heavy blackout curtains Dark gray concrete imitation for the walls and platform bed for maximum masculinity in the urbanistic bedroom

  • Choose functional and comfortable furniture for the living room. In a small area living room is better to put an L-shaped sofa with a coffee table. A spacious room will have enough space for a small library and a few comfortable chairs. Armchairs or sofa is more appropriate to put around the coffee table. It is worth using glass as much as possible. For example, for the frosted glass surface of the coffee table or the door. The model with a glass top mounted on aluminum legs would look very effective in this case. Aluminum fittings will be a necessary addition to the products.

Unusual open layout studio apartment with top located library double-sided sofa and pop art color palette

As for the textile, it should be restrained, sustained in a single tone. All this applies to bedspreads, tablecloths, and curtains. On the textiles, there may be a simple pattern.

Large platform bed and panoramic window for galley bedroom with dark quilted soft headboard

Decor and Lighting

The presence of large windows, decorated with curtains or blinds, glass partitions, built-in ceiling or wall lights allows you to create a sense of weightlessness and purity.

Urban styled house interior with double ceiling, large fireplace and domination of gray Accentual red ottoman in the center of open layour studio with fluffy rug and large sash windows Nice wooden trimmed accent wall idea for urban style dining room area in well-lit open layout apartment with light wooden laminated floor

For the urban style, the most suitable option is hidden lighting or a sconce that imitates industrial light. In such a room a massive and chic crystal chandelier will be inappropriate, while the lights in a minimalist style can laconically complement the room. For this style, you can use a chandelier only if it has a strict geometric shape. In such a room, fixtures imitating city lights will be appropriate.

Noir urbanistic interior design of the bedroom with artistic flakes on the ceiling and yellow LED backlighting under the bedExposed ceiling beams and upscale decorated interior with combination of colors, textures and materials

Successful Examples of the Urban Interior Design

Urbanistic style can be a great option for those who prefer the city crowd of noisy streets to quiet village streets. It is the choice of active and daring people with ambition. To feel the spirit of a big city, you don’t have to go to New York or Hong Kong. You can do it in your own apartment, decorating it in an urban style. The rooms in this style are minimalist. There is comfort and peace in them despite the bustling city outside the window. The main thing is that the furniture is of high quality, and the design is laconic.

Successful interior design in the former industrial area reworked into modern urban styled studio with pieces of art, sitting zone and exposed columns

When decorating the floors in the living room or bedroom, more often parquet or laminate is used. Ceramic tiles of large size are more suitable for the bathroom. Concrete or metal tiles combined with wooden facades will look very impressive. Plumbing in white color will perfectly harmonize with the gray or black background.

Black accent wall and sloped ceiling to emphasize white tub and vanity

Urban-style is first of all functionality and conciseness. Built-in furniture is an integral part of it.

Led lighting and tulled panoramic window for open space interior

The presence of hidden lighting and massive lanterns gives the room a special atmosphere.

Classy roller Roman shades and concrete ceiling in the large-scale apartment

Avoid placing a lot of textiles in the interior. It is enough to take a couple of decorative pillows, lay a small rug, or choose a bedspread. Monochrome products of muted shades remain a priority.

Dark brown and gray colo scheme for modern urbanistic open layour studio apartment Ascetic yet sturated with style interior featuring yellow armchairs and picture at the wall

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