Bedroom Curtains: Full Guide on How to Decorate the Windows

The layout of your interior is complete including furniture, paintings, wallpaper, lamps, decorative accessories. It remains only to add the final touch to the successful decoration of the room. It’s time to choose the curtains in the bedroom.


  1. What are the curtains and which is better to choose
  2. Heavy fabric curtains for thermal and light insulation
  3. Lightweight tulle curtains
  4. Curtains in the bedroom
  5. Modern bedroom curtains
  6. Different styles
  7. The combination of wallpaper color and curtain color
  8. The combination of color curtains and bedspreads
  9. Current colors of curtains: photo gallery of beautiful interiors

Bedroom Curtains: Full Guide on How to Decorate the Windows. Turquoise bedroom curtains and dark floor covering in modern bedroom

What are the Curtains and which is Better to Choose

One of the important design elements of the bedroom interior is the appropriate decoration of windows. To choose the right curtains, use a lot of valuable tips on how to choose curtains for the bedroom to make the room more comfortable and beautiful.

Bedroom Curtains: Full Guide on How to Decorate the Windows. Yellow pillows and canopy bed for large space

All curtains can match your interior. Just consider the location and parameters of the bedroom itself.

Tip! When choosing the color and texture of the cloth, it is important to consider the exposure of the room, the height of the ceiling and the size of the room.

Bedroom Curtains: Full Guide on How to Decorate the Windows. Emerald depth of color in the large casual styled room

Choose light colors for a room facing north. It will bring warmth and brightness.

Bedroom Curtains: Full Guide on How to Decorate the Windows. Classic designed room with touch of industrial style in gray colored space

If you have a high ceiling, use horizontal striped curtains to increase the space and visually reduce the room. Low ceilings appreciate vertical stripes.

Bedroom Curtains: Full Guide on How to Decorate the Windows. White ceiling with myriads of lighting fixtures, striped curtains adn glossy floor for spectacular casual atmosphereBedroom Curtains: Full Guide on How to Decorate the Windows. Pinkish color gamma for curtains with lambrequin

Small windows do not have to be decorated with traditional curtains; here Roman fabric blinds should be chosen.

Bedroom Curtains: Full Guide on How to Decorate the Windows. White with dark pattern roller bilnds

In the big bedroom, you can afford everything. The only goal is to follow the style and atmosphere that you want to designate. Dark blue and even black curtains are appropriate.

Bedroom Curtains: Full Guide on How to Decorate the Windows. Striped rug and blue walls along with dark blue curtains for Marine styled space

Curtain Types

To protect you from light and to keep the bedroom private, curtains will become an integral part of the interior. Well-chosen curtains will greatly complement your decor in the restroom. But today there are so many types of curtains that it is impossible not to get lost in the assortment. What to choose? The preferred choice of textiles on the windows will be determined by the style of your living space.

Bedroom Curtains: Full Guide on How to Decorate the Windows. Chic interior with mirror wall and dark wall decoration

Curtains or Blinds of Heavy Fabrics

Curtains are used in bedrooms to rest in total darkness. Dark colors are most often chosen to better protect themselves from the rays of the sun. Thermal and sound insulation forces make this type of curtain very popular to improve comfort in the bedroom. Thus, heavy curtains can significantly prevent heat loss or reduce noise from a window overlooking the boulevard or the street. Such types include insulating, double, or velvet curtains-drapes.

Bedroom Curtains: Full Guide on How to Decorate the Windows. Dark blue quilted headboard wainscotting on the walls

Curtains or Lightweight Tulle

Unlike heavy curtains, light curtains are made of transparent textiles that let the light in. They can give a romantic atmosphere to a room since they are made of:

  • organza;
  • tulle;
  • veils;
  • flax;
  • silks;
  • viscose.

In summer, it is especially pleasant to use this type of curtain, if you want to protect yourself from the eyes of your neighbors but enjoying the sun. On the other hand, you will lose your privacy after turning on the lights in the dark, so you should think about double curtains.

Bedroom Curtains: Full Guide on How to Decorate the Windows. Neat light gray casual interior

Fabric Blinds

Blinds are gradually replacing classic curtains and drapes in modern bedrooms to beautifully equip a living room. Roman blinds are perfect for a restroom, as well as a Day / Night roll model. It is a great solution not only for small windows but also for large openings. You can choose any level of density of the material. Fabric can both slightly shade the room, and completely isolate it from light. Japanese panels are also an excellent alternative to elegant traditional curtains.

Bedroom Curtains: Full Guide on How to Decorate the Windows. Casual room with large Finnish flag at the wall

Arranging Curtains for the Bedroom

The bedroom is best represented by light air curtains. A great solution would be curtains from a veil of organza. They will give the bedroom a delicate appearance. They are easy to fix to give more light to the room. Curtains in light colors, such as white or cream, additionally fill the room with light.

Bedroom Curtains: Full Guide on How to Decorate the Windows. Airy tulle for the Classic bedroom in private house

You can choose from a variety of curtains in a beautiful design: from classic floral patterns and geometric prints to elegant paisley shades.

Bedroom Curtains: Full Guide on How to Decorate the Windows. Grayish color range for the Classic interior

Buy ready-made curtains that will simply fit the size of the window, or custom-made stitched curtains, based on specific sizes, which will allow you to organize the interior in accordance with the individual design and decorate the natural light supplying opening of the non-standard parameter. Cropped curtains are also in fashion today. This is also a practical solution because they open the radiators under the window without blocking the heat with a cloth curtain.

Bedroom Curtains: Full Guide on How to Decorate the Windows. Loft architecture of the top floor bedroom with nice tied up curtainsBedroom Curtains: Full Guide on How to Decorate the Windows. Gray stripes on the walls and wavy blinds

The choice of curtains for the bedroom also depends on the style in which the room is arranged. Jacquard curtains bring a romantic atmosphere, especially when they have elegant patterns, extra guipure, or lace.

Bedroom Curtains: Full Guide on How to Decorate the Windows. Large window with chic pinkish curtain

For a more minimalist bedroom, choose a simple curtain or thin tulle.

Bedroom Curtains: Full Guide on How to Decorate the Windows. Panoramic windows with tulle

Curtains for the Bedroom – Atmospheric Interior

As soon as you stop at the style in which you want to decorate the bedroom, it is worth making the right choice of curtains. While light curtains allow you to refresh in the morning and start the day in an invigorating atmosphere with the sun’s rays, the curtains, on the contrary, will provide an opportunity to calm down in the evening and isolate yourself from the rest of the world by creating a safe shelter. So, choose the right curtains that will perform the task you set:

First, the type of curtains must be chosen in accordance with the style of the interior, so that the curtains fit perfectly with the whole space of the room. Often the textile on the windows in the bedrooms is picked up as one of the central elements of the layout because there are many different materials, designs, and colors to choose from.

Bedroom Curtains: Full Guide on How to Decorate the Windows. Classic styled interior with red curtains and feminine decoration of the bed

Secondly, you should pay attention to the size of the room – if your bedroom is small, then you need to choose heavy and dark curtains, because they optically reduce the space, making it more comfortable. Curtains in light colors or jacquard will be an excellent choice to visually enlarge the room.

Bedroom Curtains: Full Guide on How to Decorate the Windows. Pictures and portraits as the decoration of the headboard wall

Remember! Jacquard curtains are not suitable for darkening rooms during the day, but in the evening they block the visibility in the window in order to enjoy the ideal conditions for sleeping or relaxing. A very original idea would be buying curtains of this kind made of double-sided fabric.

Bedroom Curtains: Full Guide on How to Decorate the Windows. Pastel colored room with heavy curtains

Modern Trends and Curtains

Heavy or light, light or dark curtains decorate the window in the bedroom, but not only that! A true decorative trump card is the tone of the room to make it warm, voluptuous, refreshing, cozy, or even minimalist. Monophonic or patterned, long or short, light or dark – the curtain perfectly determines the mood of the bedroom design. The curtain allows you to choose from hundreds of options to provide the decoration of your dreams! Discover the latest modern innovations at the presented inspirational images.

Bedroom Curtains: Full Guide on How to Decorate the Windows. Yellow armchair in the Fusion designed interior

Flower Motifs

Beige cotton and linen curtains in floral patterns for a fresh and natural touch in the bedroom. Thanks to the beauty of materials, stripes and flowers are mixed in a perfect design for lively and elegant bedroom decor with a natural spirit.

Bedroom Curtains: Full Guide on How to Decorate the Windows. White drapes in Japanese styleDotted blue white curtains for modern interior

Monochrome Linen Curtains

Available in the most neutral to bright colors, such as pink and orange, the linen curtain allows you to filter the light to create a soft and warm atmosphere, slightly dimming the light in the room. The curtain is suitable for all bedroom interiors to create a neutral decoration, as well as to allow other bright design elements to complement the room, including pillows and more original accessories.

Modern designed bedroom with creamy curtains

Silk Curtains for Three-Dimensional Effect

Inspired by folk ornaments, silk curtains create the illusion of a three-dimensional effect due to their luxurious look.

Yellow walls and red curtains

Stylish Strip

The striped curtain in beige and brown color is perfect to shape the height of your windows. Striped patterns will surely create an optical illusion of enlarging your interior without breaking walls!

Silk curtains for modern styled apartment

Natural Prints

The curtains made from 100% cotton are curtains that will delight all Scandinavian enthusiasts who want to live closer to nature. Their wooden log motif is full of the spirit of nature and vigor, with a repeating pattern. Combine such a curtain with neutral shades of interior and natural home textiles to create a decor in the Nordic style.

Casually designed room with floral pattern on the curtains

Geometric Effect

Do you like the graphic and geometric design? The laconic and original curtain adapts to both the classical and the modern interior, creating a dynamic and atmosphere that blends softness and clarity. Graphic drawing on the curtain will always be out of time.

Green walls and white lamp

Emerald Wealth

Sparkling color and graphic curtain patterns make the bedroom cozier. Many people love the intensity of emeralds in combination with their enveloping appearance, which gives the space a warm, unusual, and decidedly modern atmosphere. If you are a fan of green color, do not hesitate to combine it with shades of green, using pillows and a large sofa. Mixing this strong tone with more neutral colors is a successful way to decorate your bedroom.

Emerald colored curtains and bed linen for Classic bedroom

Pearl Gray

Pearl Gray is an easy-to-use color that adds elegance to your design. Jacquard curtains guarantee flickering tints that will enrich every bedroom.

Gray decorated bedroom in Scandi minimalism

Black and White

The game of black and white stripes on cotton satin offers a chic and elegant graphic effect. Such curtains can be installed in all stylistic types of interiors: from the most classic to extravagant. The strip is simply associated with elegance, which makes the design more attractive and bright.

Vertical stripes on the high curtains for modern Fusion designed bedroom

Mysterious Tropics

Linen curtains offer a tropical print. On a black background, the decor of nature stands out with a white accented animal motif with touches of garish colors. This curtain will bring you an ultramodern note and rock and roll for the interior of the bedroom.

Dark styled bedroom with unusual pattern of the curtains

Metallic Effect

Metallic curtain with intense brown colors and repeating prints adapts to the warm and sophisticated decoration of the bedroom. It is ideal for a cozy atmosphere, intimately illuminating the room with the sparkling effect of fabric.

Dark brown bedroom curtains in mix with black jalousie

Curtain Picture

A white-and-black curtain entirely made of cotton looks like a picture. By illustrating the winter landscape in nature, the curtain invites you to admire the image that is close to any supporter of the Scandinavian style.

White and light gray color scheme for the modern bedroom with tulle on the window

Design Curtains in Different Styles

The choice of curtains for the bedroom is boundless. It is necessary to know the length and width of the wall on which the window is located and decide which fasteners will be best -wheels, brackets, or pipe. It is necessary to decide which style will fit your room in order to select the most suitable curtain and its fixture.

Romantic Style – the Breath of Femininity

Feminine and cozy – you can describe the romantic style in these words. The interiors made in such aesthetics are delicate, and the chosen colors are mostly white, pastels, shades from a pink palette. Also, floral print is often chosen in this style, it can often be found on pillows and curtains.

Yellow colored curtains for light and airy Classic bedroom

Depending on how you want to emphasize the romantic atmosphere, you can give preference to floral motifs in the home textiles of the bedroom. However, this aesthetics requires great intuition. It is easy to overdo the floral prints or excessive small additions. To avoid this, it is worth remembering that the curtains correspond to the subtle shades of the bedspread on the bed and furniture.

Intermixing patterns on the wallpaper and curtains in Classic decorated bedroom

Minimalist Style – Simplicity in every Centimeter

It is assumed that the minimalist style is very similar to Scandinavian or modern. Each of them emphasizes similar elements, namely: simplicity, clarity, purity, functionality, and convenience. When arranging a room in this design, you need to pay attention to the windows and curtains.

White, brown and gray mix of colors for contemporary bedroom

Thanks to the correctly chosen curtains, the sun rays entering the room emphasize the white, gray, and creamy tint of furniture and accessories. In minimalist arrangements, simple and delicate knitted curtains with a veil or thin lace will work best. Curtains should be translucent, light, creamy, or of pastel colors. They can also have subtle patterns. Ideally, window decoration should be the backdrop for the whole room, where simplicity and harmony will play the main role.

Pastel shades for modern industrial styled bedroom with creamy blinds

Italian Style – Quality on a Pedestal

Coordination in the style of Italy means the rejection of excessive jewelry and glamor above all. Here materials, finishes, and textures are important. The furniture should be of good quality in noble colors that emphasize the style of the interior.

Classic styled bedroom with arched window

Ideally, for example, there should be an armchair in the room that attracts attention with its details, intense color, and material. For this, the main element should choose the colors of other accessories, that is, pillows and curtains. The rest of the equipment can remain in light, beige, or other neutral colors, thanks to which you highlight the key elements of the room. Curtains can be not monotonous, but, for example, with geometric patterns or stripes. Interestingly, the interiors following the Italian style. There may be gold accessories, also on the curtains. It is worth using this shade on fabrics or in accessories for upholstery.

Heavy gray curtains and large windows for contemporary furnished bedroom

Hampton Style or Glitter of Luxury

The Hampton style was created in response to the needs of the Manhattan elite, who spent their holidays in exceptional locations on the north coast of Long Island, mainly in East Hampton. This style combines eclecticism, elegance, glamor, and lightness of a festive atmosphere. In the design of the bedroom, this style best reflects the colors, that is, beige, imitating the shade of sand, and blue – the color of the sea. It is in these colors worth choosing curtains and accessories. On the other hand, the curtains can be of a textured (crumpled) effect, slightly below the floor in combination with tulle, which resembles sea waves. Hampton climate is ideal for large bedrooms, to emphasize the ease of living space.

Blackout gray curtains in the small contemporary bedroom with large bed Large platform bed purple curtains

Vintage Style is New Retro Spirit

Vintage, despite the attitude to past centuries, is the style of young people who rebel against the prevailing trends. This is also evident in the bedrooms, decorated in this design. The main accessories and decorations are items marked by timeless beauty. The bedrooms, decorated with this style, make an excellent impression, and, contrary to popular opinion, achieving a vintage effect is not so difficult. It is necessary to choose one “antique” element. This could be, for example, a lamp with a beautiful ornament, a table with interesting legs, a bed with a rich finish, or a relief vase. Other accessories used in the bedroom should also imitate antique furniture. For example, curtains can be pastel, even in shades of beige, cream, brown, or floral patterns. Lace or decorative curtains of light transparent fabrics also look good in such rooms.

Roller blinds with floral pattern for small bedroom Large king-size canopy bed in Classic bedroom

Tip! When choosing accessories for the bedroom in a vintage style, do not forget to keep moderation – do not overdo it in old-fashioned things.

Industrial styled bedroom with brickwork wall and blue curtains

Nautical Style, Welcoming Blue and White Furnishings

Maritime (Marine style) in the interior of the bedroom has become a trend forever. It retains this status despite the change of seasons and fashion. The maritime style is timeless, and you can achieve it mainly due to the stripes and the game with color. More specifically, four colors should be chosen: white, blue, yellow, and red. The basis of the room, arranged in this atmosphere, is white walls and furniture. On the other hand, the accessories that play the first violin are pillows in blue and white stripes, wooden drawers or cabinet doors. In the interiors decorated in nautical style, delicate, translucent curtains in light blue, dark blue, beige, and cream colors will look great. In rooms where you want to make strong sea accents, even red curtains will be a good solution.

Pastel colored bedroom with blue roller blinds

The Combination of Wallpaper’s and Curtain’s Color

Bedroom renovation is completed. The walls are gently plastered and painted; the furniture is arranged in the room. There are cleanliness and comfort. But the integrity of the interior is not yet obeyed. We should add curtains. The process of their choice is real science. Of course, there is no universal answer to the question of how to choose curtains to fit wallpaper. But you should use some of the rules for combining the color of the wallpaper and the color of the curtains.

White casual interior of the bedroom with panel TV and white curtains

Important! Under no circumstances should you buy a curtain in the bedroom, the color of which is intermingled with the wallpaper – it’s boring, annoying and not very aesthetically pleasing.

Gray colored walls and curtains in small Classic styled bedroom

However, the search for the optimal curtain in combination with wallpaper can be chosen in the alternation of light and dark patterns. This is a fairly frequent decision. You can also experiment in the bedroom. Curtains of neutral colors (beige, terracotta, cream) will create a beautiful combination with almost any wallpaper.

Mild yellow bedroom curtains with lambrequin

Wallpaper for the bedroom, as a rule, is calm, which pacifies the psyche and contributes to a comfortable rest. Then why not add brightness to the interior using curtains? They can be:

  • thematic image;
  • interesting pattern;
  • ornament.

Blue curtains in the casual styled white and gray colored interior

Pay attention to the striped curtains or those with geometric patterns. Against the background of light wallpaper, relatively dark curtains will work perfectly, which is especially convenient for shading a bedroom.

Pale green tied up curtains for modern styled bedroom with gray colored walls

The bedroom represents peace and tranquility. The brightness and saturation of the interior are often inappropriate. You can choose curtains for the wallpaper of a radically different color but do it intuitively. For example, dark gray wallpapers will look gorgeous in a duet with coral red curtains. And rich yellow walls can be easily compensated by white curtains.

Red and white pattern on the bedroom curtiains Steel lamps and for kitsch interior of the bedroom

How do you choose the wallpaper for curtains? Trust your intuition based on imagination: do not be afraid of bold decisions, but do not forget about the concept of “healthy” taste. Curtains can be changed by seasons. Therefore, there will always be a novelty and originality of the interior at home.

Three colored design of the curtains in casual designed bedroom in white

The Combination of Curtains and Bedspreads

Modern curtains are inspired by the latest fashion trends that will attract the attention of even the most demanding customers. Decorating the bedroom windows is important in interior design, but in the restroom, the main role is played by the bed, therefore the cover on it will be not only a practical element but also a decorative one. In order for the bedroom to look harmoniously, textiles must be harmoniously combined with each other in texture, color, and other parameters.

Pictures at the headboard wall in the casual bedroom

Fabrics play an especially important role in the decoration of the bedroom, in comparison with any other room in the house. The choice of material for the design of the room should depend on several elements. The first criterion is the size of the room and interior lighting. If we have a small and completely dark bedroom, it is best to use natural, light, smooth fabrics for curtains and bedspreads. Here, cotton with various textures is suitable, as well as flax, which is airy, not static, and perfectly absorbs moisture.

Neat white Classic bedroom with gilded crystal chandelier

In the larger bedroom, you can afford textiles with large patterns and textures on the bedspread and curtains. But remember that such fabrics attract attention and become the focal point of interior design.

Ethnic rustical styled bedroom with wooden headboard and red checkered blanket

If you like the monochrome look, choose a set of curtains and a blanket that will be from the same or similar color palette. Then add decorative elements in the same colors, such as pillows, to keep everything in a consistent and modern way.

Peach colored bedroom with high curtains

For a more dynamic effect, contrasting color patches will be quite appropriate. To do this, use the combinations indicated in the color triangle (red/green/blue).

Dark gray colored modern room and black curtainsColorful pattern for modern designed bedroom curtains

When arranging the bedroom, remember that the choice of home textiles does not end with a bedspread and curtains. You also need to think about pillows. Avoid placing too many decorative pillows on the bed in the bedroom, because they confine the space, and some of them will certainly end up on the floor.

Yellow-green designed modern bedroom with blue walls

Smooth silks of curtains and bedspreads are the key to the world of luxury. Gentle and unobtrusive patterns on the material look especially attractive. Smooth fabrics with bright colors and brilliance are ideal for modern interiors. They give them a restrained and muted elegance.

Azure colored bedroom linen with same pattern on the curtains

Tip! The most important thing to remember is that this is your bedroom and your comfort during your stay, so try to protect yourself from the combination of curtains and bedspreads that will irritate the eyes. As for small parts, it should be remembered, – the more harmonious the interior will look, the more comfortable it will be.

Minimalist modern bedroom

Current Colors of Curtains: Photo Gallery of Beautiful Interiors

Today, you do not need to be a professional to perfectly equip the bedroom. Walls, curtains, furniture, floors, and accessories in a single color will allow you to forget about any interior changes for many years.

Boxed room with cozy atmosphere and beige colored walls

An interesting alternative is to arrange the space so that you can completely change the look and, thus, give a new breath to your bedroom thanks to a rich palette of colors. You do not need to immediately repaint the walls, making cosmetic or major renovation, as it is enough to change what can be quickly replaced – curtains.

Colorful curtains to revive the atmosphere and bay window

The beautiful interiors in recent years are enriched with the color of juicy, spring greenery, as well as beige, rich yellow, and orange colors. Undoubtedly, this is a return to nature and fashion for a healthy lifestyle.

Green colored walls, armchair and blanket

Do not forget about cool purple, which is the style of the current year. Innovative, visionary, courageous, and uncompromising – this is a color that prevails in clothing, interiors, and even works of art.

Purple designed bedroom with curtains

Curtains in orange-red, emerald green, warm brown, cool pink and yellow colors look especially beautiful. In addition, each of these colors can be a leader in the bedroom, for example, on curtains.

Red bedroom curtains with beigeGray beroom walls and dark curtains

Peach color, chocolate brown, dark red works great in a restroom design. A white coconut, pastel-blue, and beige-sandy combination is the best choice for romantic personalities.

Neat gray walls and azure curtainsBeige walls and yellow curtains

Tip! The color of the curtains should not be random. Windows will have a great influence on the organization of the rest of the room in the successful interiors. It is worth trying to match the color of the curtains with other textiles and accessories that you have indoors.

Casual styled room

Unusual bedroom curtains in the form of sail Royal design of the bedroom with gild curtains

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