Bedroom Drapes 2017. Design, Forms, Real Examples with Photos

It is difficult to imagine the interior of a bedroom with no drapes on the windows. No matter how many designers around the world would talk about the modern style tends to the maximum amount of sunlight that can penetrate the window, but for many owners of apartments and private homes “bare” window opening without textile is a sign of the lack of comfort. Room can still look modern and trendy, but to feel comfortable in it will not be able in the majority of people. But the blinds and curtains in the bedroom perform not only a decorative role, but also quite serious functional load – to protect the room from the sun’s rays (if necessary), and hide the residents from prying eyes. Perhaps the bedroom is the most difficult area from point of view of textiles selection. For windows you need to pick up thick blackout curtains, but retain the ease of the interior image, to keep all the design elements in the selected colors, but do not make it too boring. It is wain to talk about a variety of ready solutions and options for the window draperies custom execution – the range is incredibly wide. That is why it is important to clearly imagine the color and texture solution, the quality of the material and its dimensions before you go to the shops or on the internet in search of the ideal bedroom drapes 2017. Design, forms, real examples with photos that you may like to apply in your own apartment.

White minimalism at the private house's bedroom Nice bedroom at the private house with terrace and golden tulle draperies at the rod

Bedroom Drapes 2017. Design, Forms, Real Exmples with Photos

No wonder that for many consecutive seasons (not even the seasons but decades), the most popular design option of window drape is considered traditional version. It is straight sheets flowing from the eaves to the floor in vertical pleats. Universal option for the premises of any shape and size for windows of various modifications. Such drapes’ execution always helps to visually “extend” the space in height by adding the necessary centimeters though not actually, but visually.

Countryside spectacular cottage in minimalistic hi-tech design with panoramice panel windows white wooden grid ceiling at the modern decorated interior of the bedroom Quilted headboard at the classic bedroom with grommet top draperies with pattern Gorgeous light color theme for the bedroom with gray drapes

Among the models of traditional curtains, there is a big variety. They are different, first of all, by the type of attachment to the eaves. Fabrics with changeover hinges look original – such blinds will have an organic look in the bedroom decorated in a country, beach, Provence and modern styles.

White bed linen and apparent wooden window Brown grommet top curtains in the very small bedroom with kingsize bed

The model of traditional grommets curtains does not lose its popularity either – paintings are threaded through the rings on the curtain rod made of plastic or metal. The advantage of this method of attachment is that fabric folds down in uniform cascades that are formed by the very eyelets. The most common use of stainless steel rings, chrome elements. Plastic products much more quickly become trash.

Platform bed and couple of windows with grommet top curtains and pictures Dull turquoise draperies of the classic interior with ottoman Nice tap top pruple curtains at the classic set of the bedroom Bedroom with fan, Roman blinds and grommet top curtains Silky gray wavy blacout curtains for modern interior Purple roller blinds for modern bedroom

If you have a splendid view outside the window, you will not want to hide it. Dense tulle instead of curtains is more suitable for the panoramic windows. Stretching with uniform folds from the ceiling to the floor, these canvases will not only emphasize the luxury of panoramic windows but also the beauty of nature behind them, but also visually increase the height of the ceiling.

Screen panoramic windows at the seaside apartment and with creamy curtains headboard of the planked wood is the Scandi hallmark Lightweight tulle on the windows of classic styled bedroom

If your bedroom has a different modification of the windows, it will be logical to use curtains of different models too. For example, for a standard two-leaf window and balcony block or glass doors leading to the backyard, you can use a combination of traditional blinds and ones made of the same fabric.

Screen window with nice scarve type pastel colored drapes in the large classic designed bedroom Bedroom Drapes 2017. Design, Forms, Real Examples with Photos. Turquoise color theme for the small ascetic classic styled room Bedroom Drapes 2017. Design, Forms, Real Examples with Photos. Nice classic set of the room with look to the ocean Bedroom Drapes 2017. Design, Forms, Real Examples with Photos. Draperies with colorful patternAdd New Post ‹ Small Design Ideas — WordPress.html

Bamboo roller blinds are very popular. They protect the room windows located on the south side of the building excellently from the sun. For those who work in shifts and must sleep during the day, this version of the window protection in the bedroom is a great way of not only draping, but also bringing originality to the interior. And yet, it is necessary to take into account that these curtains’ models are best suited for marine or beach-style interior decoration. Therefore, their specificity is used to be “smoothed” by conventional vertical blinds (usually of plain, neutral colors).

Bedroom Drapes 2017. Design, Forms, Real Examples with Photos. Nice atmosphere for the child's room Bedroom Drapes 2017. Design, Forms, Real Examples with Photos. Roller blinds for minimalistic rustic styled room Bedroom Drapes 2017. Design, Forms, Real Examples with Photos. Colorful draperies and blinds all in one Bedroom Drapes 2017. Design, Forms, Real Examples with Photos. Neatly set room with coverlet and headboard wall with the picture Bedroom Drapes 2017. Design, Forms, Real Examples with Photos. Royal design for the classic room Bedroom Drapes 2017. Design, Forms, Real Examples with Photos. Greek straw blinds at the large room with reading zone

Curtains with lambrequins can be used as a decoration of windows in the bedrooms that are decorated in a modern style or neo-classic design options. Modern style tends to simplicity, so pelmets (horizontal bands of cloth, placed in the entire width of the cornice) look concisely and simply. If earlier lambrequins used to hide blemishes of window trim or installation, so today it acts solely as a decorative element of curtain composition.

Bedroom Drapes 2017. Design, Forms, Real Examples with Photos. Large bay window with big amount of curtain draperies and large carnice Bedroom Drapes 2017. Design, Forms, Real Examples with Photos. Neat interior with fireplace and creamy color theme as well as the dark scarve draperies Bedroom Drapes 2017. Design, Forms, Real Examples with Photos. Classic Art Nouveau in the framework of modern apartment Bedroom Drapes 2017. Design, Forms, Real Examples with Photos. Royal African style with folding small ebony ottoman Bedroom Drapes 2017. Design, Forms, Real Examples with Photos. Panel carnice and blackout steel gray draperies

In some modern bedroom design projects can be seen the use of Japanese curtains – fabric webs in the form of screens closing the window (part of it) or enclosing the sleeping area from the rest of the combined room. Japanese curtains can be represented both as monochromatic form, or as a fabric with a pattern.

Bedroom Drapes 2017. Design, Forms, Real Examples with Photos. Japanese sliding curtain partitions

Variety of colors

There is a “golden rule” of using color of the curtains in a room of any functional purpose. It says: if the room walls plain, the fabric for the window can be selected with a pattern. If the finish on vertical surfaces has a print, the textiles for window draperies should be neutral. Of course, there are exceptions for every rule (especially covertly), but for novice designers of their own home, it is better not to take risks and not to experiment with the possibilities of combining prints on wallpaper and curtains.

Bedroom Drapes 2017. Design, Forms, Real Examples with Photos. Classic pastel setting of the modern room Bedroom Drapes 2017. Design, Forms, Real Examples with Photos. Large room with living zone and gray draperies Bedroom Drapes 2017. Design, Forms, Real Examples with Photos. Creamy classic interior with spectacular suspended lamp and tulle draperies

A win-win option

If you do not want to risk it or just see your bedroom performed in one color, choose a neutral tone fabric for curtains. The white curtains always look festive, elegant, bringing a certain lightness, airiness to the image of the sleeping room. Even against the backdrop of the walls in pastel colors white curtains will look spectacular.

Bedroom Drapes 2017. Design, Forms, Real Examples with Photos. typical neat Modern design of America with kingsize bed Grommet top white draperies in the pastel coffe colored room Modern classic with grommet top draperies and expression at the headboard Lightweight decorated room with screen window and scarve draperies Bedroom Drapes 2017. Design, Forms, Real Examples with Photos. Fancy expressionistic picture to dilute the classic color scheme of the room

In the coming season, the most popular are complex shades of blue according to experts. Would be one of the options in huge palette of shades of the base color suitable for your bedroom – you decide. But it is obvious that the blue color will not be a catalyst for emotional outbursts, will help to create calm and relaxing atmosphere of the sleeping area. The only caveat is when your room occupies the northern side of the building. The blue shades will add a cool image of the room. So they must be diluted with light or bright wood surfaces, for example.

Spectacular silk blue draperies with hiddfen carnice; platform bed and с couple of armchairs Bedroom Drapes 2017. Design, Forms, Real Examples with Photos. Classic room wetting with touch of Victorian and Shabby chic styles Bedroom Drapes 2017. Design, Forms, Real Examples with Photos. Deep blue silky wave draperies and couple of ottomans

Grey and its many shades are popular for several seasons. Such love of designers and their customers can be easily explained by the versatility of color, its neutrality. Curtains in any shade of gray fit perfectly into any interior design, and will look more than appropriate even in the most contemporary styled room. This can be a luxurious velvet or thick jacquard, translucent linen or one of the variations of brocade, shadowing with steel shine – gray curtains are always relevant.

Bedroom Drapes 2017. Design, Forms, Real Examples with Photos. Modern calmness of gray interior with dark blackout draperies and white lightweight tulle curtains Bedroom Drapes 2017. Design, Forms, Real Examples with Photos. Nice white idyll at the loft apartment Bedroom Drapes 2017. Design, Forms, Real Examples with Photos. Blackout curtains in the perfectly lit with artificial light room Bedroom Drapes 2017. Design, Forms, Real Examples with Photos. Gray Scandinavian set of the room with platform bed and wooden floorPale turquoise olve hue of the modern color combination for the cozy minimalsitic bedroomHi-tech light gray interior with light brown notes and steel ottoman

Beige shades can also be called neutral. That’s why they are popular among the majority of customers. Warm shades help to create a cozy, relaxing atmosphere that for many owners of houses and apartments is a fundamental factor in the design of the sleeping space.

Sapcious modern interior of the royal finished bedroom with fireplace Light blue bedroom color with creamy brown draperies Creamy pastel color palette for seaside private house bedroom

Dark curtains will always be in demand when it goes about registration of sleeping spaces. If your room has impressive size, and you need not only reliable protection from the sun, but also the possibility of introducing contrast in interior design, the black cloth on the windows can be a spectacular finishing touch in creating it. The color of dark chocolate, dark graphite and even ash-black will look more organic if crossing with some dark object execution of bedroom interior – the headboard (or whole frame) of the bed, chair in the reading corner, ottoman at the foot of the bed or bedside tables.

Dark touch of the interior elements in the form of coverlet and draperies for modern bedroom Modern urban interior with floor-to-ceiling blackout dark curtains

Curtains as a bright accent color is a spectacular design method, capable of making even the most neutral interior of sleeping space unique. If you choose a really colorful, bright color for curtains’ execution, then he will be the only accentual spot on a light background.

Zoning yellow draperies in the minimalism studio apartment Colorful vintage decorated bedroom with orange dare draperies Purple half priscilla draperies in the ideally white bedroom with touch of gray

Curtains with a print

Using fabric with a print is a great way to make a window drape an accent element of the interior. Curtains with a bright and colorful print surely attract attention, and, if necessary, distract from the design flaws or finishing, structural imperfections of the room. For what style of interior do fit curtains with a print? In fact – for any. It all depends on the situation and the bedrooms on the pattern on the fabric, its brightness, the motive.

Modern classic interior of the white day-and-night curtains Wooden furniture set for the spacious hi-tech and English country mix bedroom with screen lattice windows and dotted accent draperies Yellow drapes as an accent in the classic styled light blue colored living room with the hearth Typical neat classic interior in the small bedroom with dotted braown grommet top drapes

Given the fact that the modern style tends to self-colored decoration of the walls in neutral, light colors, the use of fabrics with prints can be an excellent option of bringing home comfort heat into fairly ascetic bedroom interiors. So what prints are relevant in the new season:

  • geometric (the horizontal and vertical wide stripes so as narrow and frequent can be especially emphasized);
  • plant (flower) is perhaps can be considered appropriate for a modern style only in the bedroom;
  • with ethnic patterns (relevant for an eclectic bedroom or a room decorated in a country style variations)
  • abstract.

Regular blinds for unusually decorated small bedroom Red notes in the mirror and drapes of the modern bedroom White and golden color scheme of the classic furnished room Latticed arch window in the classic olive colored bedroom interior Closed with pattern silk draperies windows in the loft designed bedroom

Wide horizontal stripes will help you to visually enlarge the dimensions of the room, “pulling” in width of not only the window opening, but also the space around it. This print is suitable for rooms with neutral, light-colored finish.

Unique color palette (green, gray and white) for the striped blacout curtains Nice pattern for colorful coverlet and cushions at the modern styled bedroom White bed as an accent in the gray and pastel colored bedroom with large canvas picture Second top color instead of valances, swags and jabots of the colorful draperies 2017 in the modern styled interior Classic white interior with blue dotted curtains

Vertical stripes, in their turn, help to visually increase the ceiling height in a residential area.

Spectacular design of the modern boxed bedroom with wooden flooring, platform bed and glossy plastic glossy headboard Angular bedroom windows in the classic white bedroom with large steel framed ottoman

If your bedroom has modest area and you want to use the fabric for curtains with a colorful pattern (large print), then let this eye-catching colors will be present only on the windows’ draping. The abundance of motley textile in a small room can create a negative effect and visually make the room volume even smaller.

Classic gray interior finish for cozy atmosphere in modern bedroom Olive color set for modern bedroom 2017 with colorful draperies

The combination of materials

The use of different materials for the manufacture of curtains is the original design method that helps to bring uniqueness to the interior. Even simple, straight curtains, made of different materials (rare to find the combination of more than three types of fabrics), are able to transform the interior, make the most mediocre situation interesting, creative. Most often you can find a combination of a monochromatic fabric with printed one, which use the color of the basic canvas.

Yellow sunny bedroom design Red coverlet and red theme for the picture for the bedroom in the countryside cottage Blue set of the modern comfortable classic designed bedroom

The fabric can be combined in both the horizontal and vertical canvases.

Gorgeous and unrepeatable bedroom design in nible wooden and dark red shades Shabby chic and classic intertwine for modern bedroom

What color to combine curtains with

To make curtains not “fell” out of the bedroom interior’s overall picture, color and texture of their solution can be combined with various design objects. This may be a textile design or coloring of bed, upholstering of other furniture (chairs or ottomans), material of shades on the desktop or wall sconces, floor lamps, color carpet and even the design of bedside tables.

Pastel colors palette in the modern African styled bedroom with dotted light and dark draperies Light classic interior of the bedroom with ottoman and silver mirror at the heabdoard

Execution of textiles for curtains in the same tone as the head of the bed upholstery is a great way to create a balanced image of the bedroom…

Yellow priscilla drapery and headboard of the royal bed Cottage bedroom with coffee red dotted draperies Olive color scheme for the rustic private house bedroom design Rustic French style with turquoise coloring and slanted loft ceiling

Nor less effect can be achieved with a combination of fabrics for window drapery with the execution of decorative pillows adorning the bed…

Dotted draperies for Southern European styled bedroom usual but very cozy set for the modern gray styled bedroom Red chairs at the footboard of the interesting style decorated walls bedroom A little girlish bedroomwith peach and turquoise color touches and ruches; white storage shelves Gray setting of the modern bedroom with accentual yellow tulle curtains

You can order or buy bed cover, or so-called “track” for decorating the bed in the same material used for curtains.

Coverlet and draperies in one color palette Black footboard and textured accentual at the headboard

Bedroom curtains not only for windows

Bedroom curtains are used not only for the window openings. Textile is decorating a bed canopy, and the sleeper itself is fenced off from the rest of the room. It can be used to separate beds one from the other in the room where sleep heterosexual children or kids with big age difference; the curtains can only be used for interior decoration. There are plenty of variants of using textiles to give room character more comfort.

Blue and white color theme for the modern bedroom with canopy

If your bedroom is a part of living, the desire to create some privacy in the segment for sleep and rest can be considered natural. Blinds are great thing to separate the sleeping area from the common room without using complex structures – walls and screens. Textile advantage in this case is that it can easily be pushed aside and allow sunlight to penetrate into the “bedroom” space. It can be used both as a single sheet so as two strips of fabric closing by the curtain type – all depends on the length of the room and the size of the eaves.

Really spectacular loft example of the bedroom design with brickwork Classic shabby chic mix for the modern multilevel apartment Open layout of the bedroom in the private house with slanted ceiling and wooden trim of it

One of the options for alternative use of curtains in the sleeping part of the room is the curtain for the closet-wardrobe. It is best to fit the usual direct canvases of neutral colors not attracting attention for these purposes.

Clothes cabinet of modular built-in wall furniture with curtain

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