Living Room Most Topical Design Trends 2016

Modern living room – it is light and space, functionality and comfort, convenience and visual appeal. Recent trends in design of the main room of apartment or private house harmoniously combines minimalist setting with bright furniture, modest decor with ultra-modern materials. The abundance of natural and artificial lighting lets to use bright and dark contrasts, giving the room design peculiar features of structures and geometricity.

Living Room Most Topical Design Trends 2016 in the interior with calm color palette and nice impressionistic paintings

Living room most topical design trends 2016

It is less and less possible to meet using of traditional wallpaper with a pattern in the modern design projects, which not so long were used in decoration of the walls in every second living room. Embossed wallpaper or raised “liquid” wallpaper can be used to finishing accent wall. But the most commonly conventional painting is perfectly suited for flat and smooth surfaces, mostly in bright colors.

Living Room Most Topical Design Trends 2016. Classic white interior with smooth surfaces and clear lines

Using of eco-friendly finishing materials is becoming increasingly popular not only in Europe and America, but also in CIS, China, India, Latin America and other developing countries. An increasing number of homeowners when choosing finishing materials pay attention to indicators of toxicity, carefully studying the composition and characteristics of raw materials and finished products. Modern analogues of natural materials not only able to effectively simulate the natural pattern and texture, but do not harm humans and the environment.

Living Room Most Topical Design Trends 2016. A bit of nature in the atmosphere of the bright experimental living room


The easiest way to achieve perfectly smooth and flat surface of the ceiling is through suspending and stretching structures. They became the most popular form of decoration of the ceiling in modern living room. Using multiple levels of the ceiling becomes more simplified, complex structures disappear, leaving options that help zone the space with a local lighting.

Living Room Most Topical Design Trends 2016 tends to minimalistic and hi-tech styles with smooth surfaces, strict lines and minimum of decor

Using the ceiling beams of wood relevant not only in the living room located in suburban homes. In the scope of the city apartments such ceiling decoration brings notes of rural life and warmth of natural materials (or their successful synthetic analogues) to the contemporary design.

Living Room Most Topical Design Trends 2016. Ceiling beams are in rage as designers claim to ecological materials in the projects


A white wall decoration in the living room is beyond time and fashion. It is the most popular, but as all brilliant – a simple way to design vertical surfaces, which will be the perfect backdrop for any furniture and decor. Not only for small rooms, but spacious, bright rooms the white color becomes the basis for creating the image of a light and airy family room.

Living Room Most Topical Design Trends 2016. Very experimental interior decoration of two-leveled apartment

Even in a room with white walls, there is the opportunity to highlight accent wall via its texture at least. For example, the masonry can be covered by the same main color of finish as the rest of the wall.

Living Room Most Topical Design Trends 2016. Stone tiles or decorative stone cladding with the backlight is the trendy method to highlight accent wall


Influence of eco-style on creating a modern interior room can`t be overstated. As a result, elements of design intrinsic for most family rooms in suburban homes become zest of urban areas. Floor boards laid in the traditional way is the popular variant of design flooring.

Living Room Most Topical Design Trends 2016. Floorboard and the rug to please households in the convenient apartment

Parquet as a floor covering is always in trend. Durable and environmentally-friendly coating with the traditional arrangement of elements with “herringbone”  pattern will look harmoniously in any living room design.

Living Room Most Topical Design Trends 2016. Herringbone laid parquet in the classic light wooden color

Dark wenge flooring looks great in combination with the white walls and the ceiling. Such color selection allows you to visually increase the height of the ceiling of the room. To dark floors not press emotionally on the present people in the room it is better to use carpeting in neutral, light colors for a soft zone in the living.

Living Room Most Topical Design Trends 2016. Dark floor in the light room interior is stilll topical

Facing the floor with the help of porcelain or stone tiles will be topical for living, located in private homes. Special practicality of the presence of such a floor covering can be gained in the rooms with access to the backyard.

Living Room Most Topical Design Trends 2016. Laminate is the relatively new surprizing material for the floor trimming of every dwelling

Location of wood flooring or laminate panels diagonally enable visual expansion of the living room`s space. Especially this design method is relevant for long and narrow room.

Living Room Most Topical Design Trends 2016. Laminate flooring and the contrasting stone faced wall with electric fireplace goes well with neutral color of walls and upholstered furniture

The color palette in a family room. Selection nuances

The most popular color combinations for the decoration of modern buildings is the use of shades of white, gray and black, to a reasonable dosage of dark colors on a light background. For spectacular uplift of degree of the color temperature in enough “cool” interiors wooden surface are best.

Living Room Most Topical Design Trends 2016. Gray is very trendy color within minimalistic, Scandinavian, grunge, futuristic or hi-tech styles

Upholstered furniture of warm, natural shades allows to bring a bit of comfort and warmth in a white room, so necessary for living quarters. As a rule, for this purpose used furniture of beige, camel and chocolate hues.

Living Room Most Topical Design Trends 2016. Juicy chocolate tone is appetizing and exciting

It is difficult to imagine a more neutral color than gray and various shades of it. Gray tone not only create a safe from any point of view the atmosphere in the room, but depending on the shade, give a space of elegance, ease and rigor.

Living Room Most Topical Design Trends 2016. Gray palette is dominant in modern apartments


Dark spots on a white background is the trend of the season

On the white background of the walls black furniture and decor look particularly expressively and contrasting. In the end, you always get modern and dynamic image of the room. Perhaps, for some homeowners this design seem nice enough, close to the office decoration of the premises. To eliminate such a vivid contrast and the scarcity of used palette you can add bright carpet or use a colorful shade of upholstered furniture or decorative pillows.

Living Room Most Topical Design Trends 2016 in the accent black accents of the colorful interior Living Room Most Topical Design Trends 2016. White interior with black blotches looks original and fresh

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