Modern Bathroom Interior Design Ideas

Many people want to achieve not only the nice looking design of their apartment but to make it unusual, original, and exciting the imagination of every person to enter the room. And this is not about a lot of money, no. It`s a little bit harder than to spend a certain amount of your finance and just wait for work should have been done. The extraordinary approach requires your personal participation, taste, and a sense of beauty. And even after you have the concept of something unusual in your apartment, the process of its implementation in the real interior will be no easier.


That`s why it is so important to realize which original design strokes and know-how can blend each other in the background of the real atmosphere and with modern trimming, finishing, and layout of the interior. So we`ve gathered some modern bathroom interior design ideas to make a subtle hint on what you can use within your apartment. Of course, it`s unnecessary and in many cases just impossible to copy one of the represented examples. But even if you liked the form of the sink, or construction of the tap or bathtub and will use it in your apartment, our effort would be not in vain.

Why the bathroom? Frankly speaking, the bathroom is probably the most appropriate space for experiments and original stuff. Because of its small area, it doesn`t require the most complex planning of the layout and can accommodate just a couple of intricately designed things: whether it would be a tap, sink, shelving, toilet, vanity, stool, etc.

Modern Bathroom Interior Design Ideas. Finishing Methods

Let’s start with the most unusual trends and peculiarities in the trimming and finishing methods. Look at this unique design idea to layout the floor with the sidewalk tiles, which looks organically enough though. Also, we can pay attention to the vintage dissonant black radiator at the window. It looks like an alien in this industrial styled room, nevertheless attracting the surprising glances of the visitors. Chromed sanitary engineering with the original form of the knobs should seemingly disharmonize with the purple drawer case under the bucket-shaped sink. But this composition looks fit and advantageous. The simple beige wall finishing with the matted plaster and the abundance of mirrors in the room left on the backstage.Bathroom Modern Interior Design Original Ideas. Absolutely unusual idea to lay the outdoor sidewalk tile for the finishing of the floor

And this nice example of decorating the accent wall can be interesting for the lovers of Marine theme in conditions of modern urbanistic apartments. The silver pebble pattern on the walls and the smooth sink in the form of a bigger pebble look organically in the combination with dark wood as if hovering in the air and the low-key designed faucet.

Bathroom Modern Interior Design Original Ideas. Oval sink and the silver wall trimming create an unusual atmosphere in the area

A brand new trend of the late years is to mount the cistern into the wall was used in the decoration of this unique interior. Wall paneling with a wide board of natural structure and the white surfaces of the sanitary ware and mirror frame completes the image. The sink deserves a mention as the separate masterpiece of the design idea. High-tech minimalistic white plain surface brings a new trend into the designing of the sinks.

Bathroom Modern Interior Design Original Ideas. Stylish trend of the "hovering" toilet at the foreground of the wooden planking decoration of the walls

Metro tile would be relevant for the finishing of the areas with high humidity. As you can see, the regular metro tile can become a part of genuine art in the utilitarian premise with the black and white contrast composition. The unique black solid rack under the sinks revives the simple finished premise and adding unrepeatable touch into its atmosphere as well as being a useful stand for different things.

Bathroom Modern Interior Design Original Ideas. Absolutely amazing minimalistic sinks in the contrasting black and white interior trimmed with metro tiles and decorated by two rectangle stylish mirrors

Take a look at this nice design of the bathroom under a sloped ceiling with a skylight. It combines a couple of functional zones at once. You can take a bath, use the toilet and sink here in the morning, as well as choose your daily wardrobe or even do some of your business tasks sitting at the small improvised working place near the window. The red tones of the cabinet and the bathtub add brightness to the minimalistic interior.

Bathroom Modern Interior Design Original Ideas. unrepeatable design of the utilitarian premise with the red bathtub, red big cabinet for storage and the unique wooden decorated zone for face washing

This original bath design in the nook between the walls and ceiling is definitely a masterpiece of designing art in Industrial style. The bathtub has every plumbing communication, lighting, and free space to be considered as a full-fledged place for bathing and not just a whim of imagination.

Bathroom Modern Interior Design Original Ideas. This unusual bathroom deaign with sloped tringle ceiling in the minimalism style can be used for the wallpaper for the screen

The most widespread method to emphasize the style of your premise and to make more aesthetic and attractive is the old and well-known one – to arrange the accent wall in contrast with the other part of the interior by using different materials. But do not forget about the practical part of the issue.

Bathroom Modern Interior Design Original Ideas. Another gorgeous example of the trimming of the accent wallBathroom Modern Interior Design Original Ideas. Wooden eco theme along with the unique form of the sink bollard makes the overall design vivid

The accent can be denoted even without the decorating of one of the walls. The zoning panel or partition would be enough. Of course, it should be safe and strong to avoid traumatism on the slick surface of the wet floor.

Bathroom Modern Interior Design Original Ideas. Glass thin zoning wall to completely change the atmosphere in the room

Unusual Form and Solutions in the Bathroom

You can astonish your guests with the original design ideas of your bathroom. Yes, it is the most expensive and time-consuming way, and you should have the appropriate area of the premise but it allows you to produce a real masterwork in your house.

Bathroom Modern Interior Design Original Ideas. Fantastic solution for the bathing cabinet locating it in the recess in the floor in the center of the room Bathroom Modern Interior Design Original Ideas. Airy loft style for the light interior with glass partition and texture plaster in the walls Bathroom Modern Interior Design Original Ideas. Creamy tone of the tie for the decoration of unusually designed shower looks impressive

If you`re a fan of underground cafes or office utilitarian premises, you can recourse to such a design method as decorating the bathroom with industrial lanterns and a large sink for three-people.

Bathroom Modern Interior Design Original Ideas. Nice combination of the symbols and metro tile as well as red sink for three

Another unique solution for the bathroom is modern shower cabin door of glass with horizontal metal stripes of the frame. It makes the door look like a mirror.

Bathroom Modern Interior Design Original Ideas. Original idea to make the door to the shower in the form of mirroring lattice

A very non-standard and impressive solution for the large studio apartment is to combine the bathroom with the boudoir in one. It is probably the sweetest dream of any woman to take care of her body and image in the one same luxuriously arranged place.

Bathroom Modern Interior Design Original Ideas. Nice alloy of the space to join hi-tech styled boudoir to the modern premise of bathroom

The wood and marble tile for the trimming of one of the most unusual bathroom designs ever. Fully minimalistic, utmost stylish, it can`t leave anyone unimpressed by the original solution of the shower. A functional segment of the premise with a sink, vanity, and mirror complements the overall image.

Bathroom Modern Interior Design Original Ideas. Unique design of the bathroom with wooden boards to take a shower

If you want to arrange the bathroom in the Vintage style, don`t forget to use such an original construction of the shower. It is not new and it might be met in condos even before the Great Depression. But the well-forgotten things are coming back to our apartments as something unusual and fancy.

Bathroom Modern Interior Design Original Ideas. new prospect on vintage style with unique frame and open communication of the sink

The mix of the walls finished with plaster and glass is also very spectacular and uses widely in minimalism, hi-tech, and many other modern styles.Bathroom Modern Interior Design Original Ideas. Idea for the minimalistic room

Original Bathroom Furniture

The abundance, fantasy, and variation of modern bathroom furniture can really surprise. And if you want to achieve the unusual mix of the storage in your bath, just turn on your imagination and combine some of the ideas together.

Bathroom Modern Interior Design Original Ideas. the premise with gorgeous absolutely unique solution for the storage system in yellow

The hollow between the bathroom vanity and the sink appears as the cozy storage. The glossy bathroom cabinet helps the mirror to create an unusual look and plays a functional role at the same time.

Bathroom Modern Interior Design Original Ideas. Extraordinary solution for the sink and its finishing in the eco interior

Just look at this futuristic design of the bathroom in a private house. It possibly took a long time for the homeowners to get used to it.

Bathroom Modern Interior Design Original Ideas. Gorgeous futuristic theme in the bathroom divided in two parts by the wall-high narrow glass panel    Bathroom Modern Interior Design Original Ideas. New oval trend in the forns of sink and mirror  Bathroom Modern Interior Design Original Ideas. Totally impeccable white decoration in the premise with glass walls for the shower

Eco and Folk Design in the Bathroom

Another effective method to turn your bathroom into a place full of fantasy and imagination is to apply the national styles, painting, or the ecological theme. It doesn`t take much time and money and can consist of only one element in your bathroom.

Just take a look at this tight room. Now it looks far more impressive with the sink in the form of the enormous pearl oyster shell on the African style vanity.

Bathroom Modern Interior Design Original Ideas. Ethnic style with unusual execution of the sink in the form of pearl oyster shell

An absolutely unique bundle of timber instead of the ceiling trimming in the rustic styled bathroom with the wooden door, wall trimming, and the two roughly treated steel sinks. The image is enhanced by the backlight of the large mirror.

Bathroom Modern Interior Design Original Ideas. Unusual mix of futurism and rustic style: absolutely stunning design full of wood and stone

This small bathroom area also being transfigured with the applying of the Asian motifs.

Bathroom Modern Interior Design Original Ideas. Apparent gravitation to the ecological Asian tropic themes with its natural materials as bamboo and stone.

An unusual stone counter in front of the mirror on the spectacular tree trunk which also “holds” the copper sink looks very impressive. The rest of the bathroom is trimmed regularly. And that`s how only one element can change the image of the premise drastically.

Bathroom Modern Interior Design Original Ideas. Another ethnic design with natural subtext

And the last photo of our unusual bathroom collection shows the possible variant of the painting the room. Marble trimming for the floor and a part of the wall behind the toilet looks spectacular against the background of hot Persian motifs of oasis with exuberant nature.

Bathroom Modern Interior Design Original Ideas. Charming Marine theme with painted walls

Bright Bathroom Modern Design

The interior of the bathroom can be a source of realization of your dreams and design ideas. Bright colors help exalt the room design to a whole different level of perception.

Bright contemporary bathroom interior with wooden and mosaic trim in amber and blue

Warm wood tones are combined with the cool azure tiles that lined the shower space, creating an incredible tandem. Different kinds of lighting help to appear in the bathroom at its best.

Modern Bathroom Design Ideas. Marble trimming of bending walls

The bathroom looks bright thanks to the mixing of contrasting warm tones of varying depth. The original system of wall lamps gives the room a certain romance and festivity.

Unique marble trimmed bathtub and Venetian blinds at the huge window in the bathroom

This bath with a multi-level floor in golden tones is truly chic. The imitation of amber coating on a neutral background decoration brings genuine royal character and special charm into the room.

Yellow colour and mirror adds joy into the bathroom interior

The simple and laconic interior becomes positive and elegant thanks to the contrast of colors. This room is incredibly practical and convenient. To start a new day with a warm and positive environment means to get a charge of vivacity for all working hours.

Modern Bathroom Design Ideas. Arch taps and monolith wooden furniture at the huge window in the bathroom

The brightness of this bathroom interior is created mainly by a gorgeous view from the window. When you see so attractive nature outside the room, you do not want to bath in an atmosphere of something else to distract from the unity with nature. Hence the extraordinary design method – the location of the sinks near the window, and the mirrors directly on the front wall. Full of light and spacious bath attracts the eye and fascinates.

Unique contemporary bathtub form in the oval bathroom with vertical huge blinds

Despite the light finish of almost all surfaces in the room, it looks bright and interesting. A bit of contrast in the design of frames for mirrors and hanging lamps gives the bathroom a reflection of the creative idea.

Columns and marble flooring in the spacious bathroom design

Several warm natural hues in the decoration of the bathroom come in contrast with the cool colors, creating a refined and elegant setting. Use of not only ceramic and stone tiles for cladding, but also whole pieces of natural materials, raised bathroom design to the level of luxury and comfort chic.

Unique hige sink in the modern bathroom design

Only one wall with an unusual design in these snow-white bathrooms making them bright and unique. Backlighting in this case enhances the created effect.

Modern Bathroom Design Ideas. Green decoration of the shower cubicle with glass partition and the door at the backyard

Natural colors create a unique atmosphere in the bathroom. An interesting decision is to equip the door leading to the backyard right in the shower, which allows you not to only admire the infield landscaping during water treatment, but also to wash the paws of your pets right in the shower before letting them into the house.

Wooden elements (drawer chest) and marble organically fits the bathroom best design projects

Shades of gray can also be bright, we just need to oppose them the wood surface of warm color. And the original lighting enhances this effect.

Minimalistic design in the contemporary design of the bathroom in pastel colors

Sand and golden tones look great in combination with beige trim. The original design of the room in a minimalist style leaves a large amount of space.

The Dark Shades in Modern Bathroom: Game of Contrasts and Design Experiments

Many designers are not afraid to use contrasting dark colors for finishing the bathroom interior, because there is always a demand for these interiors among homeowners.

Black walls and contrasting elements in the bath

If the size of the room allows, why shouldn`t you use a contrasting color scheme for the surface finishing of the bath? Several shades of gray are perfectly combined in a single room.

Different shades of gray to dilute the bathroom design ideas

Dark walls and the floor is the perfect backdrop for the snow-white sanitary ware decoration items.

White colpr and contrsting wooden elements in the bathroom

It is no need for the entire interior of the bathroom to be immersed in dark shades, it`s enough to execute one of the walls in contrasting trim, or use a dark, deep color in furniture.

Black mosaic tile in the modest contemporary bathroom interior

Game of contrasts of dark and white shades most vividly manifested in the design of the bathroom with almost black mosaic tiles.

Vaulted ceiling at the bathroom with black wall and floor

This small bathroom located in the attic was successfully finished in dark colors and visually it is not reduced due to the natural light flooding across the bathroom almost all day.

Black as a new trend in the bathroom design

This luxurious bathroom in minimalist style is so large that it can be completely painted in a dark color. But contrasting white tones and wooden flooring are diluting dark finishes.

Tiles in the well-designed bathroom with glass partition

Another well-known design technique in the bathroom interior is the use of dark colors at the lower level surfaces and lighter ones at the top.

Countertop with 2 sinks in the black decorated bathroom with mirror lights

When decorating a bathroom surfaces in dark tones, lighting acquires special importance. Several options for lighting solve a lot of problems. The central chandelier in alliance with backlit of mirrors or sinks is an excellent option organization bathroom lighting.

rhomboid decorative ornament of the dark walls in the modern bathroom

The room does not look dark, despite the fact that all the walls are lined with mosaic tiles of very dark shades. The bright ceiling and plumbing, as well as the mirror surface, appears as a dilution and bathroom lighting contrast.

Oval austere bathroom in the contrasting black and white interior of the bathroom with the sloped ceiling and the top window

These bathrooms look bright despite the total black color used in the decoration of some surfaces. Natural lighting and an abundance of bright colors allow us to mention the freshness and tranquility in the interior of the room.

Wooden bamboo interior if the bathroom

Classic Styled Bathrooms

Classicism is especially relevant to bathrooms. The family of this style proclaims the use of noble natural materials: stone, marble, wood, imitation of precious metals. The scale and scope of the Classic style correspond to the chic look of the main bathroom.

Noble Classic bathroom finished with glance marble tiles Amazing example of the main bathroom with large mirrors and glass partition of the shower zoneGilded plumbing for classic styled bathroom in white tonesLarge Contemporary designed bathroom in white and gray combination

Along with pronounced Classic styles, we have modernized its versions as Retro, Art NouveauVintageFusion, and others. The transition from ancient to modern times brings a lot of romantic things and intricate forms. If you are a romantic person, you can take advantage of such a fancy design.

Unusual vintage styled bathroom with purple accent wall and large mirror in picture frameModern and Loft designed bathroom with white stone oval bathtub

Minimalism is also relevant to the bathroom. This style becomes indispensable if we speak about multifunctional bathrooms where a big number of items should be combined. Below you can see the example of organic symbiosis between laundry and bathroom within a single space.

Multifunctional classic designed bathroom with built-in laundry

Eco style can be attributed to the separate category of styles. However, there is no strict determination of this style in modern conditions. That gives broad possibilities to creativeness. Hence, we can get really unexpected design interior examples that will stun even picky observers.

Minimalistic atmosphere in the bathroom with the window and white oval stone bathtub and black tap Pronounced eco style for the bathroom with live green accent wall  Classic styled bathroom with wooden imitating floor and central bathtub on pedestal

Modern and Ethnic Styles for the Main Bathroom

A big bunch of modern styles can present a large selection of architectural and stylistic solutions for the bathroom. Nevertheless, we should not lose our minds by looking at an abundance of choices. There is always a risk to take wrong proportions, a ridiculous combination of elements, or simply clutter the space with too many items.

Loft vaults or walls in the hi-tech bathroom with glass partitioned shower zone

The Loft style above and Scandinavian below represent the mild passage from classic styles to modernity. As you can see, there is a lot of common traits. However, light color gamma and the tendency to minimalistic forms are the main ideas. But the overall image becomes more fluent, dynamic. This is due to the smoothness and elasticity in the lineament of modern design.

White interior with austere Scandinavian lightness

The modern style itself is the coexistence of all the best practices of its predecessors. It has no big secrets. Nice warm color scheme, elaborate lightingspace-saving practices (hovering vanities for example), zoning, minimalistic taps are essential parts of its success.

Shining Modernity in the light brown decorated bathroom with glass shower cabin trimmed with pebbles

Speaking about ethnic styles, we can refer to classics one more time. It’s because almost every European style takes its origins from long-gone times. English rigor and practicality also transmit the royal chic of castles.

Modern styled bathroom with unusually formed mirror  Gray idyll in minimalistic bathroom with Oriental touch

However, the group of Oriental style for the bathroom is probably even more popular for now. They also can boast sophistication and a modern look. In addition, the Japanese style saved much more authenticity. It can show us the life of samurai in an almost primordial view. But if you look closer, you’ll see all the modern materials and forms.

Contemporary Oriental styled black bathtub with tap and top shelves for gray marble trimmed room Japanese style touch in the interior of the bathroom

Elements of a Country Style in the Modern Bathroom Design

The contemporary styles of bathroom interior very often lack a natural element. The use of artificial materials for decoration, tiling, and furniture manufacturing is economically justified. But if homeowners have the financial capacity, the use of natural raw materials can not be avoided. Even a small surface, made of eco-friendly materials brings its residents to nature and warms the atmosphere of the room. Wood and stone are combined perfectly with modern materials and accessories, and decorative items from natural materials will look chic in a modern setting.

Opened wooden beams in the bathroom bring people closer to the nature

Beams of virtually untreated wood overlaps with the same surface of the countertop with sinks and mirror frames, bringing a natural element in the ultra-modern atmosphere of the room.

Wooden countertop with carved sinks in it looks very premordial and thus very attractive

The wall of natural stone becomes the focal point of a bathroom and an excellent backdrop for the snow-white oval bath.

Wooden chest of drawers and white contrary wall trimming and classic bathtub shape in the bathroom

And finally, we present you with some interesting options for bathroom design in a contemporary style, harmoniously combining minimalism, modern and hi-tech styles.

Wooden imitating interior and two sinks in the spacious bathroom Round black bathtub with marbled wall looks very futuristic Oval path and figuri Bathroom studio design ideas with open nature behind huge windows of the private house

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